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What's Up With Orlando and Uma?

9/7/2006 5:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando Bloom dropped by the set of Uma Thurman's new Honda commercial in NYC. The (reportedly) newly-single "Pirates" star is rumored to be dating the tall beauty, but nothing has been confirmed.


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Tuff Stuff    

how cute they would be as a couple!

2967 days ago


Uma's cheating on me again!? Dammit!!

2967 days ago


I have not heard that rumor before. Isn't it possible they're just friends? He just broke up with the other girl. That would be moving at light speed.

2967 days ago


they would totally be so cute together!!! he's pretty cute .....yeah, he's handsome(just not my type) and she's absolutely gorgeous. aned if he's as nice in person as he seems to be....good for her! she deserves a nice guy

2967 days ago


I didn't even know he broke up with Kate again. I thought they where cute together. OH yeah this is hollywood. I think Uma is alright but isn't she a monster compaired to him??

2967 days ago


How can you be sure that's her? She tall enough but looks to be about three time larger than Uma. I like Uma and would hate to see her with this little turd.

2967 days ago


Oh how cute, Uma and Orlando would make a perfect couple. But I think he's better with Kate, I like her more, Uma's a good actress and all, but I so like Kate better.

2967 days ago


Kat is wayyyy hotter than Uma and Kate and Orlando made a perfect couple. Uma is too old for Orlando, with Ethan Hawke's kids and all. Way too much baggage for Orlando. WHat's his problem?

2967 days ago


I find this hard to believe for several reasons. One, Orlando lives in Malibu and London while Uma lives in NYC. There is really no where they could have met each other. He's been filiming POTC in LA since his breakup with Kate (I'd assume unless they've been broken up over a month). I don't see how they could have gotten together while he's been on the set. And if she'd have been there, we'd have heard about it before this.

More then likely I'd say they're either friends (as he was with Claire Danes when that rumor went crazy) or he was there visiting someone else and Uma happened by. If that is even Uma in that video and I'm not convinced it is.

2967 days ago


I think Andre Balazs would be interested to know that his girlfriend is dating someone else. But if she is, what a major upgrade for Orlando. I wonder if he can handle a real woman after spending all that time with Greasy Crackhead Barbie.

2967 days ago


That would be an interesting couple, Uma is like 3 inches taller. But heigth so does not matter, it's all about who you are, that's fact.

Also - whatever that head piece that Orlando is wearing everywhere (paired with that sharf) is it does not do his looks any favor, he has to freaking loose that piece.

And also - what's up with Uma's hotelier Andre Something?

2967 days ago


I do remember reading that Uma was back with Andre recently and that they were together in Denmark a few weeks ago. Anyone know what's up?

2967 days ago


Did anybody know that both of them are buddhist? Who knows, may be he came to take her to the temple

2966 days ago

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