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Inland Blazes in the Fervor of Guns N' Roses

9/25/2006 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As each band came, played, and exited the stage throughout the day of the KROQ Inland Invasion this past Saturday, the crowd began to fill the pavilion. It was as if nervous anticipation of the show's headliner dampened the crowd's reaction to fan favorites like MUSE, 30 Seconds To Mars, Rise Against, and Alice in Chains.

axl rose
As 14 years of waiting for the return of Guns N' Roses was about to climax, the fans that ventured to the small California town of Devore started to rage. Fires burned upon the ridge and bottles were strewn about in true Redding Fest fashion. The clichés started with Axl arriving almost an hour after his scheduled set time. Just as the crowd began to get restless and security rushed in, the lights from the stage ignited the sky and the crowd was asked the question "Do you know where the f**k you are?", and the first chords of 'Welcome to Jungle' seemed to make the world better again.

The GN'R guys played at hit-filled set -- exactly what the crowd was hoping for. It was, however, announced today that they will be postponing US tour dates until later this year. Is the Axl of old starting to rear his ugly head? No, just getting ready to do this tour thing the right way.


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I LOVE YOU AXL!!!!! Ditch the braids though.

2928 days ago



2928 days ago


I saw GNR when they were opening for the Stones at the Coliseum in L.A. many years ago. I really, really liked them before the concert...after...I gave my CDs away. What a total prick that Axl was. He just ran his mouth the whole time...he looked all sickly and yellow. They're set was SO mediocre. He made comments to the crowd really TRYING to incite violance. SO unncecessary. His behavior was so bad that when the Stones came out, Mick's first words were, "Well, I guess we've heard enough talk tonight...let's have some rock n' roll!" And they proceeded to tear it up...they were awesome. Axl has a history of being late to concerts or just not showing up all together which has caused rioting at concerts in the past. He shows no respect for fans at all. I understand the rebellious nature of rock 'n roll but he's just a whiney little bitch with nothing better to do then try and piss people off. It's a shame too...because he is talented. He just chooses to totally piss it away.

2928 days ago


Where does one purchase a red braided ugly-ass toupee?

2928 days ago


I was at that same show in L.A. That was the night Axl said GNR was through and he was quitting the band -- something about certain band members and their use of drugs -- heroin, me thinks.

2928 days ago


Axl who?

2927 days ago


That chick has no boobs

2927 days ago

I Knowz It    

it's READING.. not REDDING. your comma usage is worse than axl's braids.

fyi, no commas before "and" and commas belong INSIDE quotations. i could go on. if you need a decent journalist (or editor) give me a shout. i've reviewed G n' R shows in the past and was able to come up with actual and factual copy of over 75 words without errors in time to meet proper deadlines. i know you're not exactly the new york times, but have some pride. check around your office, someone might have an AP style book for you -- or a clue. it seems a little out of order to be snarky AND incompetent.

2927 days ago


Guns and Roses sucks. Bums and Posers is what they should be called.

2927 days ago


I was at the show even though I got shit thrown at me It was well worth the wait. I loved the fires and the bottle throwing! I loved Axl it was an AMAZING 2 hour show he put on. He sang everything from Mr.brownstone to November Rain closing with paradise city. I can't believe he sang that long being over an hour late. LOVED THE SHOW AND LOVED AXL HE SOUNDED REALLY GOOD!

2927 days ago


Security did WHAT? All I saw was them standing around gaping like the mouthbreathers they are while people got hurt. It's admirable of the venue to hire the developmentally disabled of the 909, but maybe security wasn't the place for them. I won't set foot in that venue again, I don't care if you get the original lineups of Alice in Chains and Nirvana opening for Jimi Hendrix.

2927 days ago


he is a has been fool. i hope he dies. pathetic a**hole. i hope someone tortures him to death and as Axl asks to die, the person says "no, i had to wait an hour for you to start your show, so you will wait an hour in exruciating pain before i kill you."

Fair trade.

2927 days ago


there is NO guns n' roses without Slash. Axl is a joke!

2927 days ago


I LOVE GnR - but too true - it's not the same without Slash. Axl is a trouble maker - always has been, probably always will be. I still have my issue of Rolling Stones with him on in black and white w/no shirt - it makes me laugh at how much I "loved" him when I was 20! God help all young women who are attracted to dangerous men! ha ha!!!

2927 days ago


Axl should just let GnR go. It's over! Most of the old member have moved on. You just can't have GnR without Slash. Axl might have had the voice, but Slash was the sound.

2927 days ago
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