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PETA Wants Gator-aid From Beyoncé

8/29/2006 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PETA is going after Beyoncé Knowles -- again -- after the singer told Arena magazine about her peeps taping a baby alligator's mouth shut during a recent photo shoot.
The shoot went down for Beyoncé's upcoming album, "B'Day." She told the magazine, "There was a shot where I held an alligator. (It) had (its) mouth taped -- that was my bright idea." Beyoncé added, "He was really cute, but since his mouth was taped, he didn't have any way to defend himself. He was upset, so he peed on me. That was an experience."

PETA thinks it was a bad experience -- for the gator. The animal rights organization contacted one of the world's leading biologists, who wrote Knowles a letter saying, "As a specialist in reptile biology and welfare, I'm concerned about your posing with a terrified baby alligator for your new album cover." He added, "Humans and alligators are not natural bedfellows, and the two should not mix at events such as photo shoots. In my view, doing so is arguably abusive to an animal."

Beyoncé has not responded to the letter. This isn't the first time PETA has gone after her. This past June, Beyoncé and her mom were confronted by PETA members at a fancy New York restaurant over the singer's use of fur in her fashion lines.

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Why can't Beyonce just talk to the animals like Dr. Doolittle did?

2986 days ago


Personally I think Beyonce is a mindless twat! And having owned 2 baby alligators before that my family rescued after someone killed her mother, I would just like to say this sickens me. I would never have thought of taping their mouthes. They really are misunderstood animals. :(

2986 days ago


I don't think that taping the alligator's mouth shut is a big deal. No bodily harm was done. PETA should focus their attention on stopping the people who slaughter alligators for their hides in order to make pocketbooks.

2986 days ago


I won't get involved in this race debate... I just really want to know who's idea it was for that picture. Is this the New BEYONCE, I'm thinking ever since she found her "soldier" she's been acting a damn fool. Her last two videos and now this. My GOD. I just can't keep the laughter in. This chick needs to be institutionalized. God I can't stop laughing at this Picture.

2986 days ago


Beyonce you rock! The album cover is fantastic! PETA is a joke,they should eat dog shit and die, if they think they can stop the abuse of animals, I love animals, but animals abuse goes on every day, people abuse animals and don't even know it! Boo-Hoo for PETA who are bitchin' about Beyonce taping an alligator's mouth shut, big fucking deal! Who cares that she taped a freakin alligator's mouth shut, she did it for protection, she wasnt trying to harm it! Leave Beyonce alone just because she's a celeb, doesn't mean she's not a human being! Some of the people on here are heartless assholes! People do have freedom of speech but I hate it when they use that dumb ass excuse to excuse them from saying all kind of hate and racial comments! Beyonce is ignoring the hell out of PETA and its killing them, that's why they keep trying to beat up on her! Beyonce do your thang girl, I CANT WAIT UNTIL THE ALBUM DROPZ!!!!!!

2986 days ago


So where was PETA when the crocidile hunter was chasing alligators/crocidiles through the jungle and all that??? And all the other animals that he disturbs with his over the top antics??? Leave B alone! Let her do her thing! You go girl...Ring The Alarm!!

2986 days ago


Animals should not be abused and I'm sure that it was not intentional on her part.

2986 days ago

Evelyn Jase    

I sometimes wonder who the people are (PETA), and why they think that we the vast humanbeings care what they think. Animals have been food for the hungry and clothing for those who need protection for the elements. What do they eat and wear?Oh I know twigs and berries.What do they wear?Thats right grass suits and bare feet. With so much to care about in so many parts of the world PETA spend a little time on the other creatures HUMAN BEINGS .

2986 days ago


Hey Beyoncé. Just how low will you go to make a dime?

And by the way all the posts with stupid little comments like "i love to eat animals" come from kathryn, no matter who she tried to be she still makes the same dumb ass remarks. She'll respond to this with some other comment to expose how stupid and un-original she can be. Or she'll deny it but we all know you always say the same things in the same way. Change it up some ass bite.

2986 days ago


What a strange and false woman Beyonce is...she's beautiful on the outside but going by her callous indifference to the fear and pain she inflicts on God's creatures for monetary gain the same can not be said for her soul. Her parents trained her so well to be a diva, too bad they neglected to teach her how to be a real woman.

2986 days ago


Beyonce is thoughtless and ignorant. She was obviously not raised to respect living creatures. Reptiles were not put on this earth for entertainment purposes. The other people responsible are the ones who provided the alligators for the shoot in the first place. I guess money talks. Since they were used, the owners
should have been there to keep an eye on them and make sure they were treated well.
Shame on you Beyonce and 2 thumbs way up for PETA.

2986 days ago


What a bunch of whiny haters! Beyonce does what she is advised to do. Dhe did not hurt the Gator. We eat them here in Florida!!!!!!! Come on PETA...tastes like chicken!!!

2986 days ago


Beyonce is amazing, screw PETA. animal rights activists and environmental activists need to get lives and stop screwing up good things for people, like this hot photo of beyonce. shes amazing, PETA sucks, get over it, humans are the dominate species we will do what we want to all the weaker species.

2986 days ago


Coco Coco Coco -

You do not wear leather shoes or leather soled shoes? I think you may need to be pulled back to earth. Beyonce did not slaughter the gator, the gator's mouth was taped. Do you know what would have become of that gator if it bit her. Bullet to the head my little Coco.

Been to Florida lately? Gator a plenty. We eat them there... pounded, fried and served with mango chutney.

What does self respect have to do with being photographed with a gator? Aside from the rather hideous hounstooth bathingsuit there was nothing in the picture that compromised her self respect.

PETA - would you respect it if you knew that they kill more defenseless animals every day than say... the humane society? Cry a little tear for Bowzer... the dog who got dumped along the highway, picked up by PETA and ended up worm food.

2986 days ago


PS Coco - I just gnawed on a nice, rare lamby chop for dinner. For lunch, I ate a giant slab of snapper raw... freshly caught, sliced and diced right on the boat and covered with wasabi and soy. Tossed the skeleton back atop his breatheren lurking below the boat. Ya know what... they picked (with great alacrity) on his bones .


2986 days ago
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