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Anna's Son's Death: "Definitely Not a Heart Attack"

9/13/2006 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel and Anna Nicole SmithTMZ spoke with a source directly connected with the investigation who confirmed that the cause of death of Anna Nicole's Smith's son Daniel was "definitely not a heart attack."

Sources tell TMZ the coroner will hold an official inquiry into Daniel's death on October 23rd. Sources say they have definitely established a preliminary cause of death, but are awaiting a toxicology report, which should be completed late today or tomorrow. Sources say the toxicology report is routine in a sudden death. We're told police are currently conducting a "wide open investigation" into Daniel's death. Daniel was found dead in his mother's hospital room just days after she had delivered her new baby girl.

TMZ is also told that Daniel's body had "no external injuries." The sources refused to say if the 20-year-old suffered internal injuries.

Police sources say they are not ruling out a third party in connection with the death, but add they are not looking at anyone specific at this time.


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Hmmm.... maybe the same person that poisioned her late husbands son did the same to Daniel? ...It was Stern! he wants all the money and Anna for himself!

2940 days ago


Something isn't right you think maybe the people in the bahamas are adding drama where there isn't any? It could have been a complete accident. There are many causes of death in young people that just happen. Allergic reaction, choking on food, brain aneurysm, heart disease, including cardiomyopathy, congenital heart disease, myocarditis, connective tissue disease, mitral valve prolapse or conduction disease.

2940 days ago


Enough with the DRAMA already--we KNOW he did NOT die of natural causes--WHAT DID DANIEL DIE FROM?????????????"

2940 days ago


Correct me if I'm wrong. Didn't Anna Nicole have a "problem" with "drugs"? IF, she and her son were so "close", Please - don't tell me they didn't get high other words, she didn't introduce him to drugs.
I say, she's to blame. IF drugs are found to be the cause.

2940 days ago


Jess, looks like I see your foot in your mouth but don't worry I still see some more room for you to make more stupid and hurtful predictions. Once again, God bless Ana and be with her during this life changing event and help her to forgive all of those that want to add insult to injury because they apparently do not know any better. Jess. I'll pray for your hatred towards women. Who do you think brought you into this world? Ahhhh yeah..a woman.

2940 days ago

knock knock. who's there? kar. kar who? karma.

2940 days ago


I'm pretty sure, they are well qualified in the Bahamas. Just because it didn't happen in the USA does not mean they are "adding to ar making more out of it".

That said, I find it very suspicious they are now saying a third person was in the room, Howard the baby, a drug dealer? WHO KNOWS?! I do know one thing, a "criminal investigation does mean illegal drugs, they will need to know by Toxicology reports if there were enough illegal drugs in his system to cause death. This would prompt an ongoing investigation. Plus, they have camera's, etc., THEY know. I think Howard is doing what he can to stop this information from getting to the press.

2940 days ago


That must be horrible to be happy with the birth of a baby girl and then have the death of your first born son, wow I feel for her ,bad mother or not shes human, people

2940 days ago


They are not ruling out a third party in connection with his death, TMZ? Who is the second party? Did I miss something?

2940 days ago

Ms. G    

Julie, who is the second party????????? Did you miss something??? Blonde right?!!??!??!

2940 days ago


Please go away, you make me want to vomit.

2940 days ago


Hey least I know it when I miss something. What the hell are you smoking?

2940 days ago


To #8 Hilarious...I was waiting for someone stupid enough to make a comment like yours. You proved a point to my boyfriend. Thanks :)

2940 days ago


My heart truly goes out to Ana. No matter what her personal demons were she loved that boy above all else. What a devastating and horrible thing to have to happen. God Bless, keep, and carry you through this Ana. My only brother died just days after the birth of my son, and what was to be a joyous time in my life was completely shattered, so I truly know how you are feeling with the birth of your girl then Daniel's death. I still grieve and cry to this day especially as the years pass and I am ever reminded how long it has been since I've seen his face, but one day I will see it again and you will see your son. I know to hear that truly gives us no peace at this time. But one day all the sudden it starts to and it keeps us hoping and looking forward to that fine day in heaven when we can hold them again.

To poster number 2 grow up. Ignorant people like you are always the first to assume that which you know nothing about. I used to do a lot of 420 myself, same as the majority of people in their youth, but NEVER with my daughter who is now 18. She's even asked before, I always say absolutely not and continue to disuade her from using it at all. I outgrew it, I know she will too. Just because a parent made some choices doesn't mean we condone it for our children in any way shape or form. Ditto for alcohol or boys or frivolous spending or whatever the hell else we make juvenile choices about. Life is experimentation, finding our way and learning from stupidity, sometimes it takes a long time to learn, but eventually most do sooner or later. Judge not lest ye be judged.

2940 days ago

I Am The Real Bella    

Helen, are you really that ignorant.?@*&^%#@*^&%*^# It cracks me up that people like you assume that Anna is somehow responsible or could even be the cause of her son's death. People like you probably have so many personal problems in your own life that to make up for your lack of control in your life you point the finger at others. COME ON PEOPLE....STOP BLAMING OR ASSUMING. . Her son died just days after she gave birth to another child. Who cares who the ef the father is to her newest addition or if her son was doing drugs or whatever!! She lost her son!!! Show some freaking compassion!!!

2940 days ago
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