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"Whale Rider" Star, 16, Pregnant

10/6/2006 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Keisha Castle-HughesThe good folks at PEOPLE reported today that Keisha Castle-Hughes, who received a Best Actress nomination in 2002 for her work in "Whale Rider," is pregnant. Castle-Hughes is 16, her boyfriend is 19.

If you're anything like us, the whole age thing kinda creeped you out. But we did a little digging, and according to a website called -- a site that lists the age of consent in various countries and all 50 states -- the age of consent in New Zealand, where Castle-Hughes and her boyfriend live, is 16. So it would appear that while it may be a little odd, it's all perfectly legal.

But it does raise a new question -- who goes to a website called


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I really just wish her the best, i mean whats done is done. I hope she has a healthy and happy pregnancy. Good luck in her career as well.

2850 days ago


THis is odd. Poor girl is too young to be having a child! I wish her the best!

2909 days ago


Thats not a good thing. I didn't read the PEOPLE article but I hope it doesn't make teenage pregnancy sound like a good thing. Regardless of where she is from or where she lives, legal or not legal she still is only 16 and if anyone out there is a fan of hers (or anyone in general) and is 16, 17, 18, 19 or under DON'T GET PREGNANT like she did. There are a million and one other things that you can be doing than having a baby as a teenager.......

2909 days ago


I KNOW a guy - 27 yo male - who goes to that website often - he travels for his job, and likes to hook up with other YOUNG men - and I do mean HOOK UP. It's disconcerting for sure! YUCK.

2909 days ago



2909 days ago


Completly agree with Mar; this girls career doesn't sound like it's progressing and to be pregnant on top of that? No matter what surgery you've had, once you have a baby, you change physically. People magazine broke this news like it really needs publicity; hide this girl away in New Zealand, please. I don't want my kids reading how cool People Magazine thinks it is that 16 year olds get knocked up; Oscar nominated or NOT!!!

2908 days ago


Keisha is still a girl, not just in the eyes of the law, but in the eyes of adults. She is so young and she has her whole life ahead of her. I hate to sound cliche, but she really should've either protected herself or truly thought about the ramifications of having a baby at such a young age. I'm not going to take the Catherine approach my chastizing her and saying she got "knocked up," because if you look at most of the celebrity weddings taking place today, these Caucasian actresses such as Gwenyth Paltrow, are getting knocked up at alarming rates, only to have a shotgun wedding. In my opinion, most of them are just tacky.

Back to Keisha, it's really sweet to see two young people in love, but parenthood is a huge responsibility. All and still, apparently, some part of her feels as though she is ready to be a mother, and some part of her boyfriend feels as though he's ready to be a father. I wish them both the best in their union as well as the rearing of their child.

2908 days ago


you nasty hoe,why can't girls wait to lose their vegenity when they're married.

2908 days ago


Yuck! That Creeps me out!

2908 days ago


While I wouldnt want my 16 year old to be pregnant, because she is wayyyy to immature to date, much less have a baby...I really dont see anything wrong or "disturbing" over a 16 year old having a baby. Ive seen 35 yr old women that are pregnant and smoking cigs and drinking alchohol and are horrible mothers once their children arrive.
Being a mom has nothing to do with age and everything to do with maturity.
The majority of you, reading and posting here, were babies of moms in their teens. I was a young bride at 17 and a mom at 19. Im 36 now and my daughter is a junior in high school. I wouldnt change that for the world.
Also, before you start degrading, think about this...Jesus' mom was only 15.

2908 days ago


Jesus' mom? Come ON. People only lived to be 35 or so back then - maybe 40. And oh yeah, Jesus' mom didn't have sex either - sure she didn't.

Ericka, you don't say if you're still married to the same man you married at age 17, but odds are that you are not. Not the worst thing in the world, but getting married and having children while a child yourself puts you at greater risk of providing a one parent household for your child. Not horrible, but not ideal either. In addition, it becomes harder to get an education when your first priority is a child.

And I very much disagree with your comment that the "majority" of people's mothers were in their teens when they gave birth. In fact, the average age of a woman at first birth is up more than three years in the US. Between 1970 and 2000, says the CDC, the average age increased from 24.6 to 27.2 years of age. The average age of having your first or second child is actually 34 in Canada.

Keisha and any other child can go ahead and give birth at a young age if they want, but I think young people need to understand the consequences and the hardships they'll have to endure being thrust into parenthood at such a young age. Your comments do not help the situation.

2908 days ago


Girls? Sorry to tell you sara but it actually takes a female AND a male to procreate. To separate out the girls as the culprit is to ignore the situation and to feed a misogenistic society.

2908 days ago


Oh, so she's 16, and pregnant....
Waiting for the point...
My mother conceived me at 15, when my father and her married. I am almost 26, my parents are still tiogether, and no my mother is not a hoe. She did her damndest to make sure we wern't teen parents and right now, my sister is 24 my brother is almost 23, and I'm the only one with kids. In fact, I may have grown up in a different era then some of you, but my 1st was born in 2003 and my 2nd wasborn this past February. I only married their daddy in June. Is there a problem with that?
I wish her the best of luck. Having a child is hard work. But she will be fine. And any one with the balls to say other wise can go to hell. :}

2908 days ago


Yes it does kendra. What a shame.

2908 days ago


So what whale has she been riding? Alec Baldwin?

2908 days ago
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