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Courtney Love - 'Hole' Lotta Woman

10/24/2006 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney LoveCourtney Love is busting out all over.

The former Hole frontwoman arrived at the "Borat" premiere in Hollywood on Monday sporting some serious Pamela Anderson cleavage, draped in a Bea Arthur/Dorothy Zbornak gold duster, and a dress that looks like a castoff from Mariah's last tour. The hair comes compliments of "There's Something About Mary."

While we're glad Courtney's gotten her act together and is recording a new album, it seems now it's her wardrobe that is still in need of some rehabilitation.


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Jennifer Scott    

Okay so what's with the cockatoo hair? Lord if my mother went out looking like that I'd surely die of mortification. Poor Francis Bean. How embarrassing

2919 days ago


this woman is definately a HOT mess!!!!!!!!!

2919 days ago


Wow. So this is what the "washed-up-has-been-who-hangs-around-past-her-sell-by-date" style looks like.

2919 days ago


I agree what is up with her hair? Looks like she's got the "Something about Mary" hair gel thing going on.

2919 days ago

Steven Vargas    

I think she's pretty these days ;)

2919 days ago


I cannot believe this poor excuse of a "Mom" still has her daughter ???.

2918 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Big tits and little feet: A hit in any man's league

2918 days ago

Lisa D    

she's cool, like her plenty,,musta been high when francis bean was given as her name,,what's bean stand for??anyway hair looks good except for the up sweep there, and the dress would be better if she wore no bra at all,,, that push-up is really doing it's job,,pushing for the stars baby,,,,,,looks like sh*t, her tits almost gonna pop out at ya there, holly sh*t...., duck.....

2918 days ago


You can put a nice lawn in front of a crackhouse--but it is still a CRACKHOUSE.

Courtney Love is a disgusting, dirty, money grubbing, waste of skin. She gets her name immortilized with grunge music (THE BEST MUSIC EVER MADE) and all of the fans have to sit back and eat it. Keep her the f*** out!!! She was NEVER the queen of grunge. Her musics sucks!!!

Cobain would have dumped her and everyone knows it.

Go be a mother you f***ing weathered HAG!!!

2918 days ago

Danny JG    

Right on #9 ! ....This "waste of space" is way beyond her 15-minutes...(ok I did like her acting in "Larry Flynt" and in "Julie Johnson") but the rest of the baggage is over the top....Wonder who's in charge of the millions in residuals from Cobain...He just passed Elvis in career earnings...though I don't know if $$$ value back then vs. now was taken into account.....

2918 days ago


She looks like she got ran over by the wheelie bus

2918 days ago

mary poppins    

I am glad she has chosen to become drug free, and is looking better in photographs, even despite the piece of fly a way hair. Good for you Courtney.

2917 days ago


at least she doesn't look like shaes all tweaked out or drunk i think she looks fine she could have tucked her tits in a lil maybe

2917 days ago

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