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Madonna's Baby Delivered to UK

10/17/2006 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madge's newly adopted one-year-old son was surrounded by photogs hoping for a glimpse of the boy after his plane landed at Heathrow Airport.

The baby, David Banda, was covered with a gray sweatshirt while being carried by a female assistant, possibly the child's nanny. He received star treatment and was escorted from the terminal to a silver Mercedes by three armed guards.

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie were nowhere in sight though Madge's publicist Liz Rosenberg insists the family will be reunited "in the next few days."

The couple has been granted temporary custody of the Malawian child for 18 months. While the law of Malawi requires the would-be parents to live in the African country for a year under the investigation of welfare officers before adoption, Rosenberg claims the couple "will be evaluated by the courts of Malawi per the tribal customs of the country," albeit in England.

UPDATE: Madonna has issued a statement saying she and husband Guy Ritchie "began the adoption process many months prior to our trip to Malawi" and that reports alleging the couple did not follow proper procedure are "inaccurate." Click here to read her complete statement.


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jay center    


Just days after your comment as Madonna being the loser of the week as per the media frenzy created for no reason, now we see that she is united with the baby in London!

So actually that looks like a winning outcome!!!!!!!!!

God bless Madonna and Guy Ritchie for their noble act and reaching out to the needy. This is not the first time Madonna is donating her fortune and time and effort to make this world a better place.

You go Madonna! You are a role model to millions.
And this is why you are the biggest name on this planet.
People will always be jealous..
As you always do: ignoring is the best action!

2926 days ago

Erica Frantz    

That kid's life is forever changed. David, this is a camera, you will be seeing these often.

2926 days ago


Newly adopted? I thought adoptees have to go through a lengthy background check, must meet age requirements (she is almost 50), must be orphans and must comply with the adoption laws of the country the child is being adopted from. As far as I can see none of these criteria have been met. This child would have been much better off being raised by his family in Africa (Madonna could have supported the family to assure the little boy would be well taken care of). This child has a father and other relatives who are devastated by this latest publicity stunt by an ego-centric super star. Madonna may have millions to buy whatever she wishes..but more is not always best.

2926 days ago

Stacey I the only person who thinks that when you adopt a child you should, I dunno, WELCOME IT HOME YOURSELF? Oh, even better, HAVE TRAVELED HOME WITH IT? You know, instead of having it's nanny come and get it.
Oh yeah, I am not rich, famous or adopting a child for publicity. My mistake.

On the plus side, at least the child will have the chance at a better life. That's something, I suppose. (I have a suspicion that the nanny will be raising him more than Madonna.)

2926 days ago


was that fedex or ups? wonder if it was cod.
think i'll order me one of them orphans off ebay.

2926 days ago


#4 Stacey, you are right. Why didn't madonna pick up the baby herself. What, go get the baby and bring it here. And who's going to raise the baby. Madonna. Raise it like he's her own. I don't think so! Well at least he'll be living in Hollywood huh!

2926 days ago


and David's father is left behind. He is under the impression that he will remain in contact with his son and that M will travel back with David to Malawi. My heart goes out to David's father. The child's mother died and David simply could NOT AFFORD to keep him. He travelled to the orphanage to maintain ties with the child - sometimes biking 25 miles. Madonna knew this and yet she took the child. I could never have done that. It would break my heart, especially if I were a millionare and could improve David's life and the life of his father with a donation. I don't care if you all are fans of Madonna. This will bring her bad karma indeed.

2926 days ago


Everyone should be happy that Madonna adopted this poor child that was STUCK in an orphanage. For the people who are worried about the way it was done, doesn't it mean something to you that this poor child will now have a home? This means this child will NOT have to sit in a crib with no attention on a daily basis. This child will NOW get the best medical care. Will have the best education. He won't be developmentally deprived any longer. And MOST of all, he will be loved. Now who can really argue against all that ?!?

2926 days ago


That's probably his Nanny and he will be spending more time with her then Madonna anyway. At least Angelina brought her own adopties home.

Starving and dying of AIDS or Madonna as your mother. Kind of a toss up isn't it?

2926 days ago


Madonna should have been more sympathetic to the child's father . After all, Madonna's own mother died when she was 5 or 6 and her father struggled to raise her and her brothers and sisters. Surely she can relate to how David's father must be feeling now. If she had one ounce of compassion she would have helped the boy's father which in turn would have allowed him to keep his son. This is just too sad and shows what a selfish person she really is.

2926 days ago


I hope Madonna leaves David's dad well off back there after she took his son. Whether he allowed it or not. She should take care of him and his family and make sure David returns back to see his family. Good for David but why didn't she pick a child that doesn't have a family.

2926 days ago



2926 days ago


Unlike Angelina Jolie, who appears to genuinely care about poverty in Africa, DaSceptic thinks that the child Madonna has 'adopted' is just a prop in the publicity campaign for her new childrens book.

It is true that this childs future will be substantially better than whould have otherwise been the case, but Madonna could have improved the lives of many more children if she had helped to find a clinic in the area, or improved the quality of the drinking water, or done any one of many more things than adopting a child (who is not an orphan). She could have even made a donation to some sort of charity that would have allowed this childs father to take of him.

2926 days ago


#8: I'm not "happy" about a celebrity using the adoping of a poor kid as a means of favorable publicity.

While the action itself is noble, I can say that I'm a bit tired of these has-been and never-were Hollywood "celebrities" who feel they have to follow in the footsteps of Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie (more self-serving folks) and surround themselves with a bunch of poor black kids from Africa.

If these celebrities were truly interested in making a difference, they wouldn't draw so much attention to what they were doing and, most importantly, they would follow the laws of adoption and not just cough up $3 million to various charities to buy yourself a kid who still has a father.

And now the public will be force-fed more images of these celebrities' trips to Africa because they're just oh so concerned about making a difference.

Yeah, they're interested in making a difference so long as they're surrounded by yes people and an army of bodyguards.

This isn't about publicity. These people are truly poor and have to continue living in abject poverty, along with cruel, vicious dictatorships gladly pocketing the aid that's supposed to go to them long after the cameras are gone.

2926 days ago


Ok, I've read the messages about how great Davids life is going to be now, that he will grow up in wealth and oppulance.

However, there is MORE to raising a child, then giving it all the material items in the world.

Who will be raising this child while Madonna is off touring, and Guy is off making movies, for weeks at a time? The various Nanny's.

What about all those other orphans that STILL are living in that weren't fortunate enough to be picked out of the litter, by Madonna? Is she going to help support this orphanage? Did she make a contribution to the orphanage, or did she pay the local government for a speedy "adoption"??

This boy was NOT an orphan. He has a father and a grandmother who is still living. Why, it would of been better, if Madonna "adopted" this whole family, brought them back together and gave them her support, or moved them to England, to start a better life...........instead she plucks a son from his father, a grandson from his grandmother..and they father THINKS madonna is going to give him time to spend with his child? He has another think coming. The only time he will "see" his son, is in pictures of magazines, that IS if he would even be able to receive them.

2926 days ago
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