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Keith Urban Enters Rehab

10/20/2006 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It appeared his life was picture perfect, but now Keith Urban says he's been battling alcohol abuse and has entered a treatment rehabilitation center.

According to a statement issued by Urban's publicist, the country singer checked himself in last night with Nicole Kidman, his wife of four months, by his side.

Urban says, "I deeply regret the hurt this has caused Nicole and the ones that love and support me." He adds, "One can never let one's guard down on recovery and I'm afraid that I have."

Urban's statement ends with this message: "With the strength and unwavering support I am blessed to have from my wife, family and friends, I am determined and resolved to a positive outcome."

This is not Urban's first stint in rehab. The singer sought help in late 1998 for drug and alcohol abuse. Urban, who has admitted to free basing cocaine, once told USA Weekend Magazine "I had this house in Nashville where I used to do drugs. ... I remember one night crawling around on my hands and knees, looking for these little rocks at five in the morning."

All immediate appearances by Urban have been postponed.


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ONCE A DRUG ADDICT...ALWAYS A DRUG ADDICT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE GUY''S A BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2887 days ago

younger but more intelligent than YOU    

its funny how people can look at big country star keith urban and wish him well and support him and give a big hoo ha. but yet if it was your fav. black actor or singer or whatever the case is, you would say "it doesnt suprise me" or "theyll always be on drugs" its funny how as soon as a black person gets caught doin drugs or having an addiction esp. to cocaine, they are called a crackhead or feind. well ill say this KEITH URBAN IS A CRACKHEAD

2887 days ago


May I ask a question?? Where the hell was Nicoole while he was falling off the wagon?
She married him knowing he has a problem...Correct?
Any moron knows a person with any addiction can not be left alone for long periods of time---only a few weeks inot this marriage she was off jet setting.Where was Keith????? Who knows-not with her....
People are saying--POOR NICOLE.......OMG.Poor-I think Not!!
She wanted to be a power couple..........Then act like one.
Y'all are right about her kids.......In a few years everyone will be saying-Oh those poor kids.How did that happen to them as they are goinginto rehab...
Nicole--wake up and make up your mind-do you want a marriage/family..or seeing your ugly naked self on the big screen? Hell she has enoough money to retire and concentrate on him.........I know I would!lol

2887 days ago


You know he has everything, yes he has worked for it but he is paid very well. But it is never enough for these singers. They have no idea what they are doing and do not even care. Always above everyone else. You sure do not see them getting arrested for admitting to doing drugs, but let us admit to this and the police would be on my door step. I like his music but I truly hate that he is NO example at all for this generation. Glad my son is grown. Christie

2887 days ago

Bo nnie    

God bless Keith and Nicole. I have a family member who has battled addictions and I know how powerful the disease can be.
I also know the rewards of watching a loved one win the battle - one day at a time.

2887 days ago


Nicole has been partying her brains out with him!!! he didn`t just fall ,she was getting wooed at the same time; and they talk about Hollywood? maybe he`ll get asked to be on the "View".

2887 days ago


I know what Keith is going through i'm battling to stay sober every day. God Bless Nicole for standing by him.

staying sober 1 day at a time

2887 days ago

Sue White    

I am an Urban fan. I love his music and hope Keith is successful in rehab. I am also old enough to be his grandmother. Keith will get no more money from me. I will not support his bad habits. It's "tuff love" from this grandmother. Best on you ,Nana

2887 days ago


I'm just saying, I have notices a few of your comments and I gather that you were born as ass without a heart right? Well, get a grip and grow up! I can see that it is you that doesn't give a sh*t about anyone! Try to start caring about others. It has to start with someone. As far as Keith is concerned he has a illness. My mother was a VERY bad alcholic and as much as I hated that time in my life I learned that you HAVE to hit bottom to make changes. I hope for his sake that he can beat it. May GOD bless you #15 I'm just saying.

2887 days ago

just keeping it real    

#63 who made your sorry ASS the BOSS of this website? I DON"t CARE about these WACKOS including YOU...............................

2887 days ago


I love Keith Urban and his music. I wish him the best. You, who put him down are just jealous. At least he's man enough to admit his problem and to get help. That life is not easy. Us normal people have no idea. I hope he wins this addiction and gets on with making the great music that I and a lot of people love.

2887 days ago


Too all those Mels,Courtneys,Keiths,etc.there are two medications called neltroxone and campral that do work and you don't have to do all the AA bullsh*t.They are not addicting and work on your brain chemistry.If more people knew about this all those high priced rehabs would go under and your pain and suffering would be gone.I know because they are the ONLY thing that have worked for me.

2887 days ago


I feel sorry for Keith but I can't say the same for Nicole: she 's a good actress but I dislike her as a person. She used Tom for her carrer and his money. Tom divorced Nicole and I believe he had his own reasons! She claims to be a good and devoted mother but as far as I remember she's living in Tennesse(her kids are living in L.A. with their daddy). Urban 's just unhappy with his ice-wife: just my opinion...God bless K.U.: there are a lot of beautiful sweet women in this world!

2887 days ago


#56 u talkin to me??
i have been through more crap in my life then you will ever know. grow up a**hole.
as least some people have feelings & YES i do like KEITH.

2887 days ago


#56 you have know feelings. ru just wanting to pick on someone???
& yes I do like Keith

2887 days ago
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