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Last Known Photo of Steve Irwin

9/14/2006 5:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Below is the last photo taken of Steve Irwin before his tragic death last week. He is posing marine biologist Chris Jones on his boat, Croc 1, just two days before his death.
The last photo of Steve Irwin
Irwin died last week after his heart was pierced by a stingray's poisonous barb while filming on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Family and pals held a private funeral at the zoo on Saturday and there will be a public memorial service at his 60-acre Australia Zoo wildlife park next Wednesday.


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if i could have met any celebrity, it would've been
Steve, he is my
hero. I wish the stupid PETA people would actually think about all
he has done for the animals. and, Steve, if you are somehow reading
these from heaven, "We'll miss you, mate". ((((( and to the peeps who have
posted, I hate you parasite, and rock on Erik. (i hate people who
swear just to seem tough) )))))

2876 days ago

amee elkut    

The world is morning for Steve and his family. May some great higher being comfort Terri, Bob, Bindi and their families. We've lost a very special person. we'll all miss him very much. My thoughts are with his families

2876 days ago


Why do some people feel they have to blast their ignorance all over the cyberspace by trashing another human being. Whether you loved the guy or not, let him rest in peace. I personally thought he was a bit crackers but admired his spirit and bravery (or insanity). He is in heaven wrestling crocs for the Lord now and I am sure he is enjoying what he so loved.
I only hope when parasite's and his friends close family pass on, someone shows them more respect than they have shown to Steve'e family.

2876 days ago


to the erwin family
we are sorry for your loss.his happy go lucky personality will be greatly missed .
we sure hope they will continue to show his movies.his smile could make a bad day better. you will be in our prayers.

2876 days ago


I am so sorry for your loss, also i am sorry it has taken so long for me to write you all, i have loved watching Steve, and all of you on the animal planet, i have to admit :-) that alot of times when i watched Steve, fear ran through and i would lots of times just close my eyes and hope and yes pray inside of myself that nothing would happen, My family really loved to watch Steve and Bindi and you Terry, we all miss Steve very much, and also you all are in my prayers every day. I am looking foreward to seeing the ducumentry on the life of Steve, and hope that we can always keep in touch on here from time to time, life is just too short, i wish more people would realize this, that loads of people take life for granted, please give a hug to the little ones Terry and also i am sending a comforting hug to you as well, hang in there, you have many angels looking out for you, and i know they are with you all every day, and i know that Steve is still here, in your hearts, and in every one who knew him. Rose

2876 days ago


i just loved Steve,and will miss him so much. I want to comment on what the parasite stated .Where did he come from,and i really feel sorry for this person, that he can be so unfeeling and cruel.May god help him, and i will pray that he gets help soon.

2876 days ago


i want to know why in the world that you let some one lie the parasite even post such a horrible message! It is absolutely unforgiveable waht he said. He should be kicked off of this site now! He will hurt someone someday, andhe needs to be put in his place. Take his right away to use this sight would be a start.
thank you---------------- Betty

2876 days ago


To the Irwin Family: I truly am sorry for your loss. Steve was a remarkable human being. May the peace of our Lord be with you now and forever.

2876 days ago


I grew up watching Steve Irwin and learned to appreciate the world around me because of him. Although I don't think I'll be involved with animals as a profession, watching him taught me to pursue my interests with the same passion and enthusiasm that he brought to his field. That's really the way to be. Love you Steve!

2876 days ago

Trudy Barrett    

dEAR Terri,Bindi and Bob,I have never written any online msg. before. please excuse the typing.I still think about you and you fmily. especially noe .I admire your great courage and stamina. You all are a wonderful family and will survive to remember what a great guy Steve was and always will be in your hearts, I AM great grandmother, and a grandmother to 17 grand kids, which I love dearly.I am actually not that old in my heart. 65. So much joy is ahead for you all. I know its not possible to answer all your mail, just want you to know you have lots of love out there.

2875 days ago


Death comes in threes. I wonder what other celebrity will meet an untimely fate. I hope this time, the expression proves untrue.

2961 days ago


God rest his soul. . .what a tragedy. Best wishes to the Irwin Family.

2961 days ago


God Speed Steve......lots of prayers to the Irwin family.

2961 days ago


you never know when is your last moment or breath!

2961 days ago


At least he died doing what he loved.

2961 days ago
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