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Eminem is a Meanie Yo!

8/30/2006 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendra Wilkinson and Eminem
Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends and one of the stars of the E! series "The Girls Next Door," found out firsthand just how mean Eminem can be. She also found out just how fast celebrity publicists can work when cleaning up one of their client's messes. This particular mess involves Slim Shady himself and his alleged poor conduct on a video shoot. According to Kendra, Em threw water on the Playmate's face for no apparent reason during a shoot for Eminem and Akon's new music video, "Smack that Ass." Afterwards, Kendra unleashed her fury over the situation with a scathing message on her Myspace page.

We contacted Em's reps to see what their side of the story was. When asked if Marshal would be issuing either an apology or a statement we were told very blatantly, "Nope!"

We also contacted Playboy to confirm the authenticity of Kendra's Myspace message. A rep from Playboy confirmed to TMZ that this blog was in fact written by Kendra Wilkinson. They also provided the following statement regarding her current feelings over the situation and Eminem himself. "Kendra wrote this blog following some on-set high jinks at a recent music video shoot. While she was upset at first, she later received flowers and an apology from Eminem and removed the blog. Everything is fine and there are no hard feelings."

Though Kendra may have forgiven Em, we probably won't be seeing him anytime soon at the Playboy Mansion.


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Jennifa O Jenny    

I hate kendra - she's a big ol'dummy. I know she's only 20 but damn - she gives new meaning to dumb blonde.

2975 days ago


I second #11 , he probably had backflashes since they both are skanky!

2975 days ago

Tony J.    

I don't follow the Playboy party circuit, but I suspect Eminem would never be invited anyway! But if he has been there at some point in the past, that was his LAST time! LOL!

As for Ms. K-Dub (I like that!), she's just another blond, fake-titted, bimbette-bred, mannequin! For deposit only!

And yes, she better enjoy her 15 minutes. Let's hope she's saving her money!

2975 days ago


Eminem is a hinny rider. Get 'e up!

Donkey Ass white boy rapper want-a-be!

2975 days ago

oh please    

She deserved it.

2975 days ago

My two cents    

I have seen just a few of the episodes of The Girls Next Door and Kendra cracks me up! Shame on Em. If you ask me, he probably doused her with the water because he was jealous she was talking to someone else...either that or he is just a friggen wack job. Oh invites to the mansion Em....Loser Boy!!

2975 days ago

duh...totally !    

She and those other ho-girlfriends don't respect why in the hell would Eminem or any other dude out there???

I think it's freaking funny he did that ! good for him !

2975 days ago


E is a woman hater and needs to come out of the closet. I think when he does he will be a little bit nicer. WOMAN HATER + HOMOPHOBE = CLOSET HOMOSEXUAL......duh!!!

2975 days ago


nobody here know's exactly what prompted em to poor water on her but, i do agree that whatever it was, he should have handled it like and adult instead of a 4 year old.

2975 days ago


Maybe he likes her. For instance, kids are playing at the playground and a little boys pulls the girls hair. Maybe he can't express his feelings; that he likes her.

2975 days ago


don't be jealous girls, everyone is happy at the mansion (or heaven south)

its the way life should be.

be nice to old hef, he is mortals version of st. pete.

2975 days ago

my opinion    

Hey Em, I don't know if you will read this or not, and I know that I'm a complete stranger to you, but I just want to say that I think you are an extremely talented artist! My favorite raps of yours are "Lose Yourself" and "Sing for the Moment".

Please take care of yourself and remember that Haley needs you! I pray that everything good happens to you and yours.

2975 days ago


A Playmate expecting to be treated with respect? She really is, errr, blonde!!

2975 days ago


Dang people. It was water not freaking acid. Settle down.

2975 days ago


Picking on a girl? This little bitch is such a wussy!

2975 days ago
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