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Brad and Angie Go Tagging

9/15/2006 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood's hottest couple made another public appearance last night at one of the only two things they seem to do outside their home -- art shows and flying lessons.

Yesterday's outing was no different, as they took in the view at Banksy's graffiti art show in a Downtown LA warehouse. The happy couple took time to check out the artist's show, called "Barely Legal," where a life-sized red and gold elephant is the show's main piece.

Yesterday's news of the arrest of an FBI impostor for trying to secure a job at camp Brangelina didn't seem to slow down the famous duo as they left the show holding hands, escorted by two women.


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Why! I still can't believe this two are together! I mean it's like the most gorgeous man and the most gorgeous women and they hook up in real life, it's only possible in the movies, but look it happened in real life. I don't think they are going to stay together for a really long time, because Angie' antics will take it's toll, but if they can I wish them just that, thank God I've overgrown that teenage BRAD thing long time ago now. And they have that wonderful kid together, talk about beautiful baby!

2903 days ago


While I am not a JA hater I really think she needs to STFU once and for all about her broken heart now. If she's given Brad a baby that he longed for for so long (an I bet he begged her to give him a baby) they would stay together forever, but she was thinking about her body (although with her looks it really does not metter how much you weigh, because she is just very-very plain if not unpretty). It's also possible that she simply can't have a baby (Hello, Nicole Richie and all anorexics), but well, what was Brad supposed to do? Pray to her "perfect" body?
And also if not for Brad poor little sitcome thing JA would be so nowhere now, nobody would remember her name or anything. But now look at her, she is a major A-lister, every one is praising that poor straw hair of hers, she's considered by many a "natural beauty" (well, let's just pass on that) and so on. And like five movies with her came out this year. So, JA, get over it already. I don't hate her, I think she was good in Friends with the money and really want to see The Good girl and I think there is a nice aura to her in the movies, but common!!!

And I guess there is something about AG that made Brad to fall for her THIS hard. And ofcourse he's not that superficial that he would only like her YES, JA, STUNNING LOOKS.

2903 days ago


AJ is an amazing woman. She has lead an interesting life. When people refer to her as "weird", I think BBT was the influence of that...HE is weird. She is a great actress as well as a humantiarian. I hope the best for her and BP in what ever it is they desire to do.

2902 days ago


I'm team jolie pitt all the way. I hope they'll be together for a long time and do wonderful things together and apart. Be it flying, of starting a millenium village in Cambodia or building green housing in New Orleans. The power of a team. Yesssss!! Team Jolie Pitt all the way!!!

2902 days ago


to. no. 15 well written and i agree about anniston, she certainly was a fraud, she didn't want children and still doesn't worried about her shape in the movies (?) now for pitt and jolie i have my doubts about them. pitt was never into charity stuff before jolie, africa and all that, it is only since jolie, but she doesn't impress me one bit, if she could do all that stuff with so much sacrifice and sincerity, etc, why can't she repair her relationship with her dad, he has pleaded for her and no response, something does not connect her.
my guess by dec 2006, she will have djumped pitt............and move onto and an african decent person from africa.

2901 days ago


Its amazing to me that the Brangie fans don't want anyone to dis thier "perfect couple". But they have no problem talking about Jennifer like she is a dog...I believe if a man falls out of love with the woman he is married to, he should leave her before he starts a relationship with someone else...Brad did not do that...And in my opinion Angie is a freak, always was and always will be..IMO..I don't think she has changed, she is just resting up from her babys birth and will kick Brad to the curb in a minute, he is too tame for her and she will get bored with him..too bad for the kids tho, they will be the ones who lose in the end...This whole thing happened way too fast to last...

2901 days ago


dear someone, most brangelina fans don't spend day after day on JA's threads putting down every little thing she does. maybe a few, but you can see by the length of her threads (or lack thereof) that most of us could not care less!!
JA a fans are obsessive idiots who care more about what brad did to JA than she does.

I'm gald to see them out having fun they're a wounderful couple that has overcome adversity to be together. god bless them and their family

2901 days ago

liz in LA    

Damn it's good not to be famous.
These poor slogs must not have thought it through, no?

2901 days ago


dear ligtenup: evidently you haven't been to a JA thread in a while, because if you have you would see that 99% of the comments come from Brangalunatics, talkin trash, and saying a lot worse things than HO..wishing slow agonizing death on her..whats up with that? And they do put down every little thing she does, and its not just a get your facts straight before you say anything to me...

2901 days ago


dear someone, i don't really go in there, i just notice the articles as they come up. so i guess i didn't do my homework. i myself stick to reading about people i like. for instance i didn't read mel's DUI blogs tho there are literaly thousands of them.
i only write bad about jen fans in here because they're holding on to something as i said before that even Jen says nothing about.

i figure if they're in here calling brad and angelina and even there kids sometines,every nasty thing they can think of while all the time talking up jeninefer ,than it's open season. like i said i don't go there and insult her. and from the numbers she has(i looked it up this time), niether do many other of us.
there are i bet just some that go and post over & over and others that do the same here

i nothice neither brad & jen don't talk bad about each other

2901 days ago


there are other pictures of the same art show and it look's like Angelina is just hanging on to Brad for dear life but the last picture of them facing each other at the art show was GREAT it caught them in a very private intimate picture where they had only eye's for each other and his hand touching her wow it was a beautiful picture......
i love reading and looking at pictures of the Pitt and Jolie family and as far as Jen who???? yecker's she's whiny and boring but funny in Friends but that's it BORING is more like it in anything else i've seen her in i use to be a fan she is just so dead-pan and i agree with #15 and for all the other people saying that Brad and Jen were perfect for each other some-one proably forgot to tell Brad that cause once he left he never looked back......
he has so much now to look forward to i wish their family the best and the same for Jen.

2901 days ago


These two are beautiful people. Inside and out.

2901 days ago


yeah those nice pix are on perez, i like the one where they're holding hands and looking into each other's eyes, sweet love!

2900 days ago


I wish people weren't so jealous of these two. It's really sad that everyone wouldn't want to wish them the best. Most of the men hate Brad and most of the women turn green when they read anything about Angelina. There just two people in love, do any of you detractors remember being in love? Sadly for some of you the answers is No.

2900 days ago

Jimmy Hoffa    

I can't wait until the sex video comes out. It'll have to outsell Pams'. I'm sure of it.
What a lovely, lovely couple. Only thing lacking is a little scientology. And then maybe they could get married here at Giants Stadium so I could watch. Mel Gibson, Nick Nolte and Glen Campbell could be the designated drivers so everyone gets home safely...such lovely thoughts.

2898 days ago
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