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Mary-Kate's Beret Fixation

10/4/2006 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted in Paris looking ... um, in need of a brush.

The "Full House" alum has been taking in the sights and sounds of fashion week, along with her sister Ashley, under the cover of a knitted red beret. First, the richer than rich teen was photographed shopping at high-end clothing store Maria Luisa, keeping the cap on as she tried on clothes.

Olsen TwinsThe next day, Mary-Kate and Ashley were spotted again, this time at the Christian Dior Ready-to-Wear show. While Mary-Kate did do some glamming up with the help of a dark designer gown, the red dome piece was still firmly planted atop Mary-Kate's head.

The burning question -- does she take it off to bathe or does it double as a shower cap?


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There not smiling cuz they're hungry

2938 days ago

it's all for publicity    

They're not smiling cause they're freaking HON-GRIE. Look at the look on her face; she's contemplating whether the Beret would taste better smothered in gravy or fricasee'd up vegan style. They both need a hairbrush for their nappy heads, deep conditioning for those frizzy split ends, make-up remover for that caked on/slept in methwhore looking eyeliner & dirty bronzer in addition to a healthy snack of something other that Smack & Smokes.

P.S. lay off the lip injections yours look worse than Jessica Simpson

Fatty Boom Batty

2938 days ago


They were 2 little ugly trolls when they were babies that grew up into adult ugly trolls

2938 days ago


Ditto on the hair loss. I sn't she the one who was aneroxic or ...having issues holding down her meals? I am not trying to knock her, I loved the twins. (Especially after Full House-GAG!) but, that could be it. Malnutrition,anorexia and bulimea causes hairloss and her hair has been looking a bit hrt compared to Ashley.

2938 days ago


Seen that snickers ad where the guy is standing in between two angry crowds about to do battle and wants to know whether they're really fighting about some magical sword or 'is everyone just a little on edge because they're hungry?'
Feed these girls. FEED THEM!
Then they'd stop losing hair, having to brush it all around to the front of their skinny skulls and putting hats on top to cover the gaps.
Heart attack at 22, anyone?

2938 days ago


First..I think she looks great in the beret, so she wears it often..big deal. I'm sure if you had people following your ever move, you to may wear some every day clothes to try and fit in and not be such a walking billboard, and balding...Please, come on these two girls have great looking hair..And they do smile..and when they do, They look Great...And if they ate more, the next blog will probably say that they are fat slobs...

2937 days ago


Firt off, The twins r cute girls.MORE importantly who in thee hell cares if they wear the same hat more then once?!?! HEAVEN FORBID! We have 2 sets of twins in my family and yup, they go everywhere together too,,lol lol,,

2935 days ago


Forget the nappy bug infested beret what about that ugly lip thing they do!

2932 days ago


that b**** knows how to dance.

2897 days ago
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