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Keith Urban Enters Rehab

10/20/2006 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It appeared his life was picture perfect, but now Keith Urban says he's been battling alcohol abuse and has entered a treatment rehabilitation center.

According to a statement issued by Urban's publicist, the country singer checked himself in last night with Nicole Kidman, his wife of four months, by his side.

Urban says, "I deeply regret the hurt this has caused Nicole and the ones that love and support me." He adds, "One can never let one's guard down on recovery and I'm afraid that I have."

Urban's statement ends with this message: "With the strength and unwavering support I am blessed to have from my wife, family and friends, I am determined and resolved to a positive outcome."

This is not Urban's first stint in rehab. The singer sought help in late 1998 for drug and alcohol abuse. Urban, who has admitted to free basing cocaine, once told USA Weekend Magazine "I had this house in Nashville where I used to do drugs. ... I remember one night crawling around on my hands and knees, looking for these little rocks at five in the morning."

All immediate appearances by Urban have been postponed.


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Nicole loves Keith she will stick by his side during this hard time. He loves her and this is why he went public and is seeking treatment. Addiction is something, once you've had it never goes away. It's something you have to fight the rest of your life to beat it. Best wished Nicole and Keith, may God Bless you.

2889 days ago


TO NASHVILLE GIRL----- I don't believe " Nicole's children come to Nashville to visit her...bla,bla, bla she doesn't like being photographed with them"....if you ask me she's just a hipocryte! No paparazzi in Nashville????????????they'are ALWAYS with their daddy Tom and Katie and everybody can see him with them! and they look very happy with him! She wants we think that she 's a good mother...sorry Nicole but you 're just an actress , a very good actress. the end. Wish keith the best

2889 days ago


their marriage 's over and she'll be the "poor victim" ! I can't stand Nicole : she used Tom 's powerful for her carrer!!!! SELFISH and bad mother : I want know if her children do remember her...

2889 days ago


I would like ot know when she has time to do anything in Nashville? When is she there>
Married ,honeymoon then returned to Nashville in July. So far she was in England to make a movie.Rome for some commercial.Sightseeing in Canada with her Mother.Back to England with Keith(for 2 days) then back to Rome....The past month she was at a film festival in Rome then in Kosovo......She came home and found him-doing what?
When are her kids there? I doubt they come in there for weekends...Big Daddy is not going to allow those kids to be in that mess.He may be NUTS but he is a good father....I believe is they were there(like the pics of the Family at Thanksgiving)she would be parading them in front of any camera available.
Now--when you know your spouse has a problem.why the hell would you go off and leave that person to fend for themselves?It's like leaving a kid with candy.Tell him/her NO and they want it more......Stupid women...
I think she wanted so badly to be part of a power couple-she found the most available Australian(RussellCrow was taken) and decided they were going to rule Australia...Does anyone believe he was running that show?Hell-in every picture he was hanging on to her like a kid after his Mother.....She told him when to be there and when not........It's stated she was attending parties without him a month after the Hollywood......He is doing about nothing for his career--why?Because he has to follow her ass around.. ONly her career is omportant......C'mon-we all know she is a self centered bitch.
She will come out on top-as usual.and poor Keith will be over.He has more talent then she will ever have.All she does in movies is pose and show her--well,you know!! Did someone ever tell her we want to see her naked? Does anyone think shes sexy? She looks like big bird=======I am ranting-sorry/

2889 days ago

Patricia Regal    

It is to bad Keith Urban has failings, jsut like the rest of us. He is trying to straighten his life out. At least he is not just keep on going on with the way he is. I hope he gets well and Nicole stays by his side through this..after all that is what mariage is about!! I am one of his faithful fans no matter what. Pat

2889 days ago


I have watch you from your very beginnning and I will still keep watching for your, My prayers are always with you Keith, God loves you

2889 days ago

mary chambers    

My prayers are with both Nichole and Keith Urban - I pray that their marriage works and i am proud of him doing this right away. I know its hard. And I know its hard on the wife. I am sure that having Nichole there with him made it easier. I am sure he can do it this time. I think they are a wonderful couple and I want them to make it for all of us who are in the same situation.
blessings, love and laughter

2889 days ago


How sad I heard about him Saturday morning Thinking about you Keith I know you will pull through Hang in there Keith. Been there and been clean for 10 months

2888 days ago

Jo-Ann K    

He's an idiot.
The next time someone comments on how wholesome country singers are I'm going to vomit on their shoes.

2888 days ago


To all who are posting negative comments about Keith Urban......take a look in the mirror and I am sure you will find fault in your life!! NO ONE is perfect and we all make mistakes. He is willing to get help here so give him some credit! I was married to an alcoholic/drug addict for 18 years and we have 2 kids. I finally got out 7 years ago but he is still exactly the same and will never get help. I applaude Keith for stepping up and doing the right thing.
As for Nicole......don't you people know that when you love someone it should be unconditional.......maybe she didn't realize he had a major problem when she married him (he could have been great at hiding it) and now she is willing to stand by him and be there for him.

2888 days ago


I wish him well, however my guess is his wife really thought he was well when he wasn't. Addicts are very good at hiding what goes on and he may have been less than honest with her. I've personally seen it happen.

2888 days ago


I don't know why some of you waste your time to bash Keith, if you hate him so bad, don't read about it or keep adding comments-Yes this means you-
Butimjustsaying! Sounds like you don't have much of a life and have been
very fortunate that addiction has not affected any of your family/friends! I
hope Keith can get the help he need's and can kick his addictions! We love him

2888 days ago

Eduardo Bernal    

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2888 days ago


Oh my lord she broke Keith!!!

2888 days ago


NASHVILLE GIRL #102 - I don't believe a thing of what you said. I also live in Nashville and have run into Keith and Nicole at several places around town, and NOT ONCE has she been with her children.,..

In fact, she's not even in town NOW.

And as for him being sober 8 years.....BZZZT Guess again.

2888 days ago
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