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Blows it Out

9/22/2006 7:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A huge plastic hot dog, an enormous Pez dispenser and a gaggle of stuffed, feathered birds are sitting on a lawn. No, it's not the set-up for a joke; it's Kirstie Alley's yard sale.

kirstie alley's stocking w/ inset of kirstie
Among the tattered items that Veronica has taken out of her closet are ripped lampshades, lots of children's toys, kitchen utensils and a cookbook by fellow Scientologist, Isaac Hayes. Did we mention there were enough huge food items to set a table for the Jolly Green Giant?

Also for sale: a huge wooden clown that would put a scare into Stephen King, tons of Christmas decorations- including a monogrammed stocking- enough dog sweaters to keep your pooch in stitches for weeks and one journal titled "My Fabulous Life"- completely blank. She must have acquired it after the cancellation of "Fat Actress."

And in a major breach of Academy of Television Arts & Sciences rules, the Jenny Craig pitch woman is selling her Emmy consideration DVDs. Hope they don't catch wind of this -- we don't think this is the kind of attention she wants from the Academy.

While not working the money table herself, Kirstie is keeping an eye on things and interacted with shoppers, even giving tips on how best to care for the new found treasures she has for sale.

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I've always liked her:)

2896 days ago


it's fergi's mom!

2896 days ago



2896 days ago

Chicago Chick    

Fergie looks like Kirstie Allen.

2896 days ago


Is she desperate for money?

2896 days ago

the wise old owl    

Whoa...... what happened to all her $$$.? It sounds like she is selling a bunch of old junk. I see that crap at the Salvation army and The Good WIll. Is she kidding ? Someone in her position should be donating that, not selling it. I guess Scientology took most of earnings over the years. WHAT A JOKE. I bet she wishes she had it all back now.
I really hope she was doing this for the fun of it or because she was bored. Otherwise she doesn't have a clue how to manage her money. Quick Kirsty, go out and hire a fianancial advisor and get out that cult you belong to. !!!!

2896 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

shes not desperate yet,jenny craig is still feeding her fat a*s,they do make her look better on tv,i see why she still single,i think she should try crack,it dam sure helped nicole richie stay thin

2896 days ago


Where does she live? I wanna go to her yard sale!

2896 days ago


Ever since I found out she's a Scientologist I hope she becomes dirt poor and fatter than ever

2896 days ago


Hey # 7 you said it perfectly!! luv your name too

2896 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 2 Michelle

My God, she does look like Fergie's mother . Too Funny. What a look alilke.

2896 days ago


now, now children, be nice....

2896 days ago


I have never in my life ever heard of a celeb having a yard sale -- in their yard. I have heard of stars dropping off clothes at a second hand shop, but not a freaky yard sale!! Kirstie is either hard up for money, or desperately needs attention??

2896 days ago


If I were a celebrity, I would set up a fake yard sale just for the paparazzi, featuring lots of strange stuff that I picked up from my friends just for that purpose. It would generate great publicity.

Wait a minute...could she be that smart? Nah...

2896 days ago


she did it just to show how simple minded some of the citizensliving in the united states are, and she succeeded quite well.. people, what she does is none of your business, which faith she follows, is none of your business. maybe if people would tend to their own business rather than the business of others this country would be more successful. why dont you discuss the guns at school, the drugs on the streets,,? please people get a life!!! Go Kirstie!!!!! you look awesome girl!!

2896 days ago
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