Croc Hunter Widow Coping "One Minute at a Time"

9/27/2006 12:25 PM PDT
The widow of beloved "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin spoke about her husband in interviews yesterday for the first time since his death September 4, and a tearful Terri Irwin told Barbara Walters that she and Steve had "a romance like I didn't think existed anymore" and that even knowing the loss she would suffer, she would marry him again "in a minute."

In the sit-down scheduled to air tonight on ABC, Irwin also said that she feels "blessed" for the 14 years she spent with her husband; indeed, their honeymoon trip was chronicled in the first episode of Irwin's enormously popular show "Crocodile Hunter." And Irwin also said that she's treading the difficult days after Steve's death "one minute at a time."

In an interview on Australia's Nine Network earlier today, Terri said that she believed that Irwin believed that he would die early, but that "I'm grateful in a way, because we're prepared." And Terri said that the Irwins' premonitions of death certainly had nothing to do with sea creatures, or the stingray that eventually felled Irwin: "I thought he would fall out of a tree," said Terri. "He thought it would be a car accident."