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Celebs Who Claim They're Green but Guzzle Gas

10/18/2006 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hybrid cars are all the rage in Hollywood. Celebrities drive them like they're a badge of honor. You save a few gallons of gas, you save the planet. Right? Well, not when you hop on a private jet and burn enough fuel to propel NASCAR through 2050.

Of course, the stars need to go here and there. The location shoots, the fabulous vacations, etc. But that's why God created United Airlines. G-IV's, on the other hand, were created in the image of precious celebs.

Julia Roberts

On the ground: Roberts drives a Prius, which gets (at best) 60 miles to the gallon, shaving 30 miles off a normal car's mpg.
In the air: Chicago/LA, 1,749 miles in a private jet, the route she took with Rupert Everett while shooting "My Best Friend's Wedding."
Gas guzzled: 2,100 gallons of jet fuel.
Prius Penance: Julia would have to drive 30,000 miles, or roughly once around the earth and then some to even out her consumption in the air.
So Julia says: No word yet from Julia's rep.

Jennifer Lopez

On the ground:
J-Lo tools around in her 60 miles-per-gallon Prius.
In the air: LA /New York, 2,475 miles in a private jet. Lopez was actually sued by a private jet company for allegedly skipping out on the bill, though she says it's all a misunderstanding and she was not supposed to be billed.
Gas guzzled: 2,750 gallons of jet fuel.
Prius penance:
She'd have to drive 45,000 miles, and that's a lot longer for Jenny than just going down the block. It's actually more like twice around the earth.
So Jennifer says: There was no comment from Lopez's rep.

George Clooney

On the ground: George favors a Tango, an electric car that gets a whopping 135 miles to the charge.
In the air: Los Angeles/Tokyo, 5500 miles in a private jet.
Gas guzzled:
7,000 gallons of jet fuel.
Electric shocker: Even with his super-saver Tango, he'll have to drive over 57 oceans -- Pacific Oceans to break even.
So George says: Clooney's rep, publicist Stan Rosenfield, tells TMZ, "You clearly have no understanding of certain people's need for private transport," and points out that Clooney often has "no control" over his travel schedule.

Brad Pitt gets off his private jetBrad Pitt

On the ground:
Eco-champ Brad is yet another Prius-lover, and he reportedly has several hybrids in his stable.
In the air: Los Angeles/Namibia, 9,400 miles in a private jet.
Gas guzzled:
11,000 gallons of jet fuel.
Prius penance: Brad burned enough fuel to take a Prius to the moon.
So Brad says: Pitt didn't have any comment. His rep tells TMZ that Pitt is out of the country.

Leo fueling his PriusAnd the true-blue Green Award goes to ... Leo DiCaprio.

On the ground: Leo drives a Toyota Prius
In the air: Leo flies just like us folk -- commercial, unless he positively must fly private because of scheduling.
Prius penance: None.


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Keith in SLC    

You missed the point -- the only "Green Awareness" that these critters are truly into is the kind of green with Presidents' pictures on it.

But now, dammit, you've given me another reason to stop loathing DiCaprio (the Hughes movie was the first)! One more Good Thing the guy does and I may even be able to forget about that boat movie . . !

2917 days ago


All of you are soooo hard on the hollywood types, when they account for barely a fraction of what American politicians and the real super elite business tycoons consume. Hollywood is just higher profile, less entrenched, and therefore an easier target. Take a loot at what our own leaders are doing, and you will be really disgusted. After all, all the 'hollywood elites' combined together in this article probably can't even hope to compare what the Bush family conusmes or other truly super-rich and super-eilte.

Actors that are citizens are entilted to their opinions. All of you love to hate them, but would love to BE them too. They are certainly flawed, just like every other human, but maybe a picture of one of them driving a Prius may inspire others to do the same.

Those of you that attack people like Gore or these actors simply just show how ignorant you are. Maybe if God told you about global warming in another fairy tale at church you would think otherwise, but again it proves you are merely sheep.

I guess that is what to be expected in this 'Faith versus FACT' society we live in today.

2917 days ago


Before castigating TMZ remember this, these are people that want to be known as saving the environment before they fly private jets. If I want to fly around the world for kicks, who cares? I'm not making news about my aversion to fossil fuels first.

2917 days ago

jack Quillin    

Give me a break, y a'll would fly a private jet if you could afford it...lets be honest.
I think it's important that celeb's try to portray themselves as PC in their life styles to influence whats best for everyone elese on the planet. At least they care.

2917 days ago


I've never been called "green" and although I do try to be "environmentally concious" in some areas I still drive a large SUV, but hey, I'm not the one trying to put other people down for what they are doing to the environment. We all need to what we can, but please stop the preaching!

2917 days ago


Mohammed: Two words for you, my man: “Caps Lock”…dig it!

I can’t believe how many celebrity jock-sniffers here are willing to give these hypocrites a pass. There’s something awfully condescending about someone who lectures the world on how to live, and then wantonly violates their own admonitions. At least Leo Di-Crapio has some purity.

2917 days ago


But, but, but.. these people are better than everyone else. We have no right to question their infinite wisdom.....

Translation for the humor impaired:
The're a bunch of hypocrites but what else do you expect from the media elitists?

2917 days ago


Awww....did da poor liberals have their heroes impugned? Hypocrisy at it's most self evident yet they still can't see it. Is 21st century liberalism really going to be a bunch of blind people bumping into each other yet patting themselves on the back at the same time? What this article didn't even cover is the number of miles these celebs ACTUALLY drive in their Prius's. I am willing to bet they get chauffeured around just as much to the studio, to dinner, to events. They just take the Prius out once in a while to get cigarettes or wine. :D

2917 days ago

Paul Hanson    

Liberal hypocrisy at its best. We just don't understand George Clooney's need for private transportation but somehow he thinks he can dictate to the rest of us what our transportation needs are.

2917 days ago

Dave F    

People, the traveling around the globe is not the problem. It's the redundancy and inefficiency of the private travel. Anytime they are flying privately, they are foregoing commercial flights that are undoubtedly flying a similar route at a similar time. It's hypocrisy, but who really thinks any of this makes a difference. What, is the average temperature of the earth going to go up another .5 degrees over the next century? Agenda, agenda, agenda.

2917 days ago


LOOK, all this piece is saying is that these celebs could be considered hypacrits.

They can clearly chose to save a significant amount more by flying commercial rather than private. If they drove the worst gas guzzling vehicles but traveled commercial they would be much further ahead, but their image would not be the same.

For Hollywood its all about image, except for Leo.

All of you defending them... wake-up. Oh,and attacking the writers of the article as a defense does little in defending the celebs choice to claim green but fly private.

2917 days ago

Brian Steel    

You have got to be kidding!! Two faced no loads think they are above the rest of us... who do you think helps the demand side of supply/demand based economics? Stop going to their lame movies, stop watching their lame TV shows!

2917 days ago

Ralph Barnes    

OK, let me get this straight: These 'stars' are telling me I shouldn't drive
the car I legally am allowed to drive while they're bopping around
Africa or some such place having babies and 'saving the world',
eating up God knows how much fuel, when there are children here who
need to be adopted and the greatest hospitals in the world here
for delivering babies. They pull these silly stunts and ask why they
don't have any privacy. I guarantee you, they're eating it up, along
with a ton of fuel. I don't buy these phonies for a miniute.

2917 days ago

mark overbee    

Bottom line here is that the math is just plain wrong. If a car gets 60mpg and uses 2100 gals it will go 126,000 miles, if it uses 11,000 gals it will go 660,000 miles. These people are for the most part uneducated morons and think they are supior to the rest of us. Let's face it, these celb's live lives of lies and those that support them lack the self esteem to see that these low lifes aren't better than them and don't deserve the respect or support given to them.

2917 days ago

David F. bowen    

THE point is they talk green but act otherwise because they THINK they can get away with it.

I could care less if they all drove poorly tuned Hummers on four flat tires. So long as they don't lecture the rest of us on how to live green.

2917 days ago
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