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9/12/2006 11:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' magical public-relations tour continued with a pretty unmissable appearance on the first night of Monday Night Football at the Washington Redskins - Minnesota Vikings game.

The actor, accompanied by Katie Holmes, was spotted by cameras (not infrequently) hanging out in new benefactor Daniel Snyder's box at FedEx Field (Snyder owns the Redskins), as well as backslapping it up with "Collateral" co-star Jamie Foxx before the game. (Foxx, for his part, spent some time in the booth with the shiny new ESPN broadcast team.)

Tom Cruise and Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.
The scene was oddly reminiscent of 1996's "Jerry Maguire," in which Cruise plays a sports agent and watches his client Cuba Gooding, Jr. on-the-field and from the skyboxes. Cruise, an avowed fan of many sports, appeared to be following last night's game with that look of studied attention that only Tom Cruise can muster.


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Those sunglasses look horrible on Tom!

2961 days ago


What a loser! I am so tired of this attention hog!!!!

2961 days ago


They are so repulsive. What's up with ridiculous sunglasses too.
I'm glad the Redskins lost. Lose Cruise!!!

2961 days ago


How can one guy always manage to look like such a useless tool in every picture he takes? I just want to slap that ignorant jack ass every time I see him!

AND... who, besides the owners of the team, wear a suit and tie to a football game??

2961 days ago


will you idiots leave tom cruise and katie alone? its tired and j ust annoying now. and quit talking about his pr every actor going on tv to do interviews or going to the ivy or some other event is only there to pimp whatever movie or album they got coming out and i dont see you all mentioning they're "pr" please get over the tom cruise hate its petty.

2961 days ago

stephen s    

granted, celebs engage in PR but usually as part of a marketing strategy... In Tom's case it's because "nobody likes me" and it's now undeniably public, he's a freak. Nothing they do is without an angle for the media. And did you notice his gobble-neck starting in that first pic? hmm, what will Tom be doing at Christmas? getting his chin sucked I'll bet. :)

2961 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Did Tom request to start the game as the TIGHT END?

And they had to kick him out of the locker room when he was caught in the shower room telling everyone he was the official "dropped soap" picker upper.

2961 days ago


I never realized until looking at the pictures Toms nose is huge. It must be the glasses.

2961 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Btw, why do Celebs always wear dark sun glasses indoors or at night?
What's the logic behind that?

2961 days ago


hey tiff- tom cruise is a really easy person not to like. especially when you're a football fan and you know he isn't. he should be out hunting aliens instead.
someone also needs to take the control wires out of katies brain.

2961 days ago


Sunglasses - it's a Scientologist thing, you wouldn't understand.

2961 days ago


with all the causes Tom is championing, he finds time to bring back the mullet.

2961 days ago


Are Scientoligstto good that they cant look people in the eye?

2961 days ago


These two get out more than me, and I do not have a new baby sitting at home. What chic wants to sit at a football game when she can be with her baby (not that chics don't dig football). I just think it is strange.

2961 days ago


Do they think the public is as dumb as they are? We know they are trying to get people to like them. It's obvious and it is not working. They love the attention and it's strange how much they love it. They don't want a private life at all. We have seen and heard too much about these two. Maybe they should do something else with thier lives. I have no desire to see a movie with either one of these two ever again.

2961 days ago
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