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Brody Jenner and a Laguna Beach Star (Not Kristin!)

10/12/2006 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brody Jenner is making the rounds with all of Hollywood's young hotties. Who's the beauty de jour? None other than his ex-girlfriend Kristin Cavallari's nemesis Lauren Conrad. Brody and Conrad were caught last night at Mel's Diner in Los Angeles cuddling up.

Reports have been swirling around that Brody and Kristin are both hanging on to hopes of reuniting. If that's the case, then this next twist in the true-life soap opera is almost a guarantee that reunion won't occur.

Kristin and L.C.'s rivalry goes back to their days on MTV's "Laguna Beach". Here's the recap: Kristin stole L.C.'s then-boyfriend Stephen Coletti and the girls haven't gotten along since. Is this Lauren's way to get back at Kristin or is this an attempt by Brody to get Kristin's attention?

Guess we'll all have to sit back and watch the drama unfold.


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Kristin Rocks! Which Laguna Beach were the rest of you watching? I loved the fact had most of the guys in the palm of her hands. I loved that she was confident and self assure. She also seems like a fun girl to hang out with. From the show you could tell that everywhere Kristin went with her friends they had fun. From skiing in Mammoth, where they met those cute ski instructors to just hanging out the local coffee shop. They are always laughing and having a good time. I also love the fact that she didn't let the guys on the show treat her like crap (i.e. Lauren, Jessica & Alex). It was refreshing to see a girl with a little confidence.

I have two words about Lauren BO - RING. Lauren is so boring. She doesn't like to do anything. She goes on a trip to Mammoth and hangs out in the condo all day. Is she 17 or 71. She goes camping but doesn't want to do anything. She passes up a trip to Paris that would advance her careen and make her a more interesting person for some dude that OBVIOUSLY is not going to make any kind of commitment to her. She's boring tand needy hat's why guys don't like her once they get to know her. What does she have going on past her looks?

2435 days ago

marie williams    

LEAVE LC alone she has done nothing wrong it's kristin who is the b***h all she does is dick tease every bloke in laguna beach she played talan off like a fool she new how to play minds games with the boys no wonder taylor called her a whore she deserves everything she gets shes a nasty piece of work she needs to be knocked down a peg or 2 and i will be more than happy to do it go LC were routing for you all the way.

2762 days ago


Brody Jenner...What a moron...

2841 days ago


Team Lauren!!!!

2841 days ago


Lauren obviously is in love with kirstin's Sloppy a matter of fact...I believe that's all she goes after. L.C. be a woman and not a girl Have some respect for others and yourself. 6 months tops.

2841 days ago


Why does LC have to bang all Kristin's sloppy seconds? What a loser.

2841 days ago


Anyone who watched the first season of Laguna would know that Steven was two timing Lauren and Kristen and when they found out, they made him choose, and he chose Kristen. From then on Lauren was scheming to steal Steven away... and I feel bad for the girl, but from watching the Hills and Laguna she seems pretty desperate... always going after guys who just don't seem that interested, or treat her sh*tty. It seemed as though, the sh*tter Jason treated her the more she smothered him. and judging by her crush on Steven and now Brody she obviously likes Kristen's sloppy seconds!!

2841 days ago


Can you not read people? Horse face Kristin stole Lauren's boyfriend first so fu*k Kristin. LC is hot and smart and I would take her any day over that publicity starved whore Kristin.

2841 days ago

Black Sheep    

Is it just me or is this guy hotter than hot? I love him!

2841 days ago


why o why do we give all attention to REAITY STARS!?!?!?!?!? laguna beach are nothing but a bunch of spoiled little stuck up brats! cant stand them. in fact i even LIKED lauren and dispised kristin but now im beginning to hate them both. i really hope jason beat the sh*t out of f***ing lauren bc she deserves it. and i hope kristin gets f***in aids and drops dead! shes worse than paris hilton. her voice is so manly i dunno HOW ANYONE THINKS SHES "HOT". "STEPHEN YOUR SO LAME!" ~ Kristin (deep manly voice)

2841 days ago

just sayin'    

This sh*t is better than anything. I love it. Kristin Who? Lauren What? Brody is clearly a peen machine. Maybe his brother, who gets no press, is hittin' Lo? The mormom? The reverend's daughter? They need to all have a kegger and get along. :)

2841 days ago


This picture is funnier than sh*t. There's Laura Whoever rubbing up all against him and he's on his freaking cell phone uninterested.

2841 days ago

Black Sheep    

Kate Hanson. You are one nasty c**t. You need some serious help if you wish aids and death on someone. Here's a tip. Stop watching shows you don't like. Stop reading articles that upset you and do something for the world instead of wishing people ill!

2841 days ago



2841 days ago

mona lot    

I do believe that Stephen was Kristen's boyfriend and then he was two timing her with LC, so regardless of anything, Stephen is the big piece of shit in that situation. And..... Brody seems to be a piece of work too, judging that he's hooking up with the one girl that would really piss Kristen off. Poor LC just doesn't have the capacity to realize that she's just a pawn in the whole game. Maybe in five years she'll wisen up. And as far as Kristen is concerned, she's just a little spoiled brat that is milking her reality star fame for all its worth and it will be a better world when she fades away!

2841 days ago
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