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10/4/2006 3:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even before The Killers delivered their second album, "Sam's Town," references to Bruce Springsteen's 1975 "Born to Run" had been littered throughout almost every website, article, or review one could get their hands on. Are the comparisons warranted? Listen to the intros of both "When You Were Young" and "Born to Run" for yourself.
Springsteen/Killers audio
"Springsteen touches on the American dream, and that idea runs through the record. It's very optimistic," was a statement made by Killers frontman Brandon Flowers himself. But where he first truly channeled Springsteen publicly was in his confidence to say that "Sam's Town" would be the "best album of the past 20 years," much like the confidence Bruce has displayed throughout his career. If he could only remember the one thing that Springsteen never forgot -- to let the music speak for itself -- during interviews about his new mustache.

Then there's the question of their live shows. Bruce has been regarded as one of America's greatest live musicians, putting on legendary three-hour spectacles. The Killers performed the song "When You Were Young" this past Saturday on "Saturday Night Live" and took an immediate hit from critics. Thanks to the rare footage that you can get in the 30th anniversary edition of "Born to Run" we can also see Bruce perform "Born to Run" in 1975 when he was about the same age as Mr. Flowers is now. Compare those -- then you can be the judge.


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I'm not claiming my word as the last word Missy. The greater general public, the fans and the critics are the ones speaking here. I'm not a huge fan of every band on that top 10 list, but go and find 10 rock and roll albums that are better than the ten I listed. Sound Garden Superunkown? Alice and Chains Dirt? No Doubt? The quality of Rock n' Roll music has declined the last 10 years and for the guy in Killers saying this is the best album in the last 20 years is ridiculous. O.K. I'll list 10 Hip Hop records for the last 20 years that are better than this last killers album:

1. Raising Hell - Run DMC
2. It takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back - Public Enemy
3. The Chronic - Dr. Dre
4. Paul's Boutique - The Beastie Boys
5. The Miseducation of Lauren Hill - Lauren Hill
6. All Eyes on Me - Tupac
7. The Blueprint - Jay Z
8. Ready to Die - Notorious B.I.G
9. Death Certificate - Ice Cube
10. Niggaz4life - NWA

2949 days ago


Bruce sucks and he always has. He's got one tone and one cord. He's not a true musician. You may not agree but that's my opinion.

2949 days ago

Bill Olson    

I don't hear it... they are completely different in my opinion

2949 days ago


The Killers suck.

2948 days ago

Death to the KILLERS!    

I think this is a pretty funny story and shouldn't really be given any press time as it's pretty much a WASTE OF TIME! Who would think that one day people would be arguing about a silly talentless band fronted by and idiot would be compared to an American icon? It's pretty much like lifting Limp Bizkit to the top of the music greatness and comparing Fred Durst to Paul McCartney. This is just absolutely RIDICULOUS and definitely a sign of the times.

Commercialism and advertising is pretty potent in brainwashing the ipod clicking youth of today. All you youngins out there who just have so much love for this band defintely need to do a bit of homework and catching up. Cause if you DID have ears you wouldn't be able to stand Mr. Flowers' whinnnings! It's the bedtime story classic "The Emperor's New Clothes"! Everyone is so busy trying to be cool and worried that if they don't follow the masses and pop appeal they'd be called uncool, but really none of these kids are calling out THE HORRIBLE TRUTH!

I'm not much of a Springsteen fan, BUT I do have GREAT RESPECT for his work, and his relevance in American music history. Something this passing fad won't ever have. They'll be forgotten in 10 years, or will be remembered as one of the bands in a horrible time of hyper-commercialism and failures.

2948 days ago



but The Killers are the only ones at this time with a sound consumable enough to the masses that have had the BALLS to at least give an inclination [and speak on record] of what is to come next.

[a Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart of the music world if you will]

Springsteen did not have the greatest vocal range either but he could sing with the emotion [the genuineness] of the best of them.

Give credit to The Killers for at least giving the masses the ability to welcome [open up] to the future of music even in with their guarded stance of life.

it will take baby steps. the masses are simply too aggressive in their stance [trying to defend themselves] in this day and age from the constant attack through other areas of life.


2948 days ago

Death to the KILLERS!    

17. The Killers suck and so does everyone in music today!

Good example: It's gotten so bad that washed out HAS BEENS have to lower themselves even further to selling a horrible reality show that's goal is to find the singer for their new band?! And to do this they find idiots to sing horrible renditions of classic rock songs? It's true! MUSIC TODAY SUCKS! The Killers are just the tip of that horrible iceberg that will soon sink to the bottom like every passing fad. Emo was probablly the most ridiculous genre to ever come out of music that it's just so embarassing to know it's a chapter in the big book of music.

Good music died when file sharing came about and when fat record company execs decided to hire their sons and nephews (who know nothing about music) as A&R scouts.

There is a lot of good talent out there, but they are unknown and they will continue to be unknown because the people in power have BAD TASTE and would rather sign their friends and people they know! THAT'S THE TRUTH!

2948 days ago
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