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Mel Surrenders to Sawyer

10/11/2006 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson says he's "indefensible" against the power of alcohol.

Gibson tells ABC's Diane Sawyer about his feeling powerless in his lifelong fight against alcoholism, telling her "Even fear, the risk of everything, life, limb, family, is not enough to keep you from it, that's the hell of it."

TMZ broke the story detailing Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade the night of his DUI arrest in Malibu. He has since pleaded no contest to drunk driving and was sentenced to three years probation. The actor has also entered an Alcoholics Anonymous program.

The full interview with Mel will air tomorrow and Friday on "Good Morning America" and it appears that Mel Gibson's tour of attrition is already working. TMZ posed the question to our readers yesterday "Do you forgive Mel?" and the response was a bit surprising.

At last check, nearly 7,500 people voted in the poll, with nearly two-thirds voting yes.

Seems like whatever Mel is saying, it's working so far.


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Laura Batista    

#3.....oh you poor poor thing. First off, not to be an anal person but when you (and I quote) said 'All you people that defend him all need to get a new celebrity to look up "too" '? Boy, us 'brainwashed christians' sure opened our eyes to your preaching! Golly golly gosh willikers me oh my my oh me....

Anyways, secondly, I'd like to say to all the hate mongers out there who blew this all way out of proportion- "Go slit your wrists now and get yourselves off of this world you despise so much so that we all don't have to listen to your whiny complaints anymore". You think your perfect? Well, sorry to bust your bubble, but you're not. We're HUMAN and that doesn't exclude celebrities. I mean hell, look at Paris Hilton. 'Nuff said.

Now, Mel is human and he got drunk, said some things, end of story. Would you love it if people threw your alcoholism, heroin, cocaine, or spousal abuse issues in your face? No you wouldn't. So shut up. GROW UP. Forgive.

And for all those who hate me right now, please, go sell your blind idiocy and ignorance to a more gullible audiance and perhaps then you can crawl into whatever hole you came out of happy as a clam while us "anti-sematic brainwashed christians" can come and get you in your sleep under Mel's "gestapo tactics".


2871 days ago

We, are not amused.    

What about the Jews and lazy ass teamsters, aren't you gonna stick up for them? Thought not A**HOLE!

2871 days ago


It's really sad that the people who are writing such awful things about Mel are saying things that are more offensive than anything he said under the influence.
If you don't like Mel then don't like him, don't go see his movies, Hell, don't blog about him. Move on and get a life and let this man heal in his own way. There is not one person on the face of this earth that can judge him, none of us regardless of our race, religion can look in the mirror and say that we are free from sin.

A Devoted Mel Fan

2871 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Mel made a mistake, he got carried away by the Clydesdales and he knows that if he wants to ever work in Hollywood again he has to mend fences, Good luck with that. PS Kyle is an ignorant Jew!

2871 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

#3: John--Beautifully put. My sentiments exactluy.

2870 days ago


#12 You are proof that everything I said is true, you are an idiot and thank you for confirming what I wrote. #14 Laura, Spoken like a true evil brainwashed chrsitian...You guys are both idiots.... he is not a Chrsitian, never has been, never will.... but since he has brainwashed you, just like your bible did, into believing what he says is true, go pay money to see his movie, thats why he is saying he's a chrisitan. You say he is in the "baby stages"of christiananity....he built a church, I would think your brainwashing taught you he's in an adult stage. He has always been a racist alcoholic scumbag schovenistic pig, get over it. He's only doing this interveiw to promote his new movie he spent millions of dollars on in December....get your tickets in advance so you dont go to hell, dumb asses. Yes we all make mistakes, God knows what you chrisitans do when you f*** up because I never got in a car that drunk to kill people, screamed insults to women and people of different races and than get arrested. My parents are real christians and never have made mistakes like that,they havent had a drink in over 30 years becasuse they are real. I know scumbag whitetrash atheist guys in prison that act exactly how he acts. Hes making money by saying he is a christian, how stupid can you be to not to be able to see that. If he said he was an atheist, would you still defend him? I dont think so

A Devoted Fraud Hater

2870 days ago


Killer on the Road, Killer on the Road. His mind is squirming like a toad.

2870 days ago


John I'm sure your Christian parents are very proud of your hateful ways. You should have a long conversation with them about forgiveness, and the difference between what your saying and what Mel said about the Jews. This may give you a better understanding of what it means to be a human being.

A Devoted Mel Fan

2870 days ago


Hey Lisa, the Devoted Idiot....My hateful ways? So me defending a whole group of people from racist comments (doesnt matter if they are black, yellow, gay, or muslim) and defending every women from being degraded by being called sugartits by an alcolohic lunatic fraud trying to sell movie tickets by saying he reads the bible...Yeah thats really hateful. LOL You have to learn defending minority groups and women from monster's is showing much more love than defending the people that but them down. He is a fraud, he's finally speaking out because his movie comes out in less than 7 weeks. Knowing this might make you an intelligent human being instead of some stupid sugartited bitch that Mel thinks you are. I would never classify myself as a ignorant brainwashed christian so your stupid bible rules do not apply to me.

A Devoted Monster Killer

2870 days ago


As a minority woman John, I don't need nor do I want someone like you defending me as a woman or my heritage. Its people like you that worry me, you’re so wrapped up in you’re own warped since of what's right and wrong that you can't see the forest for the trees. Sorry to tell you this but life isn't so cut and dry. We all have hidden issues and you seriously need to deal with yours.

If you want something to complain about try North Korea and nuclear testing or school shooting, or government officials covering up for Mark Foley. When you look at the big picture, an actor/ director falling off the wagon and verbally abusing the cops shouldn't be on anyone lists of important things in the world.

I hope for your sake that the hate you put out doesn't come back to haunt you.

A Devoted Mel Fan

2870 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Mimi @#9--You're right on target. That sect is Opus Dei , and even the Vatican finds it an embarrassment to Catholicism.

2870 days ago


Mel is a traditionalist Catholic "Traditional Catholic" are used to refer to Roman Catholics who want the forms of worship and customs that prevailed before the reforms of the Second Vatican Council to be restored to general use.

This is not the same as being Opus Dei which is an international organization of the Catholic Church whose mission is to contribute to spreading the Catholic teaching that everyone is called to become a saint and that ordinary life is a path to sanctity. The Opus Dei prelature comprises ordinary lay people and secular priests governed by a prelate.

If you going to talk crap, get it right!

2870 days ago


It's so sad to read all the hate directed at Mel. As a born- again christian, I will pray for those of you that have such hatred in your hearts. You truly have no idea what being a christian means, God has forgiven us for our sins, and in turn we forgive others, but I don't expect any of you to understand this, and as the bible says "cast not your perils among the swine." So I won't bother trying to explain it to you.
God bless you Mel, may God lift you up in your struggle against the flesh.
I'm still a fan, and look forward to your next movie.

2870 days ago

Ian S..    

Hi I'm Ian and I am an Alcoholic, recovered from the obsession to drink, I'm also ex- special forces- no nonsence - so Mel if you want a sponsor that's well away from the Airy/fairy, Arty/Farty Hollywood scene, you know the real world the rest of us live in.. Then get in touch ! Love and may your God go with you.. Ian S..

2870 days ago

Romagny Jackise    

I read and I reread all these commentaries, me that that me shock, these are your speeches…..
You take to parties Mel Gibson, you criticize his religion, his person, some went to defame his family and his friends even….. For you a man to spoken, no matter in what context, he must be punished….. Me I am not God, I don't have to judge a man on his words, and I forbid myself to judge it, solely by that for that one will have asked me it. Mel is a good man, who makes a lot for his community, and also for the other parishes, Mel never judges people, all his Friends will tell it to you, never he doesn't criticize someone, it has too much respect a lot for the other.
But has Mel one day is not well, and for reasons that only look at him and his setting, he drinks the glass that is going to make all to overflow…..
The question that I ask, is why dice that a famous man like Mel, fate of the rank, one makes a whole history of it…. He is a man like another, made of flesh and blood, he cries when one wounds it, and laughs when one tells him a funny history, He makes laugh the children to make forget them their sufferings…. How much among us are going to pay a visit to the children in the hospital, that we make to bring them our support….. Sincerely believe yourselves to be better than Mel …Me I say no…. And I think that so big number among us took Mel in example, The World would turn much better….
Me what revolts, that is intolerance, the non respect of the Mel rights, and of his setting, thought about his children, to his wife, to his family's rest, their rights to them that it is that you in faites ?
No I am distressed, do you think to be in your right, to judge a man, for this that he said, you is faultless ? .
Everybody tells itself " me, I am a good Chrétien ", But where is your Christendom, we have judge a man who was called Jesus once……
Today we pay again for the price of it, don't believe yourselves that he would be so much to live in harmony of the love of our religions, without having to make us the war because of them, nor has him not more important than that in life…..
Me I say….. Of course yes, we have all one role to play in this immense play that is our history, let's benefit some then, and, hope that Mel will continue to make the screen, that it is laugh us, to cry, before or behind the camera, Mel is, and will remain a Large Mr., that didn't finish to astonish us……
God Bless Mel and his Family, his Friends, and all himself fans.
I support Mel, is may be one but not alone…..
Jackise, a French woman fan…..

2870 days ago
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