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"Dog" Breaks Ratings Record for A&E

9/21/2006 4:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog: The Family Speaks," an A&E special about the recent arrest and possible extradition of Duane Dog Chapman, was seen by 4.5 million viewers Tuesday night. The show tied the network's previously most-seen program -- a "Dog the Bounty Hunter" special about Chapman's wedding.

The broadcast set the record among viewers 18-49 for the network.

Chapman was arrested last week by U.S. marshals and released on bail. He faces possible extradition stemming from a 2003 case in which Chapman captured fugitive Andrew Luster, who was wanted on rape charges at the time, in Mexico -- where bounty hunting is illegal.

The A&E special included exclusive interview footage of Dog and his wife Beth that was shot just after his release.


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Blaine is #1    

Congratulations on being A&E's #1 show! You rock! Keep cleaning up those streets and restoring order in society, just like you're doing! And to everyone who reads this, remember: DOG is the WATCH-DOG of obedience, ready to BITE when the COPS are in the donut shop!

2900 days ago


I LOVE DOG! Such a hero to me. Mexico needs to go to hell-he did something that was good for people everywhere, and what he believed in. He shouldn't be punished for it. No doubt in my mind Luster paid the Mexian authorites to do it to him and his family, but DOG and his family totally has my support.

Thank God Luster is behind bars. Heres hoping he NEVER gets out.

2961 days ago


This man is awesome. I watched the special, and felt so bad for Beth. These 3 men are heros. Why are we bending to sh*tty Mexico? Go Dog!

2961 days ago


God has a way of using us, for his will and sometime we don't understand, but it's his purpose. The justice system in the USA is not right, and should be organized better for the people to obey the laws. The Dog is doing God's work. . .keep up the good work, you are a blessing.

2961 days ago


DOG RULES!!! Mexico better back the f@#* off!!!!!

2961 days ago


I watched the special just made me sad, I'm sorry but all this is about is $$$$ crooked mexican government. Stay strong Dog & family!!!

2961 days ago


I watched and it was heart wrenching. I support to all the Chapman's and their extended families. And Tim you hold up your have worked work it and deserve to be proud. Beth, Dog, Leland, Dwayne Lee, Tim, baby Lisa and family please stay strong. I believe the right thing will prevail. You all deserve the best in life and do wonderful work. You go in hard for a bounty for your safety but always end with care, concern and understanding and I love that about ALL of you. With warmest Aloha to you and yours.

2961 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Dog is a hero in the USA,,I would come donate my life savings to help the dog,Fight for what is right dog, some of the judges in this country should go to mexico and do time for ripping off the americian people, DOG IS A AMERICIAN HERO,4.5 MILLION PEOPLE THINK SO TO

2961 days ago


I watched it. I love Dog!

2961 days ago


Dogs needs to follow the laws of whatever foreign country he decides to visit. You’d all be screaming bloody murder if a Mexican Bounty Hunter came to America and violated our laws. I think and hope he’ll get off lightly, but he’s no pansy. He knows he broke their laws and now it’s time to pay the piper.

2961 days ago


I Love Duane Chapman and His Family..They are all awesome..I believe he should be commended for what he and his son and brother did instead of arrested...He has put a very dangerous man in jail something no one else could do...I wish The Dog and His Family the very best...HANG IN THERE...KEEP YOUR HEADS UP

2961 days ago


Sorry dogsdayafternoon, but any time Mexico wants to come to the USA and get their CONVICTED criminals I'm all for it. The mexican government better bring a train.

2961 days ago


The Dog and His Family are all just AWESOME...I sit and watch The Bounty Hunter every week and the things The Dog and His Family accomplish are GREAT...I believe The Dog and His Family should be commended for what they did instead of arrested...They accomplished what others couldn't and that was get a very dangerous man off the streets...I am for The Dog and His Family and alot of other people are too...HANG IN THERE

2961 days ago


I have a bad feeling about this and I hope and pray these BRAVE AMERICAN men come out of this okay. But to comment on someone elses comment. If the US had a Mexican criminal to the likes of Luster I do believe we would find the person and escort him/her back to Mexico with a big bright red bow on their head. Why would we want to keep crap like that here ... we have enough crappy people as it is. I think other law enforcement are upset that some dinky (at the time) bail bondsman out thought their best trained officer and found someone that they couldn't find and when it was mentioned in public again it just got on someones wrong side and now they are trying to best the Chapmans'. It is sad to think this is being done because someone's ego was hurt. I thought on the A&E special that when they picked the guy up they had a Mexican police officer with them and if so why didn't they say "hey guys I can't let you do that but I can get him for you" ... Oh I forgot MEXICO doesn't care who is walking their streets.

2961 days ago


Dog for President!!!!

2961 days ago
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