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Mel Details "Insane" Night To Sawyer

10/12/2006 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson today gave his first public accounting of the night of his DUI arrest and admitted that, even after his "insane" tequila-fueled ordeal that evening, he had to have several beers the next morning to tell his children what had happened. What's more, Gibson insisted that his anti-Semitic tirade was purely a product of his drinking and not of any ingrained racial prejudice.

The actor began his tour of public contrition this morning with an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America," and he told Diane Sawyer how the evening of July 28 went down, saying he was "wrought" after a day of work, and that he had started drinking again two months prior to that night. After leaving the restaurant Moonshadows, Gibson says he took a few slugs from the tequila bottle as he careened down the Pacific Coast Highway, before being stopped by Sheriff's Deputy James Mee, whom he says he did not know was Jewish.

His upper lip beaded with perspiration, Gibson, seated in his office in Santa Barbara, also told Sawyer that in the police station after his arrest, his first thought before being photographed for the mug shot was of Nick Nolte's infamous photo, and so he slicked back his hair and splashed water on his face just before taking it. Then, after returning home to tell his family about the evening, Gibson said that he had to knock back "a few cold ones" just to face his children to admit what had happened. And he said that when drunk, he has the capacity to "murder inanimate objects," including toasters.

As for his anti-Semitic tirade, Gibson said, "That's not who I am," and compared his drunken screed to children fighting with their parents, insisting that "people say all sorts of horrible things about anything" when drunk.

TMZ broke the story detailing Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade the night of his DUI arrest in Malibu. He has since pleaded no contest to drunk driving and was sentenced to three years' probation. The actor has also entered an Alcoholics Anonymous program.The second part of Sawyer's interview with Gibson will air tomorrow on "Good Morning America."


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Romagny Jackise    

I have just read and to read again your comments, of course each one of you is free to think and give its opinion, but what me shock, it is your intolerance, towards the others, a man drinks glass of too, and for you he is bad, he becomes the target of all the media… Stop, he is necessary to stop, to throw the stone with the others, under pretext which they say of idiocies under the influence of alcohol; we know all Mel Gibson, we know all O how much it is generous, with the others, Ö how much it comes to assistance of the children….We know all that it grows in our Jesus saver, O how much its Love for him is large ...... Réfléchissez......

But here is, Mel Gibson is a celebrity, therefore that made sell paper, to hawk rumours or distorts truth, and under sorrow which it must be irreproachable, one trails it in mud, one tries to reach it by dirtying his family, his friends, finally all those which are close and faithful for him… But only once, only only once, put at his place, imagine what would be your life, if we show you of such or such misdeed…..

Mel is a man, with all the large ones qualities that we know to him, but also its defects….. Do not believe not only instead of him to be made undergo, which we did everything to undergo in Jesus, we would not make not earlier tighten the hand to him, and support it in this new test….

The respect of is even starts with the respect of the others…..I do not know what will be made tomorrow, then, by love of my next, earlier than to feel sorry for me on my fate, I prefer to tighten the hand of the friendship, by hoping that it is rather strong, to support it longest possible, until the end of my life, if needs is ......

That God Blesses Mel, his family, his friends, and all those which are ready to tighten the hand to him…..

Mélina, a fan of Mel since 1979….

2891 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

65 days sober? not!!! racist?yes!!! mel,your drunk ass is going to kill some innocent person,thats when we wont forget.Tequila IS A MIGHTY STRONG DRINK,we all know how crazy we get on tequila,I wonder if you eat the worm,AAA is the only way,and be a role model that you are suppose to be and not a drunk ass racist

2934 days ago



2934 days ago


it saddens me that this person is such an addict...I had no idea, and hope ahe gets the help that he needs.

2934 days ago


Let me clarify....there is forgivness ofr every one...including and anti semite who may or may not be sincere, we need to take people at there word. Every one else has a chance, Replay...adultery, drunkiness, drug use, gambling. But because he is a lil bit conservative NO hope....nice judge not lest ye be judged

2934 days ago

stephen s    

Sure, he's sorry he got caught...but he still believes his own wacko prejudices! This is the next round of PR... Disney owns Apocalypto and ABC's GMA (also owned by Disney) gets the 1st Interview... If you wondered whether Hollywood would forgive and forget, there's your an$wer!!!

2934 days ago


Oh, he's sorry. Okay. I guess that makes everything all better. Anti-semitic or not, (which he is, I have no doubt)- the man got in his thousand-pound automobile and drove it drunk. He even admitted he has the 'ability to murder toasters" while drunk- yeah, Mel, and you could've just as easily murdered someone by plowing your car into them at sixty MPH.

And I still call BS- "it's like a fight with your parents...". No, not quite. Alcohol has a sedative effect to inhibitions, it doesn't just make sh*t up. If you weren't thinking it somewhere in the first place, no matter how deeply hidden, booze wouldn't have brought it out- he doesn't trust Jews, doesn't like them. Fair enough; no one has to like everyone- just bloody well admit it and be done.

2934 days ago


I watched the show with tears streaming down my face. Mr. Gibson is giving you a very accurate description of an alcoholics thinking process and actions. When he said you would drink regardless of what it might cost, friends, job.......he was right on target. Those of you that have NEVER lived with an alcoholic and loved them will NOT understand any of this. Mr. Gibson's wife is a very strong woman to stand by him through 22 years of a living hell. Mine was for eight years. My husband died Dec. 21, 2005 due to liver failure from years of drinking before he and I met. Gotta tell you......even with the episodes of "falling off the wagon".......I wish he were still with me. I miss him so very much. It takes a very understanding and compassionate person to stand by an alcoholic. This does not mean you condone their behavior, but when you see them trying to help themselves by going through rehab and really, really trying not to take that first drink, you stand by them if you care about them.

2934 days ago

Danny JG    

Let's get real, here....This guy's a piece of crap....For those of you with short memory or apparently NONE AT ALL, he's made many asinine remarks, way before THIS incident...(the unsolicited "anti-gay" slurs for instance)....If it talks like an ignorant bigot, and walks like an ignorant bigot, fill in the rest.......WAKE UP and smell Mel the bigot!!!

2933 days ago


Ha- get a grip. No one but you so far has made this a left-right issue. It's not because he's conservative, not because he's not a liberal, but because dude drove drunk and started spouting about Jews. Although, love the 'forgiveness for all' type posts - I wonder if you would say the same if some drunk plowed down someone you loved.

Notice- Mel has 'apologised' to Jews- but not to regular folks who shared a road with him that night. Hasn't said how stupid THAT was to do- he's focused on the Jew comments and almost acting like since he said he's sorry, it should all just blow over already.

Even if Mel were a shrieking Liberal- Michael Moore-type liberal- he would still be a jackass. Driving drunk and spouting crap about how horrible the Jews are is a despicable thing to do, regardless of how one feels over fiscal responsibility and capital punishment.

2933 days ago


Yeah, he HAS to address the Jewish comments, there has been an uproar over this.


That goes for Mel, Paris, jason Priestly, Micheal J Fox, Frazier, TONS OF CELEBRITIES DRINK AND DRIVE...SENATORS TOO!

2933 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Ha! (#3)--You sound (and write) like a functional illiterate.

Mimi (#7)--You bring a lovely touch of sanity to these pages. I predict just how "sincere" this dirt bag is when, within the coming months, he goes DUI and kills an innocent person. Better he should kiss a tree.

2933 days ago


As someone who has counseled alcoholics and addicts for many years, I was very touched by Mr. Gibson's interview with Ms. Sawyer. Too many people are standing upon soap boxes when it comes to this issue. Should Mr. Gibson have drank and then drove? No, but 1 in 3 people who consume alcohol drink and drive. As the reader, Gail, mentioned above, the hardest part of being involved with an alcoholic is watching them overcome the difficulties of alcohol abuse. The comments he made are secondary. I've a patient who claims that he is Superman when he's drunk. There is no talking him out of it. When he is sober, he provides nursing care to the elderly. While he may be able to lift older persons in need, he, in no way, thinks he can leap a building in a single bound. Mr. Gibson shouldn't have said what he did, but he's more than made amends for his comments. The liberal media always goes for what makes better news and it's more newsworthy to broadcast that Mr. Gibson hates Jews than it is to say he has a drinking problem. What's sad is that too many news shows forget that support is what provides help to addicts. Celebrities like Whitney Houston, Mel Gibson and Robin Williams reach out for assistance and understanding. But, news shows just portray them as wealthy aristocrats above everyday laws. I have one client, a public relations consultant, who has gotten out of several DUIs merely by telling the police that he is on his way home. While he is well-known, he is no celebrity. He is just like everyone else, or at least 1 in 3.

2933 days ago


#6 Maybe his wife won't leave because Mel might kill her!
I have been sober for 9 years! When I was drinking I never went on a drunken rant about anybody! He feels sorry for himself!

2933 days ago


Most of you are sooooooooooo judgmental! Get off of your high horse! You all have made mistakes! Nobody is perfect and we all have weaknesses and faults..just because he is celebrity he has all of this publicity. I am so sure that if we put your lives on display we could find just as much irresponsibility and controversy! Get over are no better than Mel guys just want to put others down to make you feel better about yourself!

2933 days ago
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