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Birth Certificate for Anna Nicole's Baby

10/16/2006 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the birth certificate for Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, Anna Nicole Smith's newborn baby daughter.
Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern's birth certificate
The certificate confirms that Anna Nicole may have left the U.S. permanently for bluer waters, listing the Bahamas as her permanent residence.

More significantly, the document lists her lawyer, Howard K. Stern as the father. Stern, who appeared on "Larry King Live" and proclaimed that he was the father, is in a war of words with Larry Birkhead, Anna Nicole's former boyfriend who claims he's the daddy. Birkhead has filed legal papers in Los Angeles, asking a judge to order a paternity test.

Interestingly, Anna Nicole chose to give the baby Stern's last name and the name Marshall as her middle name after Anna's late husband, billionaire J. Howard Marshall.


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She didn't have to list anything under 'Father'...she could have put 'unknown'..that leaves it open so that if the real father is proven, through DNA testing ( if THAT will EVER happen!), he can't go for permanent custody of the child. It's been done, and it works!!!

2827 days ago


Really, Why is she fighting a paternity test? Is Howard Stern "TRULY" convinced he is the father? More importantly, is Anna Nicole really convinced? Or is it that Anna Nicole doesn't want to admit to her current boyfriend, who desperately wants to be the babies father, that he is not.

Whatever it is, Larry Birkhead should still have the right to see for himself whether HE is truly the babies father. And by Anna Nicole fighting him would tell me that she knew the truth all along....Larry IS the father.

I only hope that they will work this whole thing out.

2826 days ago


WHAT ABOUT THE BABY??You can feel sorry for her all you want, she grew up poor with nothing, but look at the opportunities and the money she has squandered. HK Stern is just a paid groupie...useless puppet. Her poor children--in life and death what a life!!! Any other person would have had Child Protective Services on their back,, you show up all around town wasted all of the time, what do you think would happen to your kids. Of Course she is fighting Larry, whether he is the father or not he is the only one fighting for that baby... What money do you really think he would get?? She isn't an heir to a great fortune, just has a drugged up mother getting and spending money anyway that she can...

2801 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Does anyone else notice that the birth certificate list 2 chidren living & 1 deceased? What the hell is this all about?

2865 days ago


Maybe she had a child die before Daniel...I've never heard of her having other children? Good eye #1.

2865 days ago


It states that the mother had 2 live births (including this one) and 1 living at date of this birth (doesn't state including this one). Doesn't state anything about one being deceased.

2865 days ago


Take the tests already and be done with it!!!! This is getting to be like a really bad soap opera.

2865 days ago


Under her occupation, it should list, GOLD DIGGING, CHILD MURDERING HUSSY!

2865 days ago

the wise old owl    

The certificate says the date of the birth, but not the date that the birth certificate was issued. Remember when Suri's birth certificate was dated it was a month AFTER the actual birth occured. Anna's son was dead when that birth certificate was issed. This is such a sad senario. Anna and Howard know the dirty little secret of the catalyst that caused Daniel's death. They both are indirectly responsible and that's a burdon they will have to bear for the rest of their lives. Even Anna's Mother thnks Howard played a part in her grandson's death.

Anna had to put somebody's name on that birth certificate and she did not want ot put the real father's name : Larry Birkhead. He wants her off drugs and wants to be a part of his baby's life. He wants her to be well, and a fit parent .

Anna needs and wants her drugs. She isn't compromising her life style for her baby or the father. Howard on the other hand, does encourage Anna's drug use. He engages in it with her. THey are both a couple of degenerates. Look at the extreme lenghts they resorted to , to get away from the U.S.and hide their indiscretions. She is not being forth right or truthful and it is very obvious by her actions she has something hide. I hope that the judge rules for a mandatory paternity test and it finds that Birkhead is indeed the father. Danilynn doesn't stand a chance for normalcy with those 2 as parents. It's a shame they can't be touched over there in that DRUG COMPOUND they are holed up in. Sooner or later they will have to come out. She craves the money and the limelight too much, to stay hidden away forever. I hope someone saves that little girl.

2865 days ago


The Middle name is Hope Marshall, as in, hoping to get Marshall's money.

2865 days ago


"Marshall" is NOT her middle name. It is her other last name, after her late husband. I think that is really sweet of Anna Nicole to do that.

Anna Nicole has really been through a lot of tragic crap and I really feel for her. I wish her, little Danilynn, and Howard all the best in the world. And of course, may Daniel be at peace.

2865 days ago


The baby's middle name isn't "Marshall." Anna Nicole's legal name is Vickie Lynn Marshall or perhaps Vickie Lynn Hogan Marshall. She still has her married name, so the child's name is hyphentated (sans hyphen) with her legal last name and Howard's last name. It just happens that her "stage name" is Anna Nicole Smith, and it bears her ex-husband's last name. Not all celebrities legally change their name to their stage names (like Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie).

Also, the birth certificate is stating how many live births Anna Nicole has had. That is all.

2865 days ago


Just a clarification....the certificate says how many children were born alive to this mother including this one. That is why she answered "2." Then it asks how many children living at date of this birth. She answered "1." She technically should have answered 2 because her son was still alive at the time of the daughter's birth. Seems that she was saying that only this child was still alive at the time of the completion of the birth certificate.

2865 days ago

My two cents    

I actually think it is pretty much, "inappropriate" for her to give that child the Marshall family name, whether it be a middle or "hyphen" last name.

2865 days ago


I agree

2865 days ago
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