Tori's Pregnancy Cravings

10/5/2006 8:40 PM PDT

Tori's Pregnancy Cravings

Tori Spelling proudly showed off her baby bump for the first time as she stepped out in New York with husband Dean McDermott.

Having just announced her pregnancy this week, Tori Spelling was excited to finally talk about the baby in her belly and the cravings that come along with it at the Gen Art Party for Lipton Pyramid Teas.

"It's perfect timing to be at this event tonight ... Everyone's been drinking cocktails but I've been drinking iced tea," says Spelling, "I drink a lot of Arnold Palmers, which is lemonade and iced tea mixed." Spelling's husband apparently likes his with a kick though adding, "I drink them all with vodka."

While making her way down the red carpet, Spelling had an unfortunate run-in with some discarded gum landing on her dress. Luckily hubby Dean came to her rescue, getting on bended knee to fix the snafu and telling photogs, "It's spearmint."