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Alison Clinton: I'm Not the Other Woman

10/17/2006 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alison Clinton: Click to watchShe's the woman named in Sara Evans' explosive divorce papers but Alison Clinton is fighting back claims she committed adultery with the country singer's husband.

"It's just devastating. It absolutely feels like a death, there's just no explanation for it," Clinton tells "EXTRA," "it just kills me inside ... I cry myself to sleep every night."

Clinton was a former nanny for the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, who is set to announce her resignation from the show this evening, and claims her reason for leaving the job was not due to any affair with Craig Schelske but to an eating disorder. Clinton adds Evans was even the matron of honor at her recent wedding.

Obviously unhappy with the allegations, Clinton is threatening to sue Evans if she doesn't remove her name in the divorce papers and adds she'd even submit to a lie detector test if necessary.

The full interview with Clinton airs tonight on "EXTRA."


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2927 days ago


To #3 Racer who said "Chicks with eating disorders are usually freaks in the sack."
You are a pathetic moron !! You sound like a ignorant little pimple faced teenage punk. One thing is for sure... A woman would have to be totally VOID of any self asteem to ever sleep with an ignorant, greasy,disgusting puddle of slime such as YOU !! Get a life and please stay off of that public library PC from now on & get on back to your room at the halfway house before they discover that you are missing !! It wouldn't surprise me if you are on the national sex offenders list .

2927 days ago


actually there are 3 sides to every story his side her side and the truth besides what is it with these so called famous people that they would want to discuss things that are so personal in public. and besides why do we care when there are much bigger issues to deal with like the state of our country and the problems of the real people, you know the so called little men and women who work like dogs just to survive. so called famous people haven't a clue

2927 days ago


That is not true about there being 2 sides to every story. There are 3- his, hers and the truth.

2927 days ago


I think the nanny is telling the truth.She offered to take a lie detector test.Sara Evans is exploiting this for all it is worth.Also she is going on the road with her dance partner.I think she should go on springer.Her kids have a future in rehab now.She has mental issues.Sara is the definition of white trash with money!

2927 days ago


I think Craig is a true ass cheating on Sarah as sexy and scrumptious as she is. I watched the show only to see her. So Sarah if you're reading this and you desire a man to be dedicated to you and make you feel whole and that you're his everything just email me back.

2927 days ago


i love sara, and if she has proof then i believe she is doing the right thing. and she said herself she dont believe in divorce. which is something she wouldnt do unless nescessary. and her oldest child, avery is tramatized so she has to keep and eye on him to make sure he is doing fine. i hope everything turns out for sara.

2927 days ago


To Kit #40
I have also gone through a divorce and have 4 children. I agree with most of what you say, however, IF this man exposed his children in any way to sexual explicit material, that changes everything. Adultery is one thing but a good decent father does not jeopardize the well being of his children that way. I would be unable to let by gones be by gones in that situation. A man like that would NOT be good for my children.

2927 days ago

Patricia Colleton    

Why don't everyone leave Sara Evans alone. It is her divorce not anyone else's. I saw her interview and she looked very concern about her children. If her husband has done what he is accused of, I wouldn't want my children with him either. Free ride is over. Also, I don't believe a word the nanny said.

2927 days ago

Marty Columbus OHIO    


I'll take Sara's soon to be Ex...Come to me Craig..we can have 3somes whenever you want!

Sara needs to learn how to keep a man!!

2927 days ago


EXACTLY Donna!!!!! Isn't this what ALL stars do before an upcoming tour or the release of a new CD???? CRIPES PEOPLE GET A CLUE. Sarah, shut your trap, there's a hell of a lot more woman out there that have been hurt WAY worse than you claim to have been. SH*T. You make me sick and I wil not listen to your music anymore. Using your children like this is beyond rediculous. You're reaching and I think you're LYING.

2927 days ago

Marty Columbus OHIO    



2927 days ago


I have never felt the need to comment before today. Sara Evans is a class act. Why do you people feel the need to make yourself look so stupid in a public arena? If you don't care, don't read it and certainly stop commenting. I hope and pray that Sara and her children will find peace. It took a lot of guts to do what she did. Sara, stay strong!

2927 days ago


what is it with the name clinton and affair?oh ya and denying things.i did not have a sexual relationship with that

2927 days ago


Blow me if you can't take a joke you puss-filled, 300 lb bloated windbag...
Stay the fvck off your pimps computer and get back to the $10 tricks!

2927 days ago
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