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Gibson Nailed in "Hebrew Hammer" Sequel

8/30/2006 9:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonMel Gibson gets blown away outside Moonshadows restaurant in Malibu, and it's coming soon to a theater near you.

TMZ has obtained the opening sequence of the script for the sequel to "The Hebrew Hammer," a 2003 Jewish blaxploitation comedy starring Adam Goldberg. The sequel, called "The Hebrew Hammer 2: Hammer vs. Hitler," depicts a very drunk Mel Gibson spilling out of Moonshadows, two blondes on each arm and a bottle of Irish whiskey in hand. Gibson then obnoxiously berates the valets, leaps into his Lexus and speeds off, screaming obscenities about the Jews. Apprehended by a policeman down the road from Moonshadows, Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade is cut short when the cop -- "The Hebrew Hammer" -- puts a bullet in Gibson's head, spraying a bloody Star of David onto the windshield of his Lexus.

In the new film, written by director John Kesselman, "The Hebrew Hammer" is now married and enjoying the good life in suburbia. But the Hammer is forced to dust off his pimpy, black leather couture to confront a new menace: A time-traveling Hitler, intent on altering key moments in Jewish history -- to the detriment of the Jews

A tug-of-war has erupted over Kesselman's sequel. Insiders tell TMZ the pitch has sparked interest from Hollywood execs, in no small measure because of its hilarious-but-controversial opening scene.

Kesselman, in an interview with TMZ, explained his unorthodox-but-still-Orthodox script this way: "Young Jews love 'The Hebrew Hammer.' I think if Mel wants to truly extend an olive branch to the Jewish Community as a whole, his on-screen death would go a long way in accomplishing that goal."

Currently, Ed Pressman's ContentFilm is in negotiations to finance the project, but New Line Cinema has also expressed interest in the comedy as well. It's currently being shopped by attorney Eric Feig, Kesselman's rep at the Beverly Hills law firm of Rosen Feig Golland & Lunn.

Comedy Central Films' original "Hebrew Hammer" bombed in theaters, but went on to become a cult classic that airs regularly on cable's Comedy Central and sells briskly on DVD.

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It is amazing to me to read how people love to argue about everything. It is obvious that everyone has their own opinion in this matter. Slandering each other is not a solution. The ONLY truth here is that Mel was under the influence of alcohol and was not at his mental best when he said what he said. I don't think I know anyone who is better or smarter when in an intoxicated state.

2941 days ago


Someone sent me this a few days ago. It's an apology letter to Mel.


2941 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Jack, who are YOU kidding about getting down on your knees to pray to God? The only reason you get down on your knees is to give a BJ to one of your fellow Klansmen. Incidentally, are you the Kleagle of your Klavern, or just the .hooded gang's official CS?

2941 days ago


Why should comedy writers leave Mel alone? He's left himself open for so much! We've all laughed at poking fun at star's screw ups before, why is Mel above it all? Why are people so concerned about his well-being? Why are people so quick to criticize Jewish people for being offended by his tyrade when in fact the actual leaders of the Jewish faith have been fairly forgiving of his antics? I'm not trying to point fingers at all (I myself am of no religion really) I just don't understand why Mel seems to be above the criticism in so many fans' eyes. I mean PLEASE...Britney trips while pregnant and she's crucified. Granted, Mel does have more talent, but I don't think that warrants the difference in response. I mean, really, why is everyone so willing to cut him slack? He screwed up. Let him take the Late Night TV and comedic jokes that he has coming to him, he's earned them! If he handles it all graciously then it will eventually all blow over and he'll be fine. I find the lack of demand for accountability to be strange.

2941 days ago


I have one more thing to add to my comments. Is everyone forgetting the real crime here? The man was driving while so intoxicated he couldn't speak straight. NO ONE seems angry or concerned with him for that. This is not the first time he's done it. He is endangering people's lives with his irresponsibility and all we want to do is turn it into a holy war? Forget his comments...he should at least be held accountable for those actions.

2941 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Hooray for you, Missy!

2941 days ago


Please leave Mel alone. If Mel don't like Jews why do you care.Some people don't like me and I don't care. I think Jews have thin skin. Grow thiker skin.And pull it over your head to cover your big noses.

2941 days ago


SOOO It's NOT okay for a Drunk Mel Gibson to have an Anti Semtic tiraid but it is somehow okay for a sober Jew to "Kill" a Christain and leave BLOODY Star of David on the windsheld? Who REALLY the Bigot here?

2941 days ago


What I see in all of these messages is a bunch of angry hypocrites defending their religion. Religion is a crutch humans fall back on because they lack the intelligence to look outside into the real world of science. So many of you writing these hateful comments are victims of your own world of religion that you lack the ability to accept a difference of opinion and tolerate anything different from what you were brainwashed to believe from childhood. So what if Mel hates Jews. I am sure many of the Jews (like the ones writing hateful comments) are a just as hateful towards Christians and vice versa. advice to all of you is look in the mirror and ask yourselves am I a hypocrite? If the answer is yes, change the world by changing yourselves not trying to change others.

2941 days ago


I think I am going to be sick. So many closed minds and bigotry. And everyone is sober.

2941 days ago


While the comedy in the Hebrew Hammer might be a bit base and a tad much for some people's is just that Milady. It's intended to be a comedy. Does it go a little too far? Probably. But it isn't real life so I don't really think it's fair to compare the two incidents.

2941 days ago

Sarah Bode    

get a life. mel ahs his, so go find yours, you miserable jew.

2941 days ago


Do you people realize that the REAL issue here is Religion. Do you see how much hate and anger is stirred up over HOW we worship the SAME God! If any of the Mel Gibson supporters would stop and think "What would Jesus do"? or any of Mel's "bashers" stop fueling this fire, we would not be having this disgusting display of ignorance on BOTH sides of the arguement. Mel was WRONG! Unfortunately there are a lot more people out there than I thought that think the same way he does. (I honestly thought this was a white supremicist blog.)
History Lesson....Jesus was Born a Jew, Lived his entire life AS a Jew and Died as a Jew! So You Jew haters out there need to think about who you are talking to.

2941 days ago

coco puff    

Jesus is Lord. I will pray for all of you tonight.

2941 days ago


To TheMaven

Jesus had many more gentile disciples than Luke. Did you mean Apostles? Because Luke wasn't an Apostle. Get your shit straight before you post moron.

2941 days ago
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