Nick and Jessica: Caught in the Crossfire

9/1/2006 2:59 PM PDT

Nick and Jessica: Caught in the Crossfire

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson had a near-miss confrontation at MTV's VMA swag suite, the Style Villa, on Thursday.

As part of the endless barrage of gifts awarded to the already rich and famous, celebs were given car keys in a promotion to give away a Chrysler Crossfire. If their key started the engine, the black convertible was all theirs.

First Lachey tried his luck at winning the sports car, but came up empty-handed.

Just ten minutes after Nick's losing turn, Jessica arrived with her key in hand. Jess posed for photos with her fingers crossed and made her attempt at winning the car. This time luck was on her side as Simpson's key started the luxury automobile.

Surprised by her win, a coarse-voiced Jessica said "I'm kinda shocked. I'm shaking a little bit."

Why worry about about famine and war, when the world can sleep easier knowing Jessica Simpson has a brand new convertible to valet at The Ivy.