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Celebrity Nip Slips

10/21/2006 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're accidental, yet beneficial -- the most powerful publicity generators short of XXX sex tapes. We're talking about those chesty celebrity peekaboos caught on film, or "nip slips" to all you seasoned perverts out there.

These accidental peep shows are starting to become a more common occurrence with stars like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Pam Anderson. It seems that no matter how hard they try, they just can't keep those puppies covered. Other leading ladies, like Gwyneth Paltrow, put the goods on display by simply wearing barely there, see-through tops.

No matter which method results in the uncovering of a star's starlets, one thing is for certain -- being exposed has yet to hurt a career.


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Lenn K    

I don't want to be like the socialist europeans, nevertheless we can open up alot more when it comes to sex. American have got to stop acting their mothers and fathers have never had sex or even oral sex. Celebrilities love attention no matter if it's their boobs or their ass. The violent thing was always baffled me. Kill someone that's fine, screw someone, Oh my God.

2889 days ago


Lenn, I agree. The rest of the world thinks we're a**holes because we hide the truth from our children and shelter them so much, and they're right. That stance is really not preventing teen pregnancy very well, is it? Maybe a different approach is in order.

2888 days ago


It does not excite me to see their breast because once you have seen one set you have kind of seen them all but it is the person with the set of breast that matters. If they have a great personality and a good morale compass then i would be more attracted to these woman but with what i see and hear about these people i would not give them the time of day.

2888 days ago

im just sayin    

#12 If thats what a real boob looks like than fill me up with saline But you know what thats what all the girls that cant afford breast implants say!! (Natural is so much better) YEAH RIGHT Lets see Big perky fake boobs or small saggy ass boobs UMMM Im gonna take the big perky ones And im a girl

2888 days ago


Exposing your boob will hurt your career if you're black and Janet Jackson.

2888 days ago


they all should be titty f***ed

2888 days ago


I have to agree with the other posters. What's wrong with us in America? We allow violence to run ramped on TV but heaven forbid some one wants to show sex on TV we're all up in arms. It’s ridicules. We’re giving our children the message violence is OK but sex is dirty. That’s crap.

2888 days ago


Yep, sounds like the Republican "morals". Clinton getting a bj and lying about it is absolutely HORRIBLE, and reason for impeachment, but causing the dearhs of 2,800 US soldiers and Marines, plus 600,000 Iraqis is OK because the Republicans are protecting Amer-uh-kuh!

Sex and boobies-BAD. Mass murder-no problemo. Be very afraid!!!!

2888 days ago

E-BOMB of OZ    

I second you, i'mjustsayin'. I went from a small B to a DD AND NEVER ONCE REGRETTED IT.

I'm well aware of all the feminist arguments AGAINST breast augmentation. I spent my four college years writing papers with a feminist slant and it was only during my first year in law school that I understood that feminism is predicated on the basic belief that all women are entitled to make an INFORMED CHOICE.

I believe I made an informed choice; I like the results --and would not go back to an B. NOT EVER.

Are they FAKE?

Only as fake as your boyfriend's erection when he can't seem to look away!!!

2888 days ago


#15 I didn't see the REAL breasts you are talking about. However, I would have to disagree about fake breasts vs real breasts. When women have this done, they are putting their health and lives at risk. I wouldnt trust anything that resembles a water balloon in my body. In my family we have been blessed with large and firm breasts (an unlikely blessing), with exception to one, who felt the need to get implants. They leaked, she has been severly sick ever since. And by the way, gravity takes those down a notch or two as well. They will sag! Unless you want to have them redone every 4-6 years. Yes, you have to maintain them. You are better off sticking with the ones you have. Atleast you are not going to be sick, broke AND in the end have saggy breasts anyhow.

2888 days ago


Simply awesome thanks for posting

2888 days ago

Lisa D    

Did you all know it's legal to walk around in Ontario Canada, charge to show the beasts,,,not many do this, but the law was passed topless in Ontario is cool in the politicians eyes,,,wasted paperwork,,ppl push to get the law passed then no one ''us's'' the law>>how sad for the men folk of Canada..lolol.

2888 days ago


#15 speak for yourself. There are alot of us out there that have great tits and that don't have implants. I personally think that it is a personal choice and I don't look down on anyone for getting them but to say that people who don't have them can't afford them? Come on. That's just stupid. My tits are great and 100% real. Not to say someday when they are sagging that I won't get implants.

2888 days ago

E-BOMB of OZ    

# 22 Missy

"I wouldn't trust anything that remotely resembles WATER baloons."

YOU ALREADY are a water baloon --and that's NOT a PUT-DOWN!!!

Look up your body's CHEMICAL composition... you're mostly water already.

If you throw in some sodium, then you've got the basic molecular composition of a SALINE IMPLANT...

You may be right about sagging, though.

I've had mine since I was 22 --so for about 5 years and I HAVE NOT noticed ANY SAGGING or DROOPING YET... however according to my physician that could happen particularly the event of a pregnancy or any other event associated with significant weight gain.

2888 days ago

im just sayin    

Hey Mary #25. Its cute that you think your t*ts are great and are real.... what are you 12. Clearly you cant afford fake ones and some loser boyfriend of yours is blowing smoke up your ass into thinking that your t*ts are great. Keep telling yourself that.

2887 days ago
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