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Paulina Rubio Pulls a Woody Harrelson

9/21/2006 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio is used to being photographed for her hot body. But it was her hot temper that is the star of this video.

Paulina was at Miami International Airport last week when a paparazzo followed the hottie around the terminal.

Rubio was apparently not feeling the love because she unleashed her rage on the photog by hitting his camera and repeatedly saying "déjame," which translates to 'leave me alone' in English.

With the added security measures in place at most airports, it looks like Paulina is more dangerous than any carry-on liquid.

A rep for Paulina told TMZ, "Paulina understands and respects the roll of paparazzi in the media and in the entertainment business. And Paulina will always make an effort to give them the photo opportunity they seek. There are certain times when circumstances do not permit this. There are also times when the aggression of the paparazzi is intimidating and overwhelming. Unfortunately, there are no laws that protect the privacy of a celebrity in a public place.

The aggression at the Miami airport...was so intense that it became a terrifying situation where Paulina was actually overpowered and injured by a photographer in an effort to get the photo.

We would welcome a dialogue with the media and the paparazzi in an effort to try to define some clearer guidelines for acceptable tactics and behavior.

In the future, we will make extra effort to ensure the safety of our client."

Got that?


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She should be saying "gracias" that anyone wants her picture to begin with. I hope she was flying home where she can STAY PUT.

2955 days ago


Try "déjame"...

2955 days ago

the wise old owl about a HOT latino temper. Simmer down there girlfriend. It's just a photo. The chick comes off like she is bi- polar. Perhaps carrying a little valium in your purse might be a good idea.

What is up with these celebrities who seek the limelight and fame and then get all pisst off with what goes with the territory? HELLO? When you're a celebrity you know one of the drawbacks is losing your privacy. DAHHHH....

I don't even know who she is. She should be estatic that someone even wants to take her picture. One day in the future she will be begging for someone to take her picture. I wouldn't want to piss her off. Her boyfriend must be a prison guard. He's the only one who could deal with that temper. What a spit fire.

2955 days ago

Paulina was so frightened and fearful for her life, she took instictive measures to go on a rampage towards the paparazzi.

- Britney Spears
Paulina's rep

2955 days ago

Stop! Stop! Theeze iz getting me so hot!

2955 days ago

george vieto    

Paulina remember that this the price of fame in America. If you are a sex symbol the paparazi see you as a super paycheck by taking your picture. If you should leave show business you can always play Chapulina Coloradoa or Chespirito's Mexican superhero sister. I wonder why this NEVER Happens to former Miss Panama representative Iris Avila Moreno or Gisella Castillo. Those two homegirls are sexy as can be in their swimsuit attaire from the Nuestra Belleza International a decade ago. Right Raul de Molina? Right Lili Estafan? Who Dats?

2955 days ago

george vieto    

Paulina Rubio should realize that being a sex symbol paparaazi see her a big paycheck for their employers. As the old saying goes, if you can't the heat, stay out of Donna Summer's kitchen.

2955 days ago

george vieto    

Paulina Rubio should realize that being a sex symbol paparaazi see her a big paycheck for their employers. As the old saying goes, if you can't the heat, stay out of Donna Summer's kitchen.

2955 days ago


She should have kick the photog in the balls. That's best way to get them to think twice before they stick their camera in her face again. A guy never forgets getting kicked in the balls.

2955 days ago



I am BIPOLAR, and I don't go around beating people up!! Lets watch what we say, sometimes you hurt peoples feelings!

2955 days ago


She is so sexy. . . And she is even hotter when she gets pissed so baby do what you gotta do to get the photogz off of you. . . I still love you.

2955 days ago

M L    

I know that once you are in the public eye you life is no longer yours. I can't image
how it is to have people follow you around every waking minute.
Some of these Paparrazzo take it a little to far. When you treat someone with respect you get respect, respect is earned not given.

2955 days ago

the wise old owl    

To post # 10 Tara : I would like to apologize. It's just that I know family members of mine who experience bouts of violent behavior . They have been diagnosed with being bi-polar. I didn't mean to insult you. They go from being very passive and happy, to being pissed off, accompinied with physical violence at a moments notice. I'm not saying everyone who is bi-polar does that. But in this case she may qualify for having those same symtoms.

2955 days ago


Ol LIVEWIRE forgives her cause she has luscious long legs and knows how to move! Looks like one night with Paulina may rock LIVEWIRE like LIVEWIRE's never been rocked before, the fiesty firecracker!

The price of fame is stalker papparazos for life. LIVEWIRE prefers his internet fame, as the TMZ SUPERSTAR would be punchin' out the sleazoids two atta time. But these pampered celebs wanted to be famous, now pay the price. Being too MEGA famous can make anyone go crazy, look at Tom Cruise, and Michael Jackson, both outta touch with reality.

You will see, the next wave of celebrity will be online, and LIVEWIRE is front and center!!!!!!!!!!

"Don LIVEWIRE, te quiero ser el amor!!" -Paulina Rubio

LIVEWIRE, a TMZ institution

2955 days ago


no one asks for this to happen. celebrities should expect to have their lives somewhat in public eye. no one deserves to be followed and feel threatened.

notice how tmz calls her "more dangerous than a carry-on liquid." if i had photogs following me i'd probably flip sometime too.

2955 days ago
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