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Hottest Videos -- Week of 09/24

9/30/2006 1:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our memories from the teen sitcom "Saved by the Bell" have forever been tainted by Screech and his new sex tape. Dustin Diamond is the latest in a series of stars whose sexual escapades have found their way to your local adult video store. It's part entertaining, part creepy. We're just not sure which part is which.
Avril Lavigne
Psuedo-punker Avril Lavigne has been getting all llama on the photogs outside of Hollywood hotspot Hyde lately. After celebrating her 22nd birthday, the Canuck decided to let loose with a loogie, hitting a photographer in the face. Afterwards Avril let out her new battle cry with the aprés peau "Bitch!"
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay needs to watch where she's going. The party girl walked right into a parking meter with her cast this week while trying to dodge paparazzi. Maybe she should get a hat with eye holes.

Paris Hilton
Is Paris a character created for the world? Judging from some video footage dug up from the vast TMZ library, it seems Miss Hilton has two voices. The little girl voice we hear 95% of the time and the deeper throaty voice Paris uses in "serious" situations. Check out the video and hear for yourself.

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No Avatar


Paris IS a Dog    

avril the spitting canadian .. deport her ass back maybe she can remember to bring back her manners when she gets back to the U.S.A

paris is a ugly dog

2948 days ago

Jessica not Simpson but a better one    

First of all the Dustin Diamond tape are you f***en kidding me? Am I hearing this right was he talking about pooping on the tape? Can that guy get any f***en uglyer?

I am sick of young f***en punks that have way to much money and that will eventually be broke off their asses and a once had been. Avril or how ever the hell you spell your name. Your not really a rocker/punker and your for sure nothing but an immature little girl. Can't believe you actually are old enough to have sex.

So sick and tired of Ms. I am so f***en popular Lindsey I bomb at everything Lohan. I am so popular I have to hide my face, I am so popular I have to run from all the it really because once and for all you are finally embarrest that your ugly stretched out bald fire p***y has been available for everyone one to see? I am so sick of your ass and can not wait until no one knows your dam name anymore.

Kristin "Laguna snob"...come to Seattle you stuck up bitch you won't be so hot in this town. How the hell did you get so popular off a dam school show that 14 and 15 year old watch.

Paris Hilton kicks ass!

2948 days ago



2948 days ago


These are celebrities and they should ALL KNOW the price of fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you cant take the heat -get outta the kitchen
They have to want all this paparazzi ESPECIALLY LINDSAY
There ARE clebs that have a low profile
complain Complain
dont got to HYDE THEN!!!!!!! THEY ALL KNOW its surrounded by paparazzi

2948 days ago


Avril shouldn't be spitting her nasty ass bad breath germs all over town! Ship her off to a remote island!

2948 days ago


Everyone should spit on that bitch Avril when they see her from now on, I sure hope that starts to happen. I know if I ever see her that's what I'll do. What a stupid bitch.

2947 days ago


I thought it was Linsey's right arm that was broken??

Anyways Is Club Hyde where all the rich and famous get there drugs???? They go in and that come back as high as a kite. Very Scary!

2947 days ago


Wonder if #1 even knows where Canada is? (Or are they another Sh*tney Spears and believe the country is overseas?)

If anyone needs manners, that would be Americans. Avril Lavigne does NOT, in any way, represent all of Canada.

Lavigne is NOT punk and Lohan can't act for sh*t. All these sh*t starlets' 15 minutes were up long ago. Too bad the paparazzi can't get with the program and find interesting folks to pursue.

BTW: How much do you wanna bet Paris gets off the hook for her DUI?

2947 days ago


yea avril does no the prise of fame but the paparazi should no the prise of being a paprazi and that porse is that your going to get spit on

2946 days ago

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