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Naomi Campbell Reportedly Arrested in London

10/25/2006 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Naomi CampbellSupermodel Naomi Campbell has been arrested in London, according to multiple press reports, on suspicion of assault. Sky News in the UK reports that the 36-year-old Campbell was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after a woman filed a complaint in a central London police station and made an allegation of assault.

According to reports, Campbell was still being questioned by police as of 9:55 pm GMT. A lawyer for Campbell in New York tells TMZ that the supermodel was in fact at the police station and accompanied by a lawyer from Schillings law firm. The Sun newspaper reported that the woman who filed the complaint was her drug counselor and that the therapist made the complaint after being "scratched all over her face."

Multiple calls to London police and New Scotland Yard were not immediately returned.

Campbell is the subject of an ongoing alleged assault case in New York in which a former housekeeper claims that Campbell threw a mobile device at her head and injured her. That case has been adjourned until November 15.



No Avatar

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Speed Kills--Don't do drug kids!

2927 days ago

An Admirer    

This girl has some serious anger issues and needs to stop beating up on people....she surely isn't anyone to be hitting on people. She needs her ass kicked!!!

2927 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

How many people is she going to attack?????

Any jail time coming yet???????

2927 days ago

When will this dumb bitch learn to keep her hands to herself??? (unless they're in my pants)

2927 days ago


sMy God this Bitch needs to get her ass kicked......If she was to ever throw a punch with me this bitch would be flat on her whorish back, where she belongs. This bitch needs serious jail time...who the f*** is she anyway some coathanger who is gettin too old to model.........

2927 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

this bitch thinks she can do any thing she want,what we need to do is start making these people do jail time,yes i said jail,its the only thing it will take and not srug there shoulders at

2927 days ago


I think we need to have a matchmaking service for abusive celebrities. I'm guessing the perfect match here would be Tom Sizemore and Naomi. Well ok, not a perfect match but at least a fair fight.

2927 days ago

Eric Bard    

I forgive you Naomi. Just come on over to my place, I'll get a nice bottle of wine
and we'll make nicey-nicey

2927 days ago

chris coonrod    

I had the pleasure of sitting at the same table for an intimate dinner a few years ago .
she was right next to me and even then she was a stuck up snob & behaved like a total classless biatch . Some things never change , this is truely her as a person.

2927 days ago


This stupid N****R really needs to locked up and institutionalized permanently (as in a padded cell). They finally took all of her cell phones away so she wouldn't assault anybody else by throwing it at them. Now she is using her own nails to physically attack people for Christ's sake. Isn't it time that they put that dumb bitch in a straitjacket?

2927 days ago


she's an ugly mean bitch and needs to go back to the jungle

2927 days ago


she needs some jail time then she will see how it feels to be smacked around!!

2927 days ago


Send her to the slammer. Third strike, you're out! Or maybe she should have a different set of meds. Her self-administered ones sure don't work.

2927 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post #7 Leornard : I was thinking the same damn thing. This woman does need to be institutionalized. What the hell is going on with her ? She should have been a professional fighter. Not a model. Talk about a history of rage issue problems. I know she had to attend classes in the past to control this, but it's evident that it's just not helping. She seems bi-polar. Perhaps some proper medication might help or even a lobotomy. Something , anything to calm her down.

I hope this time they press charges and throw her ass in the canner for awhile. Maybe the next time she gets pissed off...........she will think about that BIG OLD BITCH who needed her some, staying in the cell with her. Nothing else seems to be working. After experiencing that. I 'm quite sure she will take the high road next time she gets pisst off. Geez.......take a valium and mellow out.

2927 days ago


Post #12 the wise old owl: I only wish that this stupid bitch would assault ME instead! She can scratch may face to shreds all she wants to and throw a dozen BlackBerrys at me at the same time. In fact, the more the merrier, and I'm definately not a masochist. Then I can finally retire for good in the Bahamas after I sue the living crap out of her and finally this overrated so-called 'Supermodel' nut job would be locked up where she belongs, making "nice" to her 200 lb. lesbo dyke cellmate with a plentiful supply of spare broom handles. C'mon Naomi, what say you? Bring it on bitch!

2927 days ago
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