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Kid & Pam: Back and in Black

9/29/2006 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock and Pam Anderson showed they're still in post-wedding bliss as they stepped out for a night on the town.

Anderson looked smoking hot in a tight black mini skirt as she and her hubby made their way to the trendy Nobu in New York.

Her clingy outfit left little to the imagination, putting to rest rumors of the former "Baywatch" babe is pregnant.

Rock channeled his "Cowboy" days, matching Anderson by donning a black hat and leather jacket.


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Pam Anderson needs to stop wearing clothes up her butt. She has 2 boys and not a spring chicken anymore. Start looking respect in public. You can be sexy and not look like a hoohie.

2949 days ago

the wise old owl    

I agree with post # 1 Gisele : Enough is enougn here. It's time to put away your teenage wardrobe and get a more respectable look.

I think it's time to hire a stylist . It looks ridiculous when you dress like that in your 40's. Save it for the bedroom Pam. If the public wants to see you like that they can pick up an old Playboy Magazine or do a Google Image search. Your naked body can be seen anywhere. Let us choose if we want to see it or not. Please spare us. Cover yourself up. Geez...............By the way TMZ, I didn't know you could have healthy children when your infected with Hepititis " C'. Let's hope they aren't planning for any children of their own. Kid Rock must have it too. Dahhhhhhh

2949 days ago


These two were made for eachother!

2949 days ago


Pam IS not with child....on the 27th Pam and kid rock was sitting next to us in a booth with her crew in tow drinking at bungalow 8. Kid rock was f*cked one point he got into an argument with a groupie and the groupie got kicked out of the club. pam stayed on the couch with one leg and shoe on the couch exposing her panties while kid was flirting and chatting with people all over the club.. They stayed till the club closed. i have pics to prove it that i took.

2949 days ago


Pam is smoking hot, she can wear what she wants. More power to her! And Kid Rock rocks!

2949 days ago


Please shes a ho, and hes a dumbass wannabe rocker/rapper, these two belong together

2949 days ago


All these haters who say Kid and Pam belong together - they do. They both kick ass. And you all (eli, cristina) belong with whoever you're with - jealous, hating, ugly - and no doubt out of shape people who can't wear what Pam does. haha.

2949 days ago


She is now a middle-aged woman with two young sons. She should remove those inflated balloons inserted in her chest, cut back on all that make-up, wear classy clothes and start acting a bit more dignified. She is just so insecure with feeling she has to exude artificial sexiness in everything she does. The only thing missing is a big sign on her head announcing that she is sexy. If that is all she has to offer then she will be miserable in the years ahead as she ages and feels useless.

2949 days ago


Did he pickup someone else's cigar off the ground and smoke it?

2949 days ago



2949 days ago


All you haters here are jealous that Pam is pushing 40 and looks WAAAAAAAAAY hotter then any of you jealous dried up prunes ever will! HA!

2949 days ago


pam is a hottie. like #11 all of you are just jealous. you are probably some fat ass people that have nothing else to do!

2949 days ago


I love Pam. She has a great body...why should she cover it up? Who cares how old she is, she looks better than most 20 year olds

2949 days ago

the wise old owl    

This is to post # 7 , 11 and 12 : Since when does dressing like a whore look sexy ? I am Pam's age and in great shape. Jealous ? You must be kidding. How could I be jealous of a plastic , hepititius infected slut who is married to an ugly guy like Kid Rock. YUCK !! SHe's had more dicks then you've had hot dinners and she looks a hell of lot older than I do. Her tits look absolutly horrid. I would be hiding those over inflated rubber balls if I had them. Not hanging them out for everyone to gawk over.

YOu must all be very young and have very low standards to make those comments. A woman with a nice body doesn't have to dress like that to look hot. Classy, sophisicated and dignified ladies know better. Like post # 2 said. " It's time to hire a stylist Pam. You need a complete over haul

. I may be a little jealous of Michele Phieffer or Charlize Theron, but not her. Geez..............get some standards.

2949 days ago


Pam doesn't have to dress to your "standards", Katrina. And neither does anyone else. You sound like a jealous indigent person whose style probably doesn't go much further than wal-mart. Pam Rocks and so does the Kid!

2948 days ago
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