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Eminem is a Meanie Yo!

8/30/2006 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendra Wilkinson and Eminem
Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends and one of the stars of the E! series "The Girls Next Door," found out firsthand just how mean Eminem can be. She also found out just how fast celebrity publicists can work when cleaning up one of their client's messes. This particular mess involves Slim Shady himself and his alleged poor conduct on a video shoot. According to Kendra, Em threw water on the Playmate's face for no apparent reason during a shoot for Eminem and Akon's new music video, "Smack that Ass." Afterwards, Kendra unleashed her fury over the situation with a scathing message on her Myspace page.

We contacted Em's reps to see what their side of the story was. When asked if Marshal would be issuing either an apology or a statement we were told very blatantly, "Nope!"

We also contacted Playboy to confirm the authenticity of Kendra's Myspace message. A rep from Playboy confirmed to TMZ that this blog was in fact written by Kendra Wilkinson. They also provided the following statement regarding her current feelings over the situation and Eminem himself. "Kendra wrote this blog following some on-set high jinks at a recent music video shoot. While she was upset at first, she later received flowers and an apology from Eminem and removed the blog. Everything is fine and there are no hard feelings."

Though Kendra may have forgiven Em, we probably won't be seeing him anytime soon at the Playboy Mansion.


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victoria schafer    

come on now. Theres no way her blog can be true. everyone knows none of the mates can read or write.

2887 days ago


Throw some more water on that heffer Em! Those girls are total morons. I hope they are saving $, once Hef's gone, they are screwed!

2975 days ago


I'm sure its not the first time a guy has splashed something on her face!! LOL!!
Like she has room to be offended with what/who she 'does' for a living.... Just take the money and STFU sweetie. The new crop of hotties is following close behind and you'll be out the door soon...

2975 days ago

New One    

I would love to read on TMZ that Eminem got is F&*%$*& A$% kicked really good, I freaking hate this guy why mess with the play mates, Eminem must have not nuts or a bolt maybe that is where all his issues steam from his sh*t was cut off or was never born with any the dude is f*cked up.

He isn't even worth a bucket of smagma!!

2975 days ago


those girls are harmless & sweet, shame on that wigger.

2975 days ago


there has to be more to this than this stupid hoe is telling..........

2975 days ago


I can't stand eminem. The girls must have rejected this idiot a LOT in high school because he seems to hate women. Yes, the girls are trampy and show some skin. But they are harmless young women and what he did was VERY disrespectful.

I don't like his music, his personality is hateful and he doesn't seem like a lot of fun. His music is corney and I swear I get tired of hearing about haley.

Now how would he like it if some guy SPLASHED WATER IN HER FACE???

He should remember that he has a little girl too, who will someday be a woman growing up in the world where he's influencing young men to behave badly.

2975 days ago


harmless? It's called a "GOLD DIGGER". There is NO WAY they are really attracted to that man. He's older than their parents. YUCK. That's coming from a girl that likes older men. The key is older, not elderly.

2975 days ago




2975 days ago


Who cares about either one of them. Hefner is a old ass geserd and she is ugly. I think the whole thing with them is silly. She just wants a little fame because he's on his way to the hell hole soon. She will need someplace to go. And as for Eminem. He's just a angry low life. WHO CARES!!!!

2975 days ago

Shane Hunter    

Eminem is NOT hip hop, he makes pop for little kids and therefore sucks ass, but "K-Dub" (snicker) deserves water poured on her for the simple fact that she has a diamond grill. Dude. A white chick with a platinum and diamond grill. I bet she looked nowhere near as ridiculous with water on her face as she does with that sh*t in her mouth. They're both idiots with serious identity issues.

2975 days ago

my opinion    

How can any man have respect for a Hugh Hefner winkie warmer?

2975 days ago


I think he got her confused with Kim Mathers.

2975 days ago


i think hef should get his 'crew' and go kick em's filthy rotten face in. He/it is a spoiled child that just throws temper tantrums because. I pity his children, how embarassing for them to grow up w/him as a father.
id rather say that Scott Peterson was my dad than Em!

Kendra hold your chin up girl, Em is nothing but fungus sucking on pond scum.


2975 days ago


ok..........this guy has serious problems with women, who cares that it started with his messed up mother, but the dude has alot of baggage and what he does to women is totally unacceptable...what he needs is to get plowed by either a guy (me) i would totally rip him up and teach him a lesson so he will be purring like a little bitch when i finish or i can refer a female friend of mine with a strap on...she will do him right also, its exactly what he is craving and its the only thing that will straighten his little punk ass get plowed hard till he cries like a little bitch...oh, and we will film it so it can be shown on cable...."the turning out of the little bitch marshal mathers"

2975 days ago
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