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"Dancing's" Evans: "I'm In Shock"

10/18/2006 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Country star Sara Evans explained her departure from the "Dancing With The Stars" on last night's show, and said that ever since she learned of salacious allegations against her husband last week that prompted her to file for divorce, "I've just been in shock."

Evans, 35, told "Dancing" co-host Tom Bergeron that she found out about her husband Craig Schelske's alleged behavior -- including adultery and habitual pornography consumption -- just hours before performing on the October 11 show. (Schelske has denied all the allegations.) Evans added that she simply couldn't continue on the hit show, because she wanted to be with her children, which would prove difficult given the show's schedule.

Schelske, 43, in a statement issued yesterday, said, "I cannot explain why Sara is waging a false media campaign, but I intend to defend myself in court and protect my children as best I can." The couple have been married 13 years and have three children.


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Well, congrats Sara, I think you've achieved the amount of exposure you needed to sell your upcoming concert tickets. Now can you shut up?

2892 days ago


I can understand her wanting to be near family, her kids ,etc-but she still appeared on the show last night. Just stay away if that's why you left the show. Seems a little strange. Money makes people talk I guess

2892 days ago

someones wife    


2892 days ago


Sara is a very talented singer/song writer. She does not need exposure to sell tickets.

2892 days ago


Grace: If she isn't exposing her personal life to everyone on national TV, what do you call it? And, right before a tour.

2892 days ago


I believe she went on the show to say why she is living because most of her fans are christians and she probably felt the need to explain why she would get a divorce in the first place.

I don't see how this guy can argue with her since they have pictures of him in delicate situations. He sounds like someone with a severe mental disorder to me. I just hope she gets sole custody of the kids if he is that sex crazed!

2892 days ago


Bambi are you really as dumb as your name? Sheesh. This has nothing to do with being a Christian.

2892 days ago


what would you know about christians. You obviously hate this woman for no reason. You don't even know her.

2892 days ago


I commend Sara Evans for leaving Dancing With the Stars. Having a divorce over your head is just too much against the joyful excitement of that audience. She would have had cameras left and right boasting 600 questions to her about it. And I can't believe that her husband would be watching so much pornography media in their family home even with their kids there--sounds so offensive. Husband Craig Sckelske's comments come off as outlandish, knowing that he committed much of the mess. And to comment No. 2, she appeared on the show because there would have been people saying "Where's Sara?" or Why isn't she dancing? or Is she sick or something? if she didn't. I don't think she's doing it for money, she's doing it to take control of her life and her kids' well-being.

2892 days ago


Bambi, your remark doesn't even deserve a response.

2892 days ago


Thank goodness for that "no fan of yours"! I don't really need your comment.

I agree with you Preston. Of course she would explain why she can't continue the show. It's just common sense- something a lot of people lack obviously. I think Sara is beautiful, talented and cares about her kids. Some people just want to see others suffer.

2892 days ago


Let's see. IF the allegations are true: 1) he wouldn't/didn't work because he was a
'house-husband,' even though there was a nanny to take care of the kids, and who, BTW 2) he was reportedly committing adultery with, while also 3) regularly viewing porn when the kids were around, as well as 4) being abusive to their mother, who 5) again, was the breadwinner in the family while he stayed home 'doing his deal.' And WHY would Sara want to stay in this?

2892 days ago


I am a fan of Sara's music,I think she's a talented lady..I don't understand the need for her to expose all her personal problems to the public though.She says she is "completely" against divorce, so take the time off to mend your family, and your marriage.She says she is concerend for all involved, including her husband and his work on FIXING the takes 2 to "TANGO"! Since she quit Dancing With The Stars (and I'm sorry, but stick to singing Sara!), does this mean she is going to cancel her tour also??? Only makes sense to me!

2892 days ago

Mary Chavez    

We as woman should support another woman who is being abused. I think that Sara made the right decision for herself under these circumstances. Give her a break she has enought to deal with.

2892 days ago


For all of those making silly comments, unless you have lived through an abusive marriage or encountered divorce, you are simply NOT qualified to make a statement. Walk in her shoes. I went through the Divorce from Hell aka DFH and I was married to a wonderful man (I thought). Its upsetting, shocking, and you feel like you have physically been punched in the stomach. You are in shock, and you are trying to just get up and get through the day. Its difficult. I can fully understand her leaving the show, and trying to take care of the children, and still breath, and survive each day. Don't be so harsh. It can happen to any of us. I too thought my husband was perfect, and loved me unconditionally. Anything is possible. I wish Sarah the best. She has a rough road ahead of her.

2892 days ago
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