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Greasy Bear Brandon -- Officially a Star

9/1/2006 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who knew that wealthy scion Brandon Davis would become a star -- the result of his now-infamous vile rant against Lindsay Lohan, captured by TMZ.

But when you're posing solo on the VMA red carpet and photogs are actually interested enough to snap pics, then a star you are.

Remember back when Howard Stern discussed the notorious "Firecrotch Incident" back in May? Stern didn't even know Davis' name -- and didn't care to. Now, not only do people know the famed hater's real name, but a nickname is making the rounds as well: "Greasy Bear".

We had hoped that the first TMZ-created star would be a more worthy entertainer, but we can still take some pride in our first home-grown celebrity -- even though he's a putz.


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THIS is the person who was dissing Lindsay Lohan? My my, the big pot calling the kettle...............

2919 days ago

the wise old owl    

Why would you even PROMOTE ANYTHING THIS GUY DOES??? He is the LOWEST OF THE LOW. A free loading mooch who lives off DADDY'S $$$$.
He doesn't do anything. The next time I read about him I hope it is in the OBITUARIES. This guy is truly the definition of what a LOSER is.

2919 days ago

Torshion Bar    

Brandon Davis is an Ass Hat. Period. End of Story.

2919 days ago


Caigy Boy..."Ass Hat"...that's funny

2919 days ago


flaming douchebag

2919 days ago


he just looks dirtty. I really hope he is doin Paris, cause they are both nasty lil brats!

2918 days ago


he just looks dirtty. I really hope he is doin Paris, cause they are both nasty lil brats!

2918 days ago


Kathryn, whyever would he be on top of you? You're an admitted lesbian and he thinks you're a skank.

2918 days ago

none of ur business    

TMZ please dont put this guy on your website anymore, it will asure him his 15 minutes and I cant look at him without wanting to spray him down with a hose or some bleach and pinesol.

2918 days ago


No wonder "Greasy Bears' family is so oil rich. They extract it from his greasy ass face and dough boy body. It all makes sense now!

2918 days ago


EWW. Someone call the Queer Eye guys, pronto!!

2918 days ago


Are you kidding me? He's been around for good two years, He dated Misha Barton and was "love of her life" and he would come up on some page here and there. So the "star" is born.

2918 days ago

Mike Peacock    

Oh My God. If you give this retard any time he will be the next male version of paris hilton. His record will be out in about 3 weeks. Notice paris's name has no capital letters, its because she's not worthy.

2918 days ago

Redneck Messiah    

Seems as if the sweaty pigs BFF is looking down her nose at people...(still).....US Today reports that during an interview during the MTV VMA's she stated that she was happy the awards were once again in NY, and NOT Miami (which is SWEATY AND GROSS). Isnt this same town (Miami) thats home to numerous Hilton Hotels and mere hop, skip and jump away from Club Paris (in Orlando and Jacksonville)?
Hear this Miami?
Paris Has Spoken (without thinking) ((again)).
You're just SWEATY AND GROSS!!
Like EWWWIE, I am so not into Miami, but i do like its money!!!

can you say Transparent?

2918 days ago

Redneck Messiah    

one can tell that the TMZ staff is taking a holi
for one. this jack-hole ISNT a star. and two. thats not posing....its called dodging. the greasy oaf is lost! lol....."now why am i here"? "oh yeah, my free ticket (Paris) is here".


2918 days ago
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