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A Silent Simpson

Parties On

8/30/2006 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson: Click to watchDespite losing her voice to "a strain, a bruise on her vocal chord," Jessica Simpson was in good spirits last night as she celebrated the release of her new album, "A Public Affair."

The blonde Texan hosted a roller skating party thrown by Yahoo! at tacky disco haven The Roxy in New York City. While Simpson donned her skates for a few laps around the rink (albeit poorly), she was unable to perform any songs from the album. "My voice is completely gone. The album is all part of who I am right now," a hoarse Jessica told reporters. "I wish I could sing it for them right now, but there's no way."

The pop-princess canceled her appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman" yesterday, but she did stop by "TRL" to promote the album for her faithful MTV audience. Jessica also promised to make an appearance on the ever-important red carpet at tomorrow night's Video Music Awards.

Though she was instructed not to talk until her voice was healed, Papa Joe Simpson explained why she tried her luck, saying, "We've done the best we could to sit on her and say don't talk and be still, and you know, let time pass. This is her moment. This record is from her heart -- it's something she wants to share with her fans. This is her moment for her to be excited."


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YAWN............ This not talent hoe - can't wait until her album flops!!! Then she'll disappear - hopefully taking Paris, Ashlee and those other wannabes with her!!! Poor John Mayer - I hope it's not true!!!!

2942 days ago


Hey i've got a question for everyone. if u guys hate these celebs and all u do is say "this stuff is boring" and "why do ppl care" well then why r u guys all looking at the videos in the first place? r ur lives that boring that u have nothing better to do then look at stuff u don't even care about?

2942 days ago


I wonder how she bruised her vocal cord.........

2942 days ago


Her voice is hoarse from an STD she picked up blowing every guy she comes across. I don't believe for a minute she was a virgin when she married Nick. And if she was, how does a person go from Virgin to full on Whore in 2 years? GO AWAY SIMPSON FAMILY.

2942 days ago


We all hate the Simpson family - and I'll bet the Vagina Hilton sold 76,000 copies cause every employee of the Hilton's were told to buy one or lose their jobs. I don't get it - Hoessica - what a whore!

2942 days ago


This "laryngitis" crap is all a stunt (probably dreamed up by her father) to move her OUT of singing and into movies exclusively. She and her dad KNOW she has NO SINGING CAREER....or at least not one without Nick.....Dad is probably hoping Meyer can help out BECAUSE JESSICA CAN'T DO IT ON HER OWN.....SHE SUCKS!

2942 days ago


I agree with an above post. I loved Jess when she was with Nick and initially I thought I would still like her after the divorce I just don't. She has treated this divorce and his feelings like trash, kind of how her career will be going pretty soon. I am curious about her album sales. I didn't buy her recordings of songs that even Paris Hilton didn't want.

2942 days ago


isn't it convenient for jessica "donkey face" simpson to lose her voice when it would be a time for her to do some singing live.......i really dont think she can sing......what she really need to do is schedule an appointment with her doctor....

2941 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

I hope her cd flops. I hope her new movie flops. I hope Nick's cd picks up more buzz and sales. I hope Nick's sictom gets looked at again by the network and they decide to give it a run that turns out successful for the holiday season. I hope Nick gets a small role playing himself in Oceans 13.
Jessica and family esp. Joe irk me in that how they went after Nick, seemed to have used him , and bad mouthed him. Can anyone say Karma? These folks need to be brought down a few notches. The divorce is Hollywood , but the constant press from Jessica and Jow about Nick is not good and Jessica's constant divorce talk as a pr and career event like inking a dealwithOK! Mag to a few covers. That is sick. Add Ashlee canceling poor selling shows, lip syncing and that holier than thou interview in Marie Claire is all just bad pr and these folks need to be taken down a few notches. I doubt it because Jessica and Joe with Ashlee are on an untouchable roll by the press and their fanbase. Go figure!.
now with Jessica hooking up with John Mayer, can anyone say ,a duet, cd, another business ide aof Joe's. I do notlike John Mayer ,but look out John. he will be so stupid to do a duet with Jess to help her career.

2941 days ago

duh...totally !    

her 'new song A Public Affair is the most un-original song on the radio right now....sounds like a flashback from the 80's......

2941 days ago

duh...totally !    

#22 LOL

I was thinking maybe the Hilton's purchased all 75,000 copies and gave them out to their employees !

who is buying that trash????????????

2941 days ago


I feel bad for Jessica. I mean her marriage and now her voice, too? It's true I don't believe that singing is something she's very good at...But neither is acting. Maybe her clothing and makeup line will be more successful. I think what really did it in, is that she's acting so happy and upbeat about the divorce, like she has no emotion or no feeling for Nick.
Her whole happy-go-lucky public affair thing isn't working. She should've went with the mourning and saddness that Nick at least show she cares somewhat. Now idk where to place her's like ...what is this?? Stop pretending everything is fine! She made a very "not- so- graceful exit" on this one.

2940 days ago
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