Clay -- The No-Answer Answer

9/21/2006 12:50 PM PDT
On "Good Morning America" this morning, Clay Aiken wouldn't say whether he was gay or not -- but his unrelenting skirting around the issue suggested that he could very well be gay, but just doesn't want to talk about it, calling it a "waste of my time."

When asked, point blank, by Diane Sawyer whether he was going to come out in the interview, Aiken gave an odd shrieky cackle, then said that he wouldn't address the speculation. And, with some nervousness, he called the speculation into his sexuality "invasive" and "rude." Finally, when asked by Diane Sawyer if it was "misleading" for him to talk about liking women in interviews just after his run on "American Idol," Aiken responded by saying he was "naive."

Aiken also said that he isn't unduly curious about other celebrities' (or people's) lives -- except for the "whole Jen and Angelina" thing.