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Stars (Jokingly) Question Suri's Paternity

9/7/2006 5:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Lopez on baby Suri: Click to watchWith the photos of Suri Cruise hitting newsstands yesterday in the new issue of Vanity Fair, speculation over the baby's paternity continues to swirl.

TMZ has already stated the baby appears to have Asian features -- something comedian Carlos Mencia mirrored last night. "Tom is not the father. Jet Li had the baby with Katie. Katie and Jet Li had a baby. Or maybe it's really the alien baby, I don't know ... I'm just saying, if my baby came out like that my father would be like, 'Hey you better get a test.'"

Actor/comedian George Lopez also jokingly chimed in on the Suri mystery, also unsure who the baby-daddy is. "Not their child. I'll wait for the test to come in but it's a beautiful baby. Not theirs. I'm a Latino so we always struggle with which kids are ours."

Not everyone is as skeptical though, "It looks like both of its parents. Hello?? They are both gorgeous so the baby is incredibly beautiful," said "Desperate Housewives" actress Andrea Bowen.


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Come on everyone is this still going on??!!! Does anyone ever think of how they are hurting Tom and Katie with this garbage?? As a parent i can imagine what they are going through. Leave them alone...I think you are ALL BLIND!!! she looks like both parents and she's absolutely gorgeous! YOU MUST ALL BE JEALOUS! I'm Italian and my eyes are almond shaped (which i happen to believe is just gorgeous!) Can't you see that she is not adopted and if she was what business is it of yours anyhow?? Stop the hating and leave them alone!

2968 days ago

coco puff    

What kind of name is Suri anyway? It sounds like spoiled, left over, Indian oatmeal, YUCK!

2968 days ago


I dont give a crap about Tom or Katie or who the baby came from, but it is kind of messed up that these people get bached everywhere they go, I mean yea their famous and thats why, but Im saying it must be hard!

2968 days ago


This fucking bullshit is so fucking ignorant fucked up. That little girl looks just like Tom Cruise to me, especially the eyes! And she's got her mama's hair and coloring. Give me a break with the tom cruise bashing. ITS OLD AND TIRED. Go bash paris hilton, somebody who doesn't deserve her success or something. I hate that people are acting this hateful toward a child, calling her an "ALIEN" - the fucktards, that's a baby you're being mean to! That's not fair and it's rude.

Aren't babies at least - off limits? Now we understand why celebrities are so mum when it comes to their personal life now don't we? They open up, and people gun them down.

This is just the lowest of lows, and most of this crap is FUELED by the media. Shame on you america, for your schneudenfreude and constant ridicule of all that makes us human. I shake my fist at you and curse you and your utter stupidity and hate-filled nature.

2968 days ago


Tmz i am so dissapointed! Your still stooping to the lowest level ever and talking about A BABY! Who cares if she was adopted ( which she obviously looks like Katie in the eyes and is WHITE!) AS long as she is LOVED and has parents thats all that matters LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE!

2968 days ago


I think she is a pretty baby and looks like Katie to me....and I love the name Suri. You must not be a parent TOM...because if you were you would have more compassion for others.

2968 days ago


I hate them both!! I hope they all die!!!

2968 days ago


they've been bashing Brangelina's kid for a long time, but that was the posters. This on every celeb sight (almost) that i've checked out! people who are running the sites are encouraging Suri bashing. Her parentage, ethnicity, age, and attractiveness. i'm dazed by the amount of joy websites are having bashing a baby.

2968 days ago

barnyard smell    

I have read numerous theories now. But the following link could actually be the most honest look at the Vanity Fair cover article, in terms of who Suri's real Dad is:

2968 days ago

Susan Silverstein    

I have lots of issues w/Tom Cruise & Scientology -- but an innocent baby should be off limits; unless she is abused.

My georgeous neices (no bias intended):), both had/have incredible azure blue almond eyes. I can see some resemblance to their paternal line, but they really bear no strong likeness to any relative! Yet, I know my sister & brother-in-law were very faithful to each other & I got to see those images the physicians sometimes order when the babies are still in the womb. They did not come off petri dishes.
People would always ask if the oldest was part Asian because of her almond eyes. The younger one has same eyes. Their mother is thousands of years Jewish (the first to intermarry that family knows of); and the father is mostly German. His mother is a DAR. My neices grew into lovely young women in every respect.

It's very cruel to make assumptions about an innocent baby even if the parents are celebs and controversial ones at that. The very prosperous parents are in the entertainment business and have seemed to have deliberately cultivated attention to this birth. Most celebs have to invest in publicity. But let's leave this baby out of the public land mine!

2968 days ago

Amen Jammin    

The baby looks like Tom and Katie, and by the TOM(not cruise, but the TOM that posted), isn't TOM a TURKEY????? You must not have any kids, and if so, what if someone made fun of your Kids, oh wait a min, are sure those are your KIDS......

2968 days ago

Intelligence Quotient    

The thing is - TC and KH are the ones who keeping shitting out their private lives and family pictures for a public who, it is painfully obvious, DON'T CARE!!!. We don't care what their spawn looks like, what they dined on on their first "date", where he "proposed", how she was "inseminated", or what they do on a daily basis. If they want the negative speculation and comments to go away, they could have done what anyone with any dignity would have done a long time ago - GONE AWAY. I guarentee you, if they disapeared so would all the snarky comments. TC and KH are responsible for this circus. If they can't take the heat they should get out of the kitchen. PLEASE!

2968 days ago

Amen Jammin    

Hey Jeana, you don't even no them just by what you see or here, do you know them personally? If not then don't condemn them to die unles you and yours go first.

2968 days ago


Wow Jeana, that's harsh.

2968 days ago


To Jeana ~ You need help!

2968 days ago
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