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Attention Confuses Jamiroquai, Fight Ensues

9/12/2006 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When A-list celebs lash out at the paparazzi, it rings true -- who wants photographers following them around everywhere? When D-listers do it, and throw punches and hurl obscenties to boot, well, we're sorry -- it's kinda funny.

Jay Kay, frontman for the once-popular band Jamiroquai, became enraged when he thought a throng of photographers waiting outside of a nightclub were there for him. Apparently Jay Kay thought it was 1996. As it turns out the paparazzi were there hoping to spot Lindsay Lohan.

It seems the thought of being famous enraged Jay Kay so much that he started hurling obscenties and then throwing punches at the shutterbugs. At that point, the cameramen did care and flashbulbs started popping. Rowan Lawrence, one photographer at the scene, told the Daily Mirror, "There was no provocation for his actions and the guy had done nothing when Jay hit him around the face."

A spokesman for Kay said, "I can confirm that Jay Kay was involved in an altercation with a photographer last night. He has been interviewed by the police and released with a caution."


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I believe JK is still big in the UK. He has a small fleet of high priced super cars and he owns a Ferrarri Enzo. That's a million dollar car made within the last 3 years and you had to be "approved" by Ferarri to buy it. So last I heard, he's not hurtin for cash.

2928 days ago


Who does he think he is, a Gallagher brother?!

In any case, does anyone else think this is perhaps just a publicity ploy? Because let's face it, "Virtual Insanity" sucked when people thought it was cool like 10 years ago. Me thinks someone is clinging to whatever ounce of fame they may have left.

2928 days ago


Whoa! What a nut
That prick has issues

2928 days ago


well this vid was odd......was he drunk cus he just kept going and going and going ... if it werent for the cops i think he'd still b at it

2928 days ago


Hahaha what a freaking loser. I like how they all run away when he goes after him, then they slowly move back in again. What a freaking psycho, I don't even know who he is.

2928 days ago


And it's kind of awkward after he calms down and just starts talking/insulting them all peacefully.

2928 days ago


agreed....what a loser....he is virtually insane!!!

2928 days ago


What an idiot. And he gets off with a WARNING? geesh.

2928 days ago

the wise old owl    

i AGREE WITH post # 6 WHAT A JERK ! So he thought the photographer's were there for him. HA HA What an IDIOT.

This guy has some rage issues he needs to addresss. I bet he really felt like FOOL when he found out they DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHO HE WAS. I have never heard of this guy. He needs therapy. He comes off like he's Bi-POLAR or something. Get grip dude !!!

2928 days ago


This guy needs some serious anger management classes.

2928 days ago


This is one of the most amusing stories I've seen on TMZ. ROFLMAO I mean, the fact that they weren't even there for him. Honestly, it looks like he's high on something. Something is wrong with that guy.

2928 days ago


As an American fan of Jamiroquai who has met Jay Kay in person, I am saddened (but unfortunately not shocked) by his conduct last night. He has a history of substance abuse and inebriated altercations with paparazzi but is also known to be a charismatic, popular, fan-friendly guy. Contrary to TMZ reports, the incident took place in London, where Jay *is* in fact a huge celebrity. Jamiroquai has put out quality albums since the band's inception in 1992 that are sadly overlooked by the xenophobic American public who is more interested in music by the likes of Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff than a pop star with a British accent (it didn't help that one of Jamiroquai's best albums hit stores on 9/11/01). Any British paparazzo worth his salt would absolutely know who Jay is, and calling Jay a "D-list celebrity" is like calling Machester United a D-list sports team just because they hail from the other side of the Atlantic. I find it hilarious that you all hang on TMZ's every word as if it's a "reliable news source." Go to funkin dot com for the real story.

2928 days ago


I'm sorry...Jay who?

2928 days ago


Yeah I'm with Goober. Jay who?? I must be too young or something. Is he a old rock star or some other kind of music??

2928 days ago

just a fan    

his post virtual insanity CDs have been great - both for dancing or just sitting around and chillin. his latest cd is pretty tight too - one of the songs "seven days in sunny june" is on the "devil wears prada" soundtrack. maybe his music is more popular overseas than here in the u.s. he is really talented and has his own unique sound - he is just not promoted on MTV trl and other generic modes of discovering music out here in the capitol of cheesey culture.

2928 days ago
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