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K-Fed Plays The Thug, Exquisitely

10/13/2006 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline made his long-awaited debut as an actor on Thursday night's "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," and if this is what he can do with a few scant minutes, imagine what he could do with an entire feature film.

K-Fed packed an entire season's worth of acting chops into his brief guest-starring appearance. There was raw sneer, for one, as he delivered the line "This little piggy went wee, wee, wee all the way home" with seething, Spacey-esque brilliance. He flexed his animal-impersonation skills with a highly convincing porcine impression equally compelling for its accuracy and its minimalism. And he even makes a clever, knowing, and sincerely-expressed encapsulation of his own existence with wife Britney Spears: "Free shower, free food, free sleep," he says, in a casual sing-song.

Even though, as he perceptively noted yesteday, the lines were "catered" to his thespian sensibilities, there's no doubt that K-Fed brought the wealth and weight of his own experience to this performance.


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Seriously, that guy wasn't acting, he really IS a lowlife loser. Wee wee wee.

2898 days ago


Goota say, Not Impressed. He was also in an earlier scene, by an investigation and one of the regulars on the show punched him in the gut. Still not impressed. The guy acts as well as he raps, sorry "raps".

2898 days ago


Eh I thought he played a thug brilliantly.

2898 days ago


Everyone has to be so critical of people all the time. Ok so it may look like he uses Britney to get somewhere, and yes she may be wasting her money on buying his fame. I thought the show last night was good, and he did the part well. Everyone has dreams in life this poor guy can't win for losing. Britney sees something in him and loves him. Good Job, Kevin!

2898 days ago


does anyone know if this is being rerun at all? i missed it last night...i understand his performance may not be worth my time, just interested to see a little of it.

2898 days ago


I saw it and I thought he did fine.

2898 days ago


My favorite part of k-fed's "performance" was when nick punched him in the stomach, that alone was worth him being a guest star

2898 days ago


I think Kfed is a better model than he is anything else. It doesn't hurt that the direction of the segement was good as well. I think he did okay, hell, he's better than a lot of "working" actors out there that I've seen.

2898 days ago


His acting is like his rapping, awful. If it wasn't for his wife's money and fame he would be a know body. The best part of the show was when he got punched. He started out as a want-a-be, he will always be a-want-a-be. If Brittany was smart she would give him the 10 million and tell him to hit the road. He doesn't even stay at home or help with the kids. Also whats this deal with him wanting her to fire all her male dancer. Must be there better looking then him.

2898 days ago


LMAO, TMZ!! Great review... uh.... right on target!! He did no acting at all, just stood there and said a few lines. Not believable at all.

2898 days ago


Can we say "type cast"?

2898 days ago


Geez, people. Give it a rest. He did fine! Granted, it wasn't a huge part...but I thought he did well. I get soooo tired of everyone dogging celebrities. Everyone acts as though they actually have any kind of right to post horrid comments about famous people. I tell you , I don't know how celebs deal with it. Bleh!

TMZ, you should take out the commenting abilities, because you know...who wants to hear all these bitter people hating on those who are more fortunate!

2898 days ago


If I was an actual actor trying to get work...I would be pissed that someone like Kfed comes in and takes their work. It is Bullsh*t that he gets jobs ONLY because he is married Britney Spears.

2898 days ago

lisa z    

Okay, he did alright, but they had to write the stuff for him so that he couldn't help but do okay, for them and their ratings. That's what they're suppose to do. Too bad they had to do it for a doucebag. He still sickens arrogant talentless (con)"man".

2898 days ago


i'm not a k-fed fan, but in fairness, i think he did pretty well at last night's CSI. susan, you can watch last night's episode at cbs' innertube for free. enjoy!

2898 days ago
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