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Lindsay: You Got Served

10/16/2006 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was slapped with a huge surprise while attending the Annual American Cinematheque Award honoring George Clooney Friday -- a subpoena! And to make matters worse, it all went down on the red carpet.

It all started after the actress was approached by a woman who Lindsay assumed was an autograph seeker on her way out of the event. Lindsay said to the woman "You're my first autograph!" to which the woman promptly answered "You've been served." According to witnesses, Lindsay then dropped the paperwork and chased after the process server. No word on whether she caught up to the process server.

The lawsuit involves Dina Lohan (Lindsay's mother) who is being sued for fraud, theft, and violation of contract. The suit, filed in Las Vegas, claims Mama Lohan signed a contract with Antonio Almeida and Mitchell Chait authorizing them to manage Lindsay's music career and record her album. The suit then claims Dina dumped the two managers and signed her daughter with Tommy Mottola's Casablanca Records, who in turn produced Lindsay's two albums. The suit seeks tens of thousands of dollars for cash the producers say they loaned to the Lohans.

TMZ spoke with Charles Coate, attorney for Almeida and Chait. He told us "[Lindsay] was in fact served in connection to the Vegas complaint. Also, Miss Lohan is only a witness, not a party in the case, and the allegations in the complaint speak for themselves."

A rep for Lindsay could not be reached at press time.


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Server Joe    

As a process server myself, who routinely knocks on doors in the evening to serve people in dangerous neighborhoods, for a whopping salary of $30,000 a year (pays my rent and college tuition) I find this story hilarious- especially that Lohan chased after the process server. If I had been that server I would've gladly let her attack me and leave claw marks all over my body, in front of cameras, and I could retire forever!!!

2891 days ago

Server Joe    

And for anyone who thinks the legal firm was intentionally trying to humiliate Lohan, the situation that she was put in is often the only way to serve a rich person or celebrity. Many live in gated communities that won't let process servers in. The first attempts are always at a person's home, but obviously money isn't going to be wasted to go to their home 30 days in a row, with the same failed results.

Furthermore, a process server is no different than a mail carrier. Would you attack the mail carrier because they delivered you a letter from a collection agency, or from a lawyer threatening a lawsuit? I think not. One of the main gripes our "customers" have is that we show up at their homes, but I tend to think they'd prefer that over being served at work in front of all their co-workers, which is usually the next step, as in Lohan's case.

Certainly some of the legal action is frivolous, bogus, or in error, like anything else, but we're just the courier...and hiding from us or taking out your anger on us won't make the legal action go away. The only way to do that is to deal with it head on. If legal action is being taken against you, you better deal with it immediately, and either get a lawyer or defend yourself. The last person you have to worry about is the process server, who serves thousands of people a year, and has no more personal interest in you than the pizza driver does.

2891 days ago

Erica Frantz    

One of those moments you feel sorry for La Lohan. She really never had a prayer with those two parents. Lil sis is soon to be the next "out of control teen" cover story.

2927 days ago



2927 days ago


at times i'll admit i feel a lil bit sorry too for LL. how sad she ended up w/those people as so called "parents". she'd do best to cut her losses of them. she's old enough now.

2927 days ago


this is old new a fews day ago see it at buzz foto i surprise they just show up here
and this happen when she's leaving not arriving and i see a pic she caught up to the process server. the woman that give lindsay ipaper look stupid when Lind first refused it

by the way this news not your own source so please keep it accurate
I used to think this site is better but Tmz is change to stupid gossip site and made up false story lately .

these 2 producer They want her money they make themselves stupid

2927 days ago

Save the drama for your ma...uh never mind.

2927 days ago


Oh no... Her parents suck!

2927 days ago


TMZ didn't give credit to BuzzPhoto for this story!! shame shame

2927 days ago


Do you people here really care who got the story? Geez.

2927 days ago


So things are catching up to the flaming coke whore- its about time...

2927 days ago


DUH, they did give credit to BuzzPhoto. Look under the picture of Lindsay.

2927 days ago


She has to either decide if she wants to risk purjery to protect her mother or tell the truth and have her mother lose. One thing is for sure, the lawyers who are suing them sure do mean business.

I just think the album was mediocre, at best and she never should have recorded it in the 1st place.

2927 days ago


the whole lot of em are pURE WHITE TRASH

2927 days ago


Even after all her parents through, she turned out a hell of a lot better than Paris, as far as her moral composition and character goes.

Stay strong

2927 days ago
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