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Naomi Campbell Reportedly Arrested in London

10/25/2006 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Naomi CampbellSupermodel Naomi Campbell has been arrested in London, according to multiple press reports, on suspicion of assault. Sky News in the UK reports that the 36-year-old Campbell was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after a woman filed a complaint in a central London police station and made an allegation of assault.

According to reports, Campbell was still being questioned by police as of 9:55 pm GMT. A lawyer for Campbell in New York tells TMZ that the supermodel was in fact at the police station and accompanied by a lawyer from Schillings law firm. The Sun newspaper reported that the woman who filed the complaint was her drug counselor and that the therapist made the complaint after being "scratched all over her face."

Multiple calls to London police and New Scotland Yard were not immediately returned.

Campbell is the subject of an ongoing alleged assault case in New York in which a former housekeeper claims that Campbell threw a mobile device at her head and injured her. That case has been adjourned until November 15.



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34. What's with the N****R comment? And the comment about Naomi going back to the jungle? Don't hate just because this gorgeous psycho black chick has a bank account bigger than anyone in the past four generations of your busted ass blue collar working family. All that N****R (as you called her) has to do is smile for the camera and she makes the equivalent to your busted ass annual 20 minutes. The irony of you two idiots referring to Naomi as classless is a complete oxymoron. Of course it's all relevant as the word moron is present. Losers!

Posted at 10:00PM on Oct 25th 2006 by Corey

Corey, get a grip the bitch is acting like some low class ghetto bitch....N***** is a term used for this washed up ho.....yeah the c**t has a bank account, so do a million other stars...Naomi can shove all that money uop her skinny ass, she will always be some old hag of a model...........Hey Naomi...youre getting old, and Tyra Banks is hotter!!!!!!!!!! Why the f*** do you think Usher left this smelly tw*t.

2927 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Forget N word. Passe. Try DIVA: translation: I was, am , and always will be the centre of the universe. Three strikes. To prison with her. Then some two hundred pound biker chick will set her straight. What a piece of self-indulgent work.

2927 days ago


It is obvious that $$$ doesn't equate to "CLASS"...NAOMI IS AN ANIMAL.

Maybe one day she will meet someone that will beat the crap out of her when she hits them. Better yet MAYBE THE NEXT JUDGE SHE STANDS BEFORE WILL GIVE HER SOME TIME AT RIKERS......THOSE CHICKS THERE WOULD BEAT HER INTO SUBMISSION IF SHE TRIED TO LAY HER HANDS ON THEM that will be the moment of clarity she needs.

2927 days ago


Yo Ushher, (was that a typo or are you just stupid?) The irony is, that N****R as you call her has your stupid ass blogging about HER life in the time that you should be spending getting one for yourself Ha! Ha! LOSER! YOU'RE NOT EVEN ON HER RADAR FREAK!

2927 days ago


Ummmmmm HELLO! she beat up her drug counselor...i would beat that bitch up if i was addicted to drugs and she was trying to stop that know they get paid to tell you about yourself well if she didn't want to hear wat she said she shouldn't have paid the bitch am i right???? Either get off the drugs or don't ...the truth hurts bitch why you paying the counselor you need to sing on to this website and read these comment if that doesn't make you quit your seriously strung the fuck out!

2927 days ago

Puh der Baer    

She needs to shack up with Ike Turner. Go Ike, you wife-beating drunkard!!!

2927 days ago


47. Hey #24, Are you snorting as much blow as Naomi? The history of the planet begins with the angry, inferior , WHITE MAN, stealing, killing, TAKING everything from every other living creature in the name of "civilization. The only history of aggression displayed by blacks as far as I can see is a direct response; cause and efect, of the treachery bestowed upon them by White society since enslaving them over 400 years ago to do all the hard labor and actually build this great country. YOU LAZY BASTARD!

Posted at 10:50AM on Oct 26th 2006 by Corey

F*** you Corey, you dumb piece of sh*t.....naomi is a bitch with a mean streak, i am black and do not think the way your sorry ass are even more angry than this c**t Naomi....maybe she should bash your f***ing head in and see how your pathetic ass responds. Get a life that white crap you talk about hapeened 300 yeqrs ago...get over it YOU STANKY BASTARD, there happens to be more Black millionaires in this world, than in the past. Its sorry mother f***ers like you who hold on to the past, because you have no f***ing future...You f***ing dirtbag

2927 days ago


White girl: I hear your phone ringing - quick you had better pick-up, I understand that's it's Mel Gibson calling you from rehab, and you don't want to keep him waiting now do you? Peace-out from the "Jew "Leonard.

2927 days ago


Yo Crack Whore, just for the record, "dumb pieces of sh*t" don't have masters degrees and don't pull in six figures at the age 34 You pig f***er! Clearly you missed the context in which I referenced slavery; directly responding to the bigotry of a white person's comments calling Naoimi Campbell a N****R. Not that I'm boasting about my education or salary- I need neither of the two to declare myself victorious in an intelectual exchange with your welfare check cashing ass, especially considering that you've proven yourself to be incapable of holding an intelectual exchange to begin with....BEEEEEEAAAAAATCH!

2927 days ago


My gosh, this bitch needs to be locked up. How many times does this make that she has assaulted someone? She needs to come across someone who can kick the crap out of her. I don't get the whole supermodel thing with her. She is not in the least bit atttractive, and her actions make her even more ugly. I say first send her to a morgue and make her deal with someone who has been killed by abuse, and then send her to jail. For a long, long time.

2927 days ago


#47- Please don't play the race card. You are totally insane! And your clue in what you said is 400 years ago! Get over it! I personally did not enslave your people so don't get all racial. I feel I am not a racial person, and my theory is a black person has just as much power to pull themselves up as a white person. We have an extremely kind black vet in our office we go to. What if he just sat around feeling unequal to everyone else? And at work I know several black md's. Life is what you make it, no matter if you are black, white or purple.

2927 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Yo, this bitch ain't even attractive. Like most on TMZ, shes now just famous for being famous a long time ago. Now we just watch this Afro-skanks downward spiral. U suck bitch!

2926 days ago


To be honest, I think that, physically, she's absolutely stunning -- but's Naomi Campbell's as crazy as a road lizard!! She's like a female Russell Crowe, assaulting and abusing 'the little people' when they don't jump fast enough. And she does need to be locked up -- like, right this minute. Man, if she ever hit me, just one time ... Girl, it would be ON!!!

2926 days ago


When a person is ugly on the inside, he or she comes across as ugly on the outside, and this woman is a perfect example of ugly through and through. It's a shame Ms. Campbell doesn't appear to have learned anything from her past mistakes--evidently, she is a very sick person who needs to be prayed for in a big way because if she continues to show no remorse for her actions, she will be judged accordingly. In the meantime, she will just continue to be a miserable, pathetic person who people scorn and ridicule. How pitiful, that someone who has been given so much gives back so little. She should learn the Golden Rule and put it into practice, because then, and only then, will she find peace.

2923 days ago


All the bigots...back to your closet. This chick's behavior is WAY beyond reality. She definitely has a mental problem, drug problem or both...and they aren't mixing well. I think a month or so in a mental institution would help her. She is going to seriously hurt someone. Prevent it NOW before it's too late!

2923 days ago
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