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Vanessa: Deliriously In Love?

10/13/2006 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Back together in New York after jetting hither and thither for several weeks, just-in-bloom lovebirds Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo stepped out onto the town and slipped into ultra-hot celeb-boîte TenJune last night.

When they emerged a few hours later, Minillo appeared to need the steady hand of her beau Nick as they made their way back to their vehicular transport, as well as that of a friend. With a wide-eyed stare and an almost helpless grin, she gingerly found her pumpkin/SUV which took the MTV mistress home.

Could her somewhat delirious condition been brought on by a new love song that Nick, according to, sang to her at his concert earlier in the evening? Regardless of its cause, there's little doubt that Miss Minnillo went away purring blissfully into the night.


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she is NOBODY...NO talent, NOT so one would give a SH*T about her if she didn't date famous guys.

2929 days ago


At least she's prettier then Jessica [in my opinion...]

2929 days ago


Someone tell Vanessa no guy likes a clinger. You all know Nick is still dreaming about Jessica's tight p***y.

2929 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

she must have bad taste in music.

2929 days ago


I agree with Post #2--I think that Vanessa is MUCH prettier than Jessica. And, unlike Jessica, Vanessa actually acts like she ENJOYS being with her man!

2929 days ago


Yes, Jessica has gone completely downhill (in the looks department the last couple of months) But have you seen Vanessa on ET? Ewwww she is pretty ghetto in my opinion. To me it looks like she uses guys for the fame. I dont like her at all, I think Nick is hot and could do way better

2929 days ago

Charisma Rules    

Vanessa is not only a former Miss Teen USA but a bright, articulate person who seems to have really good values & is not a vapid shallow poster-girl-for-dumb-blonds. I hope she and Nick make each other extremely happy and stay together FOREVER!!!!!!

2929 days ago


i think they look good together and seem happy. he deseres someone (unlike jessica) who doesn't look miserable all the time. if they are crazy about each other then great.

2929 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

well well well,nick,another money maker,try to set it up like the last,girl jessica,remember you want half when you get a divorce,think big

2929 days ago


I so hope Nick and Vanessa read these comments; at the same time, not get discouraged by the bashers out there.
I wouldn't mock Jessica Simpson cuz obviously... hello?!? But hey... Nick and Vanessa really look cute together. They seem really happy in love together. As quiet and private they're keeping their lives as a couple, I think they look more genuine about each other than Nick and Jessica were in "The Newlyweds".
Super good luck to them... I hope they grow old together!
Sorry haters! =P

2929 days ago


He seems too white for her...I don't know, like someone said, she can be ghetto sometimes.

2929 days ago


You have no idea what you're talking about. And you shouldn't repeat the rants of idiots that have no clue. Do you know what ghetto means? I doubt it.

Her father Irish and Italian, and her mother, Helen Berecero, is a Polynesian. She comes from a military family and has live in California, Nevada, Florida, Germany, Japan, Charleston, South Carolina, and Turkey. So there goes the ghetto theory.

an area of a city lived in by a minority group, especially a run-down and densely populated area lived in by a group that experiences discrimination

2929 days ago


Hey Ratherthanthat...Uh no offense to your little ghetto azz friend but the bitch is GHETTO
she is UGLY

Even though yes, Jess isnt as pretty and stylish as she usedto be she is still 1000x's better than that nasty peice of italian, white, mexican, whatever you want to call her TRASH

2929 days ago


To Ratherthanthat--are you for real? how do you know so much stuff about people? I got tired just reading your post.

2929 days ago


i don't understand why there are so many of you on here being so rude to a woman that has done nothing in the media to deserve the sh*t ya'll are spewing out about her. i swear some people just come on here to be mean without merit!!!!

2929 days ago
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