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The Dog and Family Speak Out

9/18/2006 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Following the release of bounty hunters Duane Dog Chapman, his son Leland, and business partner Tim Chapman, A&E will air a one-hour special, "DOG: THE FAMILY SPEAKS" Tuesday, September 19 at 10:00 ET/PT. The special will include exclusive interview footage of Dog and his wife Beth shot just after his release.

The show will feature a first-hand look at Dog's arrest by U.S. Marshals, and chronicle the events leading up to the arrest, starting with the hunt for convicted rapist Andrew Luster. Dog, Leland, and Tim were taken into custody Thursday morning in connection with their 2003 capture of the Max Factor heir who fled the country to live in Mexico. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico, so Mexican authorities arrested Dog and his team and charged him with kidnapping. Those charges are still pending in Mexico.

In the special, the family expresses their thoughts and emotions about the recent events, and gives an exclusive look at the family's reunion, particularly the emotional scene outside of the federal detention center in Honolulu, Hawaii when Dog and crew are released.

Following the reunion of Dog and his family, MSNBC's Rita Cosby interviewed the famed bounty hunter and his wife. Dog told Rita "You know, no one knows the real story, OK? When I was let go in Mexico they said, the judge looked in my face, and said eye-to-eye, Dog this a very minor crime. The next time you come down here, you can even ask me to go with you. I know that once the Mexican government hears the real story and the American government hears the real story, I'm not going anywhere except for back in the car on A&E and hunting down the next bad guy."

Rita also asked Beth, Dog's wife, about the ordeal and her family's reaction "I have no words for it," she said,"other than that my little Gary boy, five years-old, stood there with his hands over his ears crying as hard as I've ever seen him cry, that his hero is being taken away in handcuffs."

Dog and his crew are currently awaiting an extradition hearing that will determine whether they will be sent to Mexico to face trial.

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I think the Mexican government is trying to MAKE an example with Chapman and family. If Chapmen thought the charges were that serious back then - they would have stayed and taken care of it because of their show with A&E.
It may take a little time but given his celebrity status, catching the Max Factor Rapist and all the fan support Chapman has. He'll get off with probabtion -if that.I'm actually surprised that no one in our govnerment has stood up for Chapman and given him some support to help fight extradtion to Mexico. You know he may have a t.v show but the bottom line is he does help get criminals and druggies off the street and some one in our govnerment should be standing up for him and his crew!!! It's shameful that our govnerment hasn't!!

2964 days ago


Sorry , I like the show but come on
BETH is a WHORE that needs to be put off the show she reminds me of a true BITCH "DOG" in HEAT......I know she does NOT love DOG she wants it all for TV only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2964 days ago

angel anderson    

How many women were violated by Andrew???? do we really care if his rights are violated What is this if your rich enough to run away to mexico that's a get out of jail free card??? it makes me sick, who looks out for the victims just another example of how screwed up we are.

2963 days ago


Who the hell said that Beth was a whore? That ish is stupid! How would you know she's a whore? For your information, Beth was with Dog for something like 15 years or something crazy like that. Yes, her appearance is a little scandalicious, but if you watched the show, you'd know that she's a good person who takes care of her family and her husband. It really pisses me off the way some of you people are posting. Just because they don't drive Mercedes, does not make them trash. They do something for their community, and Dog and his crew already served time in Mexico. This whole thing is BULL.

2963 days ago

Pamela Andersen    

When I first started watching the Dog, I thought that he was a big put on. But after really getting into the show, not a week goes by that I don't see his show. I think what he and his family are doing is great and takes a lot of guts. Other bounty hunters use more force and guns. Dog doesn't carry a gun and he is helping people. When you do this for living, someone will always be against you. But I am behind them 100%. Thanks Dog, Beth, Tim, Leland and all the rest of the family. Pam

2963 days ago


This has to be a joke, I did not know that Mexico had any laws.Seeing how, many of their crooks are in this Country. And no one is looking for them. Why is Dog being harassed for bringing in a rapist that ran from the U.S. I think that the Laws of America should protect Dog and His Crew. They are on American Soil .

2963 days ago

Orthodox Atheist    

#26 wrote the following:
"Sorry , I like the show but come on
BETH is a WHORE that needs to be put off the show she reminds me of a true BITCH "DOG" in HEAT......I know she does NOT love DOG she wants it all for TV only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

You realize that Beth and Dog have been together for 16 years, they have been on A&E for less than 4yrs. Get your facts straight about the people who protect your wife, daughter, sister and mother from being raped and your family from drugs. You are judgemental and stupid.

2963 days ago


Can someone please clarify something for me? everytime I read a story, it identifies Tim as his "partner" or "coworker".... isn't Tim his brother???? That's what it says everytime I watch the show in the opening credits!

Anyway.... off that tangent. I can't believe that our government would allow him to be extradited... Can't they see the good that he does? In the words of other posters... I would not be surprised if that piece of dog $hit Luster paid off people in the government to have Dog arrested and sent back to Mexico... So sad.... Keep your heads up Chapmans!!!!!!! We support you 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%!!!

2963 days ago

Reading this stuff, just like you    

post #33
No Tim is not his actual brother. They do share the same last name I believe. It is probably just the way Dog feels about him, you know, "Bra".

2963 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

I too like Dog & family, but I have to say God never created a more white trash looking couple. I do appreciate all they do in their business but good Lord Beth needs to dress a little more professionally as do the other members of the team. For God's sake, you have money try to act like it.

2963 days ago


What's the over/under on how long it will take for some choler Mexican criminal to make Dog his bitch?? I say two weeks.

2963 days ago


I don't understand how Mexico, of all countries, has any say what so ever in this matter. With all the crime, corruption, bribery,"mordida" thievery and lawlessness down there it seems to me that they would have better things to do and much more to worry about than DOG on the loose in the USA. (How about clearing the streets of the supporters of the very sore loser of the Mexican Presidential Elections for instance)
The Mexican police would never have nabbed that guy Lustre. He could have and probably did throw a few dollars around and the Mexicans turn a blind eye to absolutely any kind of crime or behavior. I lived many years in Mexico, I know. With all the Mexican criminals (not all of them are of course) that are running around up the USA freely to say nothing of the MILLIONS of illegal immigrants it is a shame that DOG is 'harrassed' and arested. That is just what it is. I don't care what kind of law is on the books in Mexico. No one follows those down there. It is always selective enforcement down there. Someone is behind it, someone is benefitting!

2963 days ago


uh. No comment on the Dog but you guys should visit Mexico some time. You have a WAY outdated view of what it's like there. I bet only a very few of you have even been to Mexico. Quit believing everything you NEVER read but only imagined about Mexico.

2963 days ago


Let the DOG GO!!! I support him and send my prayers out to his family.

2963 days ago


From all appearances Dog (Duane) and Leland went down there with honorable intentions however, they have been in this business long enough to know they HAVE to research the laws in the country they are going into BEFORE they go in there with that "GET ER DONE" attitude. Come on!! Good guys, bad guys, they are all over, and Dog is NOT the ONLY Bounty Hunter, or "good guy" that could have caught that guy.
I hope this works out well for them. Maybe they should stick to the bad guys in Hawaii, eh?

2963 days ago
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