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Tom and Katie

Get Their Kicks

9/18/2006 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Screen Shot 2012-06-29 at 10.38.33 AMIs Katie Holmes a soccer mom? She sure looked the part, sitting with Tom Cruise on the sidelines watching Tom's daughter Isabella's match.
As the couple walked across the field, Tom gave a warm, one-arm hug to the daughter he adopted with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

Good feelings were all around as Katie and Tom withstood their usual mob of cameras. They smiled and said thank you, even while being pelted by questions such as "When's the big wedding?"

We sure wish they'd answer- that's going to be some party.


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Ms Kris    

Another staged publicity stunt for My Short Divorce & the next EX Mrs.


2956 days ago



2956 days ago


Why can't Tom find a woman that doesn't look like a giant when standing next to him?

He still looks like he should be in Risky Business.

2956 days ago

(a) Garrett DiBona (fan)    

Oh? Another outing for the Gomez and Morticia and no "baby" in sight? My, my, my.... they're starting to look like QUITE the negligent "parents". Tsk. :-p

2956 days ago


At least they actually attend the games. Has anyone ever seen Nicole Kidman at her kids' ballgames? I loved it when my parents came to see me when I played volleyball in school.

I think Cruise is a lunatic and Katie is a zombie but I do think he really loves his kids.

2956 days ago


Wow ! he was way over dress for the game !

2956 days ago


I don't care for either Tom or Kate but I am curious about one thing. Does Tom have sole custody of his other two children? It seems that they are only in the news with him and they go to school in California...when do they visit with Nicole...special occassions? Maybe he demanded and was given custody during their divorce.

2956 days ago


Tom can't find a woman that doesn't look like a giant because there ARE no women shorter than him. Seriously.

2956 days ago


Estrategia para "limpiar" su imagen pública.

Katie es demasiada mujer para Tom, en todos los sentidos.
Tom era mi super ídolo hasta que se consiguió a Katie, lastima por ella.


2956 days ago


Katie should marry him. Then as his wife, she'd be able to commit him to a prestigious loony bin. Then she’d be safe and so would her baby.

2956 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Apparently these two are determined to out-Paris Paris Hilton in the publicity department. Kate is just an idiot for making a Faustian bargain with that faggot midget. The FM is a prime quality turd.

2956 days ago


Maybe they were just off a business meeting and can't wait to see their beloved daughter playing game. Maybe that was just a staged publicity stunt. No matter what, judge as you want; but be civil. You may be tired of everything they did; but I am tired of every mean words you guys said and hatred you spread. And I begin to believe you guys actually are ten times wierder than any way Tom has acted.

2956 days ago


I swear that it looks like Tom has a body double to stand in for him half the time. Sometimes you can tell who's the real Tom and other times you can tell its some guy that looks just like him. Sometimes I can't tell at all. If you go back and look at all the pics of the two of them taken at games and where ever it is they are together you can totally see he uses someone else to pose as him half the time. AND when it is the other guy hes ALWAYS covering his face in some way like by having sun glasses on.

2956 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Hey #12, gie us ALL a break by realizing these two are a pair of boring schmucks who stink up the Internet.

2956 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Hello, everybody--it's me again. Adah Krane. I'm the one who wrote yesterday trying to get verification for the story my new neighhor told us that Tom Cruise used to eat snot as a child,

Well, I'm happy to inform you dears that I FINALLY have THE TRUE FACTS!

It's been verified that not only did Mr. Cruise eat snot as a child, BUT HE STILL DOES!

I pray to Blessed Jesus, Only Begotten Son of our Lord God, that Mr. Cruise does NOT pass on to his child (if it IS his child) (hmmmmmmm!) so nauseating a habit.

So far as I am concerned, he can eat anything he pleases, including his own feces. (I'm not naming names, but we have a resident in our fine community who eats his own vomit.) But I draw the line at forcing an infant babe to indulge in such nastiness. If she wants to eat snot when she grows up, fine; that is her business. BUT NOT AT THIS TENDER AGE!!!!

2956 days ago
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