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Brangelina's Bodyguard on the Attack

10/9/2006 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brangelina's bodyguard attacks: Click to watchToday's lesson: Don't mess with Brad and Angelina.

A security guard for the couple attacked a member of the paparazzi waiting outside their hotel on Saturday in Pune, India-- and it was all caught on tape.

After yelling at the photog, who says he was a guest of the hotel and was being considerate, the bodyguard lunged forward and grabbing him by the throat, choking him.

The photographer, Sam Ralph, says he's considering taking further action, "I haven't decided yet, I'm considering it. But yes, I'm a guest at this hotel, I have every right to be here and it would be disrespectful to take pictures inside the hotel I know they wouldn't like that, but I was outside anyway doing my job along with everyone else."

Pitt and Jolie are in India preparing for Angelina's new film, "A Mighty Heart," which begins shooting next week.


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Over reacted a bite? Are you kidding me? The guy choked him. How can he do that to someone and get away with it? And the fact that those two have a bodyguard like that or allow that to go on just shows the type of people they are. Ridiculous. I hope he goes to jail for that.

2902 days ago


Brad and Angelina are travelling the world promoting peace??!!!! Why don't they look in their own backyard. NO ONE has the right to physically treat another human being like the bodyguard treated that photographer unless they are protecting their lives. I'm sorry, being photographed puts NO ONE"S life in danger!!!!I hope the photographer does sue and put a stop to this idiot's supposed protection of Brad and Angelina! Brad and Angelina have the money they have and the ability to travel the world becasue of the nature of the business that they CHOSE to be in. Along with it comes the publicity. I would personally be glad if they dropped off the face of the earth!

2902 days ago


No matter WHERE they go, be it their back yard, OR a foreign country, celebs are attacked. Yes, they do get paid big bucks, but it is to play roles in movies, NOT THIS!

Paparrazzi can be CRAZY b/c they want $$$$$ for the pics. DOn't be naive. Don't you remember when Britney ran over one of their feet??!! They STAND THERE IN FRONT OF YOUR CARS, and don't move!

Anyway, not enough tape here to know the full story.

2902 days ago


I agree with comments 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13

2902 days ago


I'm far from being naive. If Brad run's over a photographer's feet because he's too stupid to get out of the way, that's totally different from what happened here! The photographer would have been thrown in jail had he threatened or physically attacked anyone in Brad and Angelina's party in the same manner that he were attacked. You are the maive one, I'm sorry.

2902 days ago


I'd appreciate it if # 7's comment could be removed becasue of the vulgarity.....

2902 days ago


Go Mickey! Protect BAMZS all you can. I'm glad that Mickey is a tough bodyguard. His job is to protect BAMZS and he'll do it any way he can. The laws in India are different from the laws here so I don't think the photographer suing will amount to much.

2902 days ago


I agree with 14- ha mine is shorter! lol

2902 days ago


Photogs need to learn to follow directions. These guys were warned several times to back off, of course you don't see that part on this video that would make it less shocking. This guy refused to do what he was told, pretending he was snapping pictures of the hospital when he wasn't and so he got what he deserved. To bad it's not legal to pepper spray these photog for being annoying. And go ahead and claim how shocked you are, it's not happening to you so you really don't know how B and A feel about what their bodyguard did or did not do.

2902 days ago

showers of Blessings    

We've only heard one side of the story. We only heard of the photog 's story. A judge will certainly hear BOTH sides. I am sure the photog is stepping out of bound, trying to get the money shot. I am glad the body guard is doing his job. India is a law and order country.

Whenever I read story like this, I have the brain to tell myself whether it is biased. I am thankful that God gives me this abilty to decipher the data.

2902 days ago


I agree with comments 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15...etc.

2902 days ago


If they don't like the attention, they can give up their millions upon millions of dollars, their luxurious, ultra-priveliged lifestyles, their mansions, their private jets, their assistants, and all the rest of what the public gave them each time they went out to see their movies. Maybe they forgot that they have the public to thank for all they have, and if no one was interested in them they would be working 9-5 jobs, living an ordinary life with ordinary salaries. They can't deal with someone taking pictures? Why not just go with it and stop fighting it? They have to know that fighting against it only makes it worse. It's a little sickening to hear all these dumb celebrities complain about it. If you don't wan't attention so badly, then get your faces off the movie screens and the tv sets, and give up your millions and your luxurious lifestyles while you're at it. Spoiled little celebrities. That pompous bodygaurd should have charges filed against him immediately.

2902 days ago


f***in' paparazzi deserve all the "abuse" they get.

2902 days ago

jolie fan    

I find it quite humorous that you all claim to hate Brad and Angie, but yet most of you would never miss an opportunity to post a comment about them. That sounds a little obsessive to me. I just watched the video of this story on msnbc, Brad, Angie and Maddox were suppose to be out on a private trip, when they were swarmed by the paparazzi. I mean swarmed! The photographers were asked repeatedly to back off. Whenever the rickshaw came to a traffic stop the paparazzi would surround it. There were dozens and dozens of cameras going off at one time. They were practically falling on top of it. It did almost become a near riot. The look on Maddox`s face tells the story. Poor kid, The locals could not understand what all the fuss was all about. To them it was just two parents taking their son on a rickshaw ride. Keith Oberman also said the pics of Brangelina will be selling for one thousand dollars or more. Brad and Angie would never have taken Maddox out if they had thought for a moment that the paparazzi would get out of contol. And they were.They figured if they left the states, they would have some privacy. I am sure they expected some paparazzi to follow, but it seems like they all did. You have to watch the full video to see for yourselves how crazy and dangerous the paparazzi made this ride for them. That is why they returned to their hotel. They also showed all the paparazzi outside of the hotel. Seems to me this is one hot couple. I hope they are safe while they are there. Brad and Angie are use to being swarmed by the paparazzi, but this is the first time the paparazzi ever put one of their children in harms way. Taking pics of celebrities is one thing, but from a safe distance, This whole situation got out of control because the paparazzi got too close. I realize that you Brangelina haters hate their children as well (that is really sick) but this was very scary for the 3 of them. I am positive if this happened to you Brangelina haters, you would not be so outraged by the bodyguards raction. Then again, judging by how vicious some of you are maybe you would just throw your kid out to the wolves.

2902 days ago


Here is a comment about Indian laws and use of reasonable force. So, before you all scream about Mickey doing a crime, let me remind you that we, the people who live in the US or the UK are allowed to use reasonable force to protect ourselves and our property. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, if you break into house in the US and get shot, that's considered reasonable force and the owner won't get any problems under US laws. So, you American haters, you can stop your fake concern for the paps. In case you think that's considered reasonable force in other countries, its not. its just that in the US, anyone can get a gun.

2901 days ago
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