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Pregnant Tori Confuses Curtains for an Outfit

10/12/2006 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tori Spelling is apparently trading her expensive couture for some interesting maternity garb.
The soon-to-be mother was seen cruising the streets of Hollywood with husband Dean McDermott on Wednesday, looking a little more pregnant than she should be -- thanks to a very loose fitting dress. Despite her unflattering outfit, the pigtailed princess of LA remained her usual spunky self as she waved and smiled at photogs.

With all the attractive maternity clothes available nowadays, we can't say this would be our number one choice.


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To RMarie: Californian folks dress odd? Are you serious? Have you ever been to California? I would never, ever go out in public wearing a paisley sack. Please limit your comments for those matters in which you're experienced. As for Tori's outfit, I can't believe someone made it, much less sold it.

2896 days ago


yes, RMarie, i do know what a real hillbilly looks like. she's from Louisiana, moved to LA, dresses like a slob or someone working the corner of hollywood and vine while pregnant and married this out of work back-up dancer that had his girlfriend pregnant w/their second child. maybe you've heard of her??? her first name is britney.

2895 days ago

yo momma    

that dress is as ugly as tori's nasty @ss horse face, so i'd say it suits her perfectly!!

2895 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Her mother looks like an over-the-hill tanktown hooker, and her father looked like a geek, as does her brother. You thought maybe this creature was going to be a beauty?

I happened to be dining in the same restaurant with her while visiting Hollywoo on business a few weeks back, and was amazed when, after she gnaswed on a large T-bone stake, she ran out into the back of the restaurant and buried the bone--whereupon she returned to her table and ordered a large bowl of Kibbles & Bits for dessert.

BTW, her waiter told my waiter that she has fleas.

And this is going to have a baby.

Let's hear it for selective breeding!!!

2894 days ago


1 u git mi name 2 this aint damn cute pic y evry white celeb gotta look lik a druggie when they preg damn yall never heard of the damn big girls clothin that sh*t be ^ there an no i aint big but ya need 2 find a new outfit

2889 days ago


well i hate this outfit, but seriously celebs are just people and everybody judges them so just give them a break!!!

2889 days ago


i think tori is just acting like a normal person. come on, haven't you worn a bad outfit once? tori is just a cute and kind person, and you all need to back off and get a life.

2889 days ago


oh yea i forgot to mention---
i agree with the person who said celebs are just normal people-_-;
sure they're normal people with lots and lots of money...but its not like they have superhuman senses and will never mess up ._>

oh and i forgot to mention that i dont relaly like tori spelling and i damn well hate britney spears a whatevber i'm saying isn't in defense of the fact that i'm some crazed fan, since the obvious is that the outfit is horrible.

2889 days ago


To RMarie;

Have you ever seen a West Virginian? I have come from a long line of hard-working, albeit downtrodden individuals, whom, while they may have had only a few outfits, were proud of themselves and the lives they were able to eke out for their children. And I must say that my mother, and thereby myself were certainly taught better manners (and an infinitely better vocabulary) than you.

Sincerely Yours

A Coalminer's Granddaughter

2889 days ago


Ahh...well to all of you, it doesnt matter whats on the outside, its the inside. But, no matter what yall are saying she is gonna do what she wants. Argue and debate all you want but your pitty comments do not do her a thing. You try being a celeb with people judging you all the time, when you are not up to your standards, and lets see how you deal with the stress. Get off her case, she is pregnant and may be a good mother. Dont judge people but the income they make or what they wear, who knows it may have already or become you in he future.
P.S. I am from Louisiana and yall do not kno a real hillbilly !?!

2889 days ago


also, why do you people think that she is so ugly?

2889 days ago


Did she get a Scarlett O'Hara moment and take the drapes off the windows to make a dress? I know she's having money trouble but good grief!

2889 days ago


Hey "someone"...try asking Dean McDermott's ex-wife and 7 year old son and 1 year old daughter. what they think of the ho bag. Are you sad 'cause no one likes your 90210 ass either?
She's NOT a "nice" person dummy

2888 days ago


She looks like a blonde Carnie Wilson...and that's not necessarily a compliment.

2888 days ago


I don't care what Tori is wearing or how big her ass gets from her pregnancy, she is and always will be the UGLIEST mo fo chick in Hollywood. Dang that chin just scrapes the pavement when she walks anyway. Double bagger this chick is. One.Butt.Ugly.Thinks.Shes.Attractive.Ho.Bag. Period.

2884 days ago
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