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"Lost" Diary: A Tale of Two Cities

10/5/2006 3:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's that time of year again -- "Lost" is back!!! This is TMZ's "Lost" diary, written by yours truly -- Daniel, TMZ's TV guy.

Here's how this works: Every week I gather with a group of friends to watch "Lost." I keep a running diary of what happens on the show, throw out some theories and jokes along the way, and hopefully the rest of the peanut gallery chips in with some good stuff. Maybe you do the same thing each week, maybe you don't have any friends who watch "Lost" -- either way, this is the place for all TMZers to sound off on the most addictive show on TV.

I am joined this week by the usuals and a couple of newbies: Ari (our host), Lauren (the "Lost" Nazi) and Matt (be sure to check him out on the new CBS online dating show "Hook Me Up" beginning next week! Couldn't resist.) along with April and Sonia making their debuts.

Enough with the foreplay, let's get to the diary...

9:00 -- Previously on "Lost" is very Others-centric. Obviously the theme for season three is the Others and I couldn't be more excited. Right now if I had to rank the best characters on TV, Henry Gale would be top 5. Charlie would be somewhere around 10,451.

9:01 -- The opening scene mirrors the opening scene from last season. A character we don't know doing seemingly normal things. Except this time, there are other people involved. And then Oceanic Flight 815 crashes and the Others spring to action. This scene actually goes with my idea for a Henry Gale spin-off show. I picture Gale as a modern day Archie Bunker in an updated version "All in the Family." Except instead of Edith, he lives with his partner, Mr. Friendly.

9:07 -- So apparently it's Jack flashback week and he is stalking his ex-wife. Then he wakes up, laying on a table. Kate and Sawyer wake up as well, in different places, but facing similar predicaments. Jack meets Juliet, Kate gets Mr. Friendly and Sawyer gets some guy.

9:16 -- Another Jack flashback with Julie Bowen. Since I have nothing interesting to say about this uninteresting scene, allow me to vent for a second: how big is this island? The Others were living in a little community and our heroes never came close to finding it? There could be a Hilton on this island and we might not know it.

-- Juliet and Jack have a little conversation while Kate puts on the dress and goes to have breakfast on the beach with Henry Gale. "The next two weeks are going to be very unpleasant," he tells Kate. I tend to believe what he says. At this point it's just a matter of whether Michael Emerson, who plays Henry Gale, wins the Emmy for best actor or best supporting actor.

9:27 -- Jack is trying to figure out who stole his wife and now he's accusing his dad. I can't decide if I would want my doctor to be a crazed obsessive or not. Better than having him be a drunk I guess.

9:29 -- Juliet brought Jack, now hallucinating apparently, a grilled cheese sandwich and some Dharma water. Juliet takes a bite of Jack's sandwich on her way out -- nice move. She's breaking him down, slowly.

-- Chaci just helped Sawyer break out of his cage, but unfortunately he ran into Juliet and her stun gun. Apparently Chaci's name is Karl.

-- Juliet returns trying to bring Jack food. Jack goes to sit in the corner so she can bring him food. You know as soon as she starts to open that door, Jack is going to take her down.

9:41 -- Jack follows his dad to an AA meeting and subsequently has a breakdown in front of some strangers.

9:46 -- And Jack takes Juliet down as soon as she opens the door. This will not end well for him. Yeah, Juliet knocked him out. Nice move. I bet if the Others would just tell the castaways what's going on, there would be no fighting. But I bet they have their reasons.

9:50 -- Sawyer is apparently dumber than bears -- kinda already thought that. And now from all indications, Sawyer and Kate are all lovey dovey. Sawyer offers her some food, but didn't she just have bacon and eggs with Henry Gale?

-- Apparently Jack is being kept in the "Hydra," an underground aquarium of sorts. Juliet avoids questions about being part of the Dharma Initiative and apparently has a "this is your life" file on Jack. Tons of questions abound, but the one I have is this: If she had this file, why was she asking about the plane and Jack's dad?

9:56 -- So Jack drove his dad back to drinking, and, in a way, killed him.

9:58 -- Jack wants to know if his ex is happy. I missed what happened after that because I threw up.

9:59 -- And Juliet broke Jack down. Advantage: Others.

People watch and judge "Lost" for different reasons. For me, I always like to ask "What did I learn this week?" and judge the episode on that. The show raises questions each week, so I don't think it's unfair to ask for answers. So let's try and break it down:

Henry Gale's real name is Ben ... Kate (and maybe Jack and Sawyer, too) are in for a world of hurt ... The island is HUGE ... The shark and polar bear we've seen previously were probably kept in the aquarium and cages, respectively ... The Others read Stephen King.

All in all, I give this episode C+. We didn't learn much and the flashbacks brought nothing to the table. It was the kind of episode that is good unto itself, but doesn't help us much in the overall scheme of things or advance the story.

Hard to believe we only get five more until the show goes on hiatus.

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We also learned that Ben and Juliet used to be married (re-watch the book club scene in the beginning). I also think that the Others got the information on Jack by torturing Kate (the marks on her wrists from the handcuffs).

2942 days ago


Thank goodness LOST is back! I was back to the "holy shit" moments at each commercial break and at the end of the episode. Great work! A+ to the writers and actors for this premier episode. I can't wait to see what happened to my other survivor folks. Why the long haitus between the 6 weeks of new episodes and the February new shows? That is just mind-humping madness!

2942 days ago


Lost is just that. I was so looking forward to this season but again it's just the same ol', same ol' thing again. It's getting boring and it's going to start losing viewer if they don't pick up the pace. Something needs to happen, the mystery use to be intriguing but now it's just mired in it. It's feeling like they have no where to take the plot so they go over and over the same old crap. This is my opinion.

2942 days ago


I think the show's creators are doing psychological experiments on us viewers to see how many hoops we will jump through to get a cookie (the answers to all the questions).

I'm done with Lost. I honestly don't care what happens to any of them after this episode. It looks like just more of the same.

2942 days ago


Eh, Ben/Henry Gale, whatever. Why do you love him so much? I'm still waiting to be impressed.

2942 days ago


i totally agree with #6 & #3. i was totally in to it and then slowly but surely they keep repeating everything. BORING. get on with it already. i am done with this show if it does not pick up the pace.

2942 days ago


I am so happy "Lost" is back.
Season 3 should be a doozy, based on last night's episode.
Henry/Ben makes my skin crawl.....he is a great actor. I think Juliet cannot be trusted....and I think she may have been on the boat that sank the raft and abducted Walt (remember the blonde on the boat?).
I also think our captives are going through some psychological testing, each tailored to suit the captive.
Sawyer gave Kate food cuz she did not eat with Henry/Ben. I would not eat anything they gave me either...the fish cracker looked nasty.
Jack is a stalker and that kinda freaked me out. Also, his habit of jumping to conclusions and blaming his dad for his f*@ked up life really bit him in the ass..cuz, yeah, indirectly it was Jack's fault his dad fell off the wagon, got drunk and killed a patient. Then Jack ratted him out and we all know the rest. Jack seems to be something of a bastard.
Sawyer and Kate will get together, I'm sure, but how long will it last? Will Jack care or will the lovely/untrustworthy Juliet be the love interest we have heard about?

I predict Sayid will hunt down the others and will go all Iraqi on them......Hope to see a lot more of Sayid this season.

2942 days ago


I'm excited the season has started and look forward to your theories and news.

In season one, I was convinced the whole show was a computer game Locke was creating at work. In season two, the shows overlapping pasts became just a little too fantastic to believe.

An observation: Either Michael and Walt will not get far OR The Others are on the island by choice. If Michael could get somewhere on the boat, why wouldn't The Others have made an effort to leave?

So, are The Others there trying to create some type of ideal society? If so, they wouldn't be so hostile. They must have contact with society to have bottled water.

Do the writers have a plan or are they making it up as they go?

2942 days ago


i'm not sorry to say this, but this review is truly awful. if you couldn't just enjoy the quieter personal moments as well as the new mysteries, then why bother writing some unentertaining snippy remarks.

2942 days ago


Dan, I agree with you. Saying that Jack asking if his ex-wife was happy made you vomit? Come on. That's just stupid.

2942 days ago


Years ago there was a show on BBC about a spy trapped on a mysterious island that always left you hanging with unanswered questions about who,where,and why. It was cool and fun for about a year or two, then it got old and was cancelled.

2942 days ago


The tedious flashbacks of Jacks life are what made last night mundane. Yes, its good to get some scoop on the Others, but the stuff with Jack was old news, and has become boring. What happened to the invisible monster from the very first episode? The polar bear? More sci-fi/ mystery elements, and less soap opera, please.
And yes, more Sayid darn it.

2942 days ago

yo momma    

i thought the episode was great and did answer some of my questions...i was entertained from beginning to end...heck i even rewound and re-watched certain parts to make sure i didnt miss anything. how can it be the same ol' thing though if we're finally just finding out how the others live/operate?? they know way too much to be castaways like the losties...the fact that they have current and inside information on jack means that they have contact with the outside thinks that the darhma inititive's study is alive and kicking...

2942 days ago


Caroline, you didn't think that Jack was being OVERLY dramatic last night? Each of his scenes last night were beyond cheesy.

2942 days ago


What questions exactly were answered? I'm at a loss.

2942 days ago
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