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Borat to Sell Kids for Money

10/25/2006 3:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Borat: Click to watchIn case his movie doesn't succeed, Borat has already devised another money-making scheme -- selling children to Madonna.

At Wednesday's London premiere of "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,' the bumbling journalist told reporters about his grand plan.

"I have come here with Bilak, my 11 year old son, his wife and their child, and we are hoping maybe to put some chocolate make-up on the child's face and sell him to Madonna. I am hoping that Madonna will be a very good father for it."

Borat's other backup plans: Ice maker, gypsy catcher or animal sperm collector -- specializing in camels.

Here's hoping he doesn't quit his day job.


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To # 16-"mentioning that he should get a kid and paint his face with chocolate and sell him....thats racist!! "
No its not,If you seen the movie you would understand.Borat is a character,not a real person.Characters act,which was what he is doing.In real life Sacha Baron Cohen does not refer to African-Americans or Black people as chocolate face.How come when a black character or actor in a movie makes fun of whites its not racist act?

2866 days ago


I have a great sense of humor but can't stand this guy nor do I think he is funny. What am I missing?

2897 days ago


Borat is my hero. I wish we could sell that prostitute madonna to him so he could force the bitch into a burqa.

2897 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

To L. A.
I dunno, maybe a sense of the absurb.
He likes to push the boundaries of what is considered "good taste". Anybody willing to go after those self important people in Hollywood and hold them up to ridicule, PLUS invent a whole fake country is piss your pants funny.

2897 days ago


pleeeeeze STOP CRAMMING THIS WIERDO DOWN OUR THROATS! EVERYDAY, it's this wierdo who is getting publicity for some strange reason. there are PLENTY of other folks on the fringe who are truly entertaining, yet for some reason unbenownst to us, you CRAM HIM DOWN OUR THROATS.


2897 days ago


Who the hell is this guy?? WTF!

2897 days ago


WTF!!! This loser is not even funny and so talentless that it blows my mind that the media is all over him and I'd like to know what stupid production company gave him the greenlight to create that piece of sh*t movie. In fact to touch on the whole Madonna joke, that is so not called for. He is making fun of her for adopting
a child from Africa and mentioning that he should get a kid and paint his face with chocolate and sell him....thats racist!! And with this whole fiasco, what do you think Borat is doing with his comments, he is milking the media to get publicity.
It seems that anyone with a camera, a weak script and the ability to act like a fool for a few cheap laughs, have a career in Hollywood.

2897 days ago



Borat is not a weirdo, he is a character played by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (he also played the French race car driver in Talladega Nights recently) who also played Ali G. He puts himself in real situations, where people don't know he is an actor, and hilarity ensues. The quotes above don't do him justice - check out youtube for some clips.

2897 days ago


"PLUS invent a whole fake country is piss your pants funny."

Kazakhstan is a real country. It's not made up.

2897 days ago

phyllis diller    

"I have a great sense of humor but can't stand this guy nor do I think he is funny. What am I missing?"

You are missing what satire is. Most people cannot understand satire, which can be funny, but does not have to be.

Personally, I love Cohen and his characters. I love satire.

I am sorry you don't get it, but unfortunately you are the majority in this country.

2897 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Dear AK:
Calm the fu*ck down buddy, we all know you are very, very intelligent!
Please see the post about "Satire" in re the "fake" country of Kazakhstan. Maybe you could check wikipedia for what satire is. Maybe you could realize that not everything concerning celebrities and Hollywood is Life or Death serious. Have some enjoyment in your life, drink a beer, smoke a doobie, JO...something. LIGHTEN UP ALL YOU ANAL RETENTIVE FU*CKS! My goodness next thing you'll be saying that Madonna adopted some little African boy out of the goodness of her heart, when we all know she doesn't have one!
Thanks for sharing and being so concerned with the TRUTH!

2897 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Wikipedia...isn't that the website where anybody can make up shit, and other people can delete it if they want to? Just curious.

2897 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Are you sure about that? I don't know my friends dad worked for the CIA and he said that after the fall of the Soviet Union there was like all these countries where there didn't use to be any.

2897 days ago


This guy's a complete asshole. He' s crude, mean spirited, ugly, and should be dragged through the streets like the fucking dog he is.

2897 days ago


I am amazed that the US and A really has people like the ones on this board. Foolish, bigoted and humourless.

But then again, I have seen the Borat flick, so maybe I shouldn't be that surprised.

2897 days ago
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