Jessica Cries After Performing Song About Nick

9/5/2006 2:30 PM PDT
She fought back the tears on stage, but moments after Jessica Simpson rocked the "CBS Early Show" with a song that was once an anthem for her relationship with Nick Lachey, the emotions apparently became overwhelming.

Audience members probably didn't expect Simpson to belt out her 2004 hit "With You," but she did. The most shocking moment, however, came minutes after she finished her performance. Jessica can be seen shaking and crying, as her BFF/hairdresser Ken Paves attempts to console her. Was it the song's subject or was her throat hurting?

Either way, "With You," which was released during the peak of "Newlyweds" fame, featured a music video that attempted to parallel the hit show. In it, Nick and Jessica can be seen playing around in their mansion, and making light of the shows most memorable moments (i.e. Jessica's infamous Chicken of the Sea moment).