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Clay -- The No-Answer Answer

9/21/2006 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On "Good Morning America" this morning, Clay Aiken wouldn't say whether he was gay or not -- but his unrelenting skirting around the issue suggested that he could very well be gay, but just doesn't want to talk about it, calling it a "waste of my time."

When asked, point blank, by Diane Sawyer whether he was going to come out in the interview, Aiken gave an odd shrieky cackle, then said that he wouldn't address the speculation. And, with some nervousness, he called the speculation into his sexuality "invasive" and "rude." Finally, when asked by Diane Sawyer if it was "misleading" for him to talk about liking women in interviews just after his run on "American Idol," Aiken responded by saying he was "naive."

Aiken also said that he isn't unduly curious about other celebrities' (or people's) lives -- except for the "whole Jen and Angelina" thing.


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Well I would have fought to the death to defend Clay Aiken, but now he just makes me sick.........Good bye Clay Aiken.......being famous was a bad thing for him... He is so different from the AI days....... oh well at least I have that good memory... now ... well................. I don't care if he is gay or not.... I just hate his new self..

2931 days ago


Good for you Clay Aiken,
Don’t let anyone make a circus out of life, not even the top interviewers.
Keep your life with dignity and integrity.
If you start answering any of those, prying, gossipy, question, you loose.
And you become just a money maker for there tabloids.
There are many celebrity, that leave there private life away from the public,
Theirs family life is protected, as Johnny Dept,
Maria Osmond, She is in the public but she guards her privacy and children.
You sing beautifully, and you answer questions eloquently.
You are gracing us with your God given talents.

Thank you for being you. Pat

2931 days ago


He is the gayest person out....I hate him...

2931 days ago


im not a clay fan or an idol fan at that but, if he's gay then who cares there's plenty of people who are famous that are and nobody cares it hasnt ruined their careers. he was sitting there saying how while he was on idol he had an image to keep.. and he was sick of dealing with that.. i think he is gay and he knows that he's got to keep that image. cuz alot of his fans are little girls who really prob dont understand all that kind of stuff yet. but like i said if he's gay then he gay let him be

2931 days ago


Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. WHO CARES? He's known for his voice and charitable contributions. But it's a shame you couldn't even report this accurately -- this out-of-context "report" is exactly why he won't answer personal questions anymore. (1) he's been asked and has answer the gay question before, more than once, and *now* is saying he just won't answer it anymore; (2) it IS no one's business; but, again, it's already been asked and answered -- why should he answer it again; (3) what he said was "naive" was being so open with the press, then discovering how they turn things around and print out-of-context and completely make-up conclusion. FOR THE RECORD, Diane Sawyer **NEVER** asked him "if it was "misleading" for him to talk about liking women in interviews just after his run on "American Idol" NOR "whether he was going to come out in the interview". It's misleading, unprofessional "journalists" who give all journalists a bad name . . . . . SHAME ON YOU and my heart goes out to Clay and all the others maligned for a cheap headline.

2931 days ago


Of course he's gay. I have a friend whose male friend slept with him pre-Idol.

2931 days ago


I don't know why people want to know about his sexuality. What difference does it make. How would you like people to pry into your private life? I am glad that he didn't say anything. I think that Clay has a great voice and I hope that he has a very successful career.

2931 days ago


Who are you people to say Clay is Gay. Do you know him?Have you followed Clay from the first day he was on AI? Who are you to ruin a wonderful young mans reputation? He started a foundation for artistic children. What have you done but run your mouth about him and you know nothing. There are Clay haters who are fans of other singers who want to bring Clay down. They are not going to succeed, and the gay guy who started this is part of it. READ CLAYS BOOK "LEARNING TO SING". Yes Clay wrote a book . It's great, raised by his mother, granny, and nanny., and was bullied in school. Clay said he is not gay.,and I believe him. How many times do you have to tell adults no?

2929 days ago


Well this gossipblogger conveniently left out an important portion of Clay's answer to the " coming out of the closet" question, and I can understand why since there's an obvious agenda here. Clay said that it wouldn't make sense for him to come out of the closet. Why would he say that it wouldn't make sense? Well if he's gay, then it would make sense now wouldn't it? So any thinking person would conclude that for coming out to not make sense, then there would have to be no closet to come out of. Clay has already told the public several times that he is not gay. Folks, Clay's " closet" was invented by people who have labeled this man gay because of their own narrowminded stereotyping. You know, the " he's gay just look at him" people I'm so glad that Clay has decided that these people are a waste of his time. He knows that there is no way to anser this question and satisfy everyone who has no life other than to be obssess about his personal life. He could get married and have a dozen kids and some people would be stupid enough to say he's still gay because" just look at him" By not defending himself and rather being on the offensive about the rudeness of these people, Clay has set it up to where those who keep calling Clay gay are showing that they have an agenda. Bravo Clay! Now I'm moving on because this gossip site is a waaaaassste of my time!

2928 days ago

Dawn Daveport    


2926 days ago
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